The Story of O, no make that The Story of Oh No (looking for dom M or F)

Started by subjuanita, December 31, 2011, 12:54:14 PM

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In this story I play a young spoiled rich bitch.
Her boyfriend, also from the upper class, likes her a lot, has gotten tired of her strong controlling personality and wishes she was more submissive. He learns of a place far from the city that will help him change her. So he decides to send her there, without telling her. Instead he tells her it is luxury spa where she will be pampered for the weekend. My character is in for a surprise when she finds out her spa is something else indeed. She is never told why she was sent here, only to do as you are told. As time passes she realizes that she will be staying there longer than a weekend.

I am looking for a dominant male or female to play my trainer, and to do whatever it takes to change my attitude.