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December 11, 2018, 02:58:44 AM

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Author Topic: Looking for creative subs, petty drug lords, outcasts, prostitutes… oh just read  (Read 3506 times)

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Offline Amelita

And another update...

Original Outcast.
In the near future, urbanization took on extreme forms as the world could simply not sustain 8 billion people on it. Big cities grew bigger and some small towns were left deserted. The US was urbanized  to a point where New York got grown together with Washington and Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco had merged and all over the world 50 million people cities were more and more common. Small villages were demolished to recycle the materials to be used in mega skyscrapers in the cities. All life centered in the cities, where there was work, food, water and electricity. To power the mega cities, the rest of the country was cut off from power, water and an active sewer. People who got left out from the cities due to various reasons, had to fend for themselves out in the wastes.

Some chose a nomadic lifestyle, driving from village to village until they were demolished, others decided to stay in shabby tent and shack camps.
The Kensington family had sought refuge at the Pinal Airpark in Arizona. The former airfield was used to scrap old aircraft but with aviation changed dramatically and the airfield now cut off power and water, it was abandoned. Only a handful of aircraft had survived and the family had taken up living in the airplanes.
There are a lot of rumours about the family. One of them is that they hunt for caravans who get to close to their airfield, murder the older people and the men and rape and torture the females until they get bored at which point they get discarded and left out in the desert, naked and with no shelter or food.
Sometimes a caravan was found useful and integrated into the family and the camp, resulting in a slow growing number of people inhabiting the airport and the force growing ever more violent and restless.

ohh I like this...

Offline Sanai

Im interested in the prostitutes and the outcasts- being a prostitute in the prostitute one, and being a male in the outcast family. I like incest/nc/etc.

Offline DashenkaTopic starter

So far the Outcast has 5 players. Me included that makes 6. I'll hammer some things out and send you all a pm in the weekend.

As for the other games, I will leave them open for the weekend, see who else is interested.

Online Zaer Darkwail

Ok, send PM's and I will work up char once game starts but basic idea is survival expert prison guy who was in military (and yes, he has a gun and lots ammo for it so he can count as one 'guardians' of the group).

Offline Aiden

Dash for the outcast game, are you looking on being the leader of the group? After you mentioned your current taste for a more dominate female role, I was curious if you would be running the show.

I have a few  roles I can see myself in this game

I would be up for playing an more supportive roll, a thief, assassin, spy type deal- Gets recon, leads people to the airfield to get attacked etc.

A straight up raider, goes out to steal from caravans and even major city transports who are returning after demolishing a city and leaving people homeless (ala old school western style, bandits stealing from a train/stagecoach) <---leaning on this one

Offline DashenkaTopic starter

I haven't set a role for myself yet. Gonna play whatever is needed. I'll let you know :D

Offline RedEve

I haven't set a role for myself yet. Gonna play whatever is needed. I'll let you know :D

Do you have a character sheet of sorts in mind?

Online Zaer Darkwail

*whistles for RedEve's new avatar*

In naughty mood I presume :). Wish use that cane on someone....or want it used on you and your just licking it for your master wield it?

Offline RedEve

That cane is all  mine!  >:)

Offline TheHangedMan

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That cane is all  mine!  >:)

Hmmm, really?  :D

Offline Koitten

Hmm, I don't know if I'm severly too late to join the game, I'm just returning to Ell after a seriously long hiatus.... but I would be interested in the Outcasts game.