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Author Topic: Imriel's Plot and Story ideas [M/M and M/F]  (Read 792 times)

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Imriel's Plot and Story ideas [M/M and M/F]
« on: December 29, 2011, 01:08:23 AM »
Hello! A few ideas here. I'm still working on my O/Os so please bear with me on that but also take a look at the general information because that's the most important. Please also PM me if you are interested. :D Thanks!

FYI: As far as writing goes I am more a Switch and I am pretty flexible writing either dominant or submissive. If a certain story greatly appeals I can consider changing the role I will play for the right partner.

8.24.12: Coming off a hiatus from E and looking to start something new to jog the creativity!

Plot Ideas

Signum Craving

Setting: Historical or Modern day but in an Urban environment.

Pairing: M/M

Scenario: Based on the universe in Kristen Painter's House of Comarre Series

I'm looking to develop a story between a vampire patron and his comar. Comar and Comarre are human's bred for the purpose of serving the vampire nobility as blood donors and companions. They are born to a life of privilege, taught numerous arts and sciences, trained to defend themselves in nearly every martial art and fighting style that they can think of. Upon coming of age that they can be sold they are tattooed from head to toe with a golden, glittering signum, which makes it all the more obvious what they are and also purifies their blood. Comarre produce more blood than the average human and their blood is pure and powerful for the vampires that feed on them. If left too long without feeding Comarre can get sick from the over-abundance of such in their bodies, at which point they crave being fed off of like a hunger of their own. They also live much longer than regular humans and age much slower.

Comarre are expensive, though the males who are in less demand are not as much. Still, owning one is a show of great prestige. Usually their are fair skinned, blonde and blue eyed but I would love to go outside the realms of such traditional looks if my partner was so inclined.

In any case, I would like to begin the story with the vampire patron winning his comar with the highest bid and go from there. Being familiar with the world of this novel is not necessary. I'm actually still reading the first book myself and would not mind explaining things or coming up with our own ideas.

I would be open to playing the vampire or the comar.


To Treat

Setting: Light Fantasy, Non-earth

Pairing: M/F or M/M

Scenario: Set in a world where the countries are divided by Land, Air and Sea. The prince from one of the Air nations comes to visit and treat with a nation of the other two, hoping to form an alliance against the third.  However the prince decides that his terms for his nation accepting the treaty is marriage with the strong and willful military general who he happens to meet during his visit.
The story could go on to them dealing with an unprecendent attack on one of the kingdoms, maybe something that has either the prince or the general under suspicion for being  destroying otherwise peaceful negotiations. This would be pretty plot-driven along with the smut.
I'm looking to play the prince. I'm also open to having the general be a man instead of a woman if someone was interested in doing this plot as M/M.


A Matter of Face

Setting: Historical, either Victorian age or 17th century.

Pairing: M/M

Scenario: Gambling the last of his family's money on a risky business venture which falls completely and utterly through. A (formerly) wealthy noble finds an unlikely savior from the complete collapse of statues in a former rival, who offers to give him the money if he agrees to become his sex slave, more or less. The ruined noble is forced to accept this deal, otherwise his rival will make it known how badly he blundered and the fact his family is more than broke. What follows is a strange sort of indentured servitude in which the two get to know each other more as the ruin noble services the other as he is instructed.

That's pretty much the light idea behind this, I'd like to talk about it more with whoever my partner would be and hash out the rest of the details.

I'm willing to play either role in this story. It would be interesting to explore the change in power as the storyline goes on.

As You Wish

Setting: Variable! (Modern day, historical or fantasy)

Pairing: M/M

Scenario: A weaving story between the young master of a household and one of the butlers. The butler is a dutiful servant but he has never been able to conceal his attraction to his employer. This could be exploited by the master who wants to cross that line and learn more about sex or they could come together on more mutual grounds where the roles that they play are cast aside once the bedroom doors are shut and lock. Either way they will be attempting to keep this from the rest of the household so the butler is not dismissed.

This would be a more smut-oriented story focused around the more experienced and older butler and the young master. I am cool with this being more of a light story or a darker one with a lot of manipulation and I'm leaning towards wanting to play the butler.

Shorter Stories / One-Shots


More General Cravings
Office worker x office worker/boss
Vampire x human
Prince/Princess x slave
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Re: Imriel's Plot and Story ideas [M/M and M/F]
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2012, 04:28:30 PM »
Update: 1.20.12
- Edits to some of the plots
-Added "As You Wish" idea

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Re: Imriel's Plot and Story ideas [M/M and M/F]
« Reply #2 on: February 21, 2012, 01:20:56 PM »
Update: 2.21.12
-edited format
-added "In the Middle of the Night" oneshot
-Noted taken plots
-added a few general cravings.

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Re: Imriel's Plot and Story ideas [M/M and M/F]
« Reply #3 on: August 24, 2012, 07:41:36 PM »
Update 8.24.12
-Added new story idea "Signum"
-removed some taken/old ideas
-re-opened "As You Wish"