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Author Topic: World of Insufficient Light [Seeking F ST, 2 Ideas- First Varies, Second NC-Ex]  (Read 1014 times)

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Tommy Kruger wasn't looking forward to going back to the dorm room at the moment. Not after what he had done to his poor roommate. It wasn't nice by any stretch, but it just sort of happened. He didn't feel like facing him quite yet. Not yet, not until he had some food to offer as a peace offering at the very least. Oh hell, how was he going to explain this one?

The gothic girl came up from behind the tree, carrying a black umbrella. Odd, it wasn't raining at all. Actually it was a very clear and sunny day. Maybe the sunlight being kept off of her was on purpose?

"Hello Mr. Kruger." she says in a prim voice, though insisting on standing, "You probably have some questions."

"And you are?"

"Someone with Answers. If you are willing to hear them. Someone who knows what happened this weekend."

". . .Am I being blackmailed?"

"No, Mr. Kruger. Educated. As I understand it, you had sex with your roommate's girlfriend. And his Aunt. And one of this sisters. And you were propositioned by the other sister, but given her age you wisely found the willpower to turn her down."

"How do you know this?"

"It's our job to know. You see Mr. Kruger, you've just stumbled upon a rather inconvenient truth."

"That Ben's related to and attracted too women of lesser moral fiber?" he responds, mocking her accent.

"No, that the supernatural does indeed exist, if not as potent as advertised."

Tommy sits, confused. The goth sighs and goes to prove it by letting a hand come out from under the umbrella. It visibly gets sunburned in what seems like just seconds.

"All those stories of Demons, Vampires, Werewolves, Goblins- in short they're all real but not as bizarre as given in the legends. My body's skin degrades in contact with UV light, and my blood does not handle iron efficiently and needs to be replenished regularly. I would of been called a Vampire, though in truth there's a rational explanation for all of the parts that are real. Are you keeping up so far?"

". . .Yes," he manages to get out.

"Good, this is how it deals with you. You recall the legend of the Incubus, I trust?"

"An immortal demon who sneaks into women's bedrooms and invades their dreams or rapes them in their sleep."

"Right, but the real article isn't quite like that. Basically, they're like a human but their body is meant to produce, carry, and use a lot more sex hormones. They tend to be better looking, better endowed, better immune system, more fertile, they age more gracefully, et cetera. The female counterparts the Succubi don't enter Menopause until around 65, for example. And an Incubus at 70 still has the sperm and testosterone levels of a man half his age."

"Alright, but what about the seductive power, or the life-draining?"

"Higher sex hormones include stronger pheromones, and it is possible to be so much better at sex then a partner that they pass out completely. As you see, if there's anything genuinely supernatural going on it's subtle and vague."

"And you're saying I'm one of these Incubus things."

"I am, yes."

Well, that would explain the weekend. . .

[Thinking of a solo RP, the basic idea is very World of Darkness except it turns out everything either was exaggerated greatly or actually has a rational explanation. Hijinks Ensue.]


Name: The Electrician
Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Lust
Species: Greater Demon
True Name: Tryvixian
Current Human Name: Ted DeSalvo
Bans: Ban of Torment - Burns at the touch of artifacts of True Love, such as wedding rings.
Ban of Task - When presented with a broken machine that uses Electricity, the Electrician must make at least an honest attempt to repair it.
Flaw: The Malodor - The Electrician's natural body odor tends to smell like a combination of spent sex fluids and ozone. He tends to make sure he has deodorant on the job.

Intelligence: 2
Wits: 2
Resolve: 2

Strength: 2
Dexterity: 2
Stamina: 3

Presence: 3
Manipulation: 3
Composure: 2


Academics: 0
Computers: 1
Crafts: 2 [Creating or Repair Electrical Devices, Equipment, or Configurations (+1)]
Investigation: 0
Medicine: 0
Occult: 1
Politics: 0
Science: 0

Athletics: 0
Brawl: 3
Drive: 0
Firearms: 2 
Larceny: 2
Stealth: 0
Survival: 0
Weaponry: 0

Animal Ken: 0
Empathy: 0
Expression: 3 [Dread]
Intimidation: 3 [Dread]
Persuasion: 2
Socialize: 0
Streetwise: 0
Subterfuge: 3

Brawling Dodge 1
Fleet of Foot 1
Iron Stamina 2
Resources 3

Dread Powers:
Drain 2 [Health]
Drain 2 [Willpower]
[If the Electrician has made physical contact with something that can be very loosely described as 'alive' The Electrician can steal up to 2 dots in Willpower to restock his own Willpower or up to 2 dots in Health to restock his own Health. Never both types of dots in the same round. He can never take more then the victim has, and can never use this to take his own scores above their maximums determined at character creation.]

Ecstasy 2 - [At the cost of 1 dot of Willpower, The Electrician can force another being to feel intense sexual pleasure merely from skin-on-skin contact. The check is The Electrician's Presence (3) + The Electrician's Intimidation (3+1) + The Electrician's Ecstasy (2) - The Target's Stamina.]

Hypnotism 2 - [At the cost of 1 dot of Willpower, the Electrician can implant a simple and not-obviously violent verbal suggestion. 'Take Your Clothes Off' is fair game while 'Kill Your Husband' is not. The check is The Electrician's Manipulation (3) + The Electrician's Expression (3+1) + The Electrician's Hypnotism (2) - (The Target's Wits + Resolve)]

Dread Attack 2 - [The Electrician's most dramatic combat ability is that his demonic body can now generate a supernatural version of Electricity, similar to how Balefire is a supernatural version of Fire. Unarmed strikes by the Electrician get up to a +2 bonus in Lethal Damage to show this. The Electrician can and has varied the potency of his power, his most common use has been to use this to stun fleeing potential victims but he has used this to electrocute things to death before.]

Health: 8 (8 Max)

Willpower: 4

Morality: N/A

Size: 5
Speed: 10
Init: 4
Defense: 2

The Tabloids. A complete load of crap 99% of the time but sometimes they actually get lucky. The Westport Tattler is such a rag, one that makes even the National Enquirer look good. Shamelessly it writes pretty much anything it thinks their readers will buy, and in that respect it does a very good quality and dependable job.

Now, back in the mid-80's one of the elder reporters for the Tattler heard a news story about a college co-ed who had been found in her apartment, the forensics report claiming that she had been raped then electrocuted to death. This reporter remembered that a similar fate was met by his aunt back in the 50's so he spun a tale about a serial killer whose MO is to rape then electrocute women in their homes who he called The Electrician. A serial killer who had been active for almost 30 years at that point. It was complete nonsense of course, he didn't believe it himself- he just did it to sell papers. He had no idea that he was pretty much right, a demon did at one point rape and kill that college student and earlier his aunt. Not on purpose of course, Tryvixian prefers a lower profile then killing his victims produces, but things happen- he certainly didn't lose any sleep over it.

Now in modern times the Tattler occasionally breaks the Electrician story out. Of course, according to the Tattler 'The Electrician' has raped and murdered over 500 women in Westport since the 1920's, near-complete nonsense usually brought out to sell papers whenever the find out about an attractive woman who was found dead in her house in a manner that kind of looks like electrocution in a photograph. Silly of course but, sometimes they're right- and there's the occasional staff member who honestly does wonder if there's something out there that really is raping and killing women who is living a lot longer then he should.

The Electrician's favored method of feeding is to use his supernatural powers to rape attractive women he encounters alone in their homes over the course of his work day. Brought to the mortal plane in the 40's to spread pain and discord he became intellectually fascinated with electricity in the mean time. So by the time his official tour of duty was over he knew enough about electricity and electrical equipment to get a job working with it, and as such he's stayed behind. Raping the attractive women he encounters on his job is not his only method, but it is his favorite. He actually needs far fewer then that though- only absolutely needing to feed if he's injured badly and to keep the 'lower-downs' happy. He just does it to be a jerk, which means he can afford to be picky. As such, he averages 5 feedings between each paycheck on every other Friday. It's not his only method, his second most common feeding method is casual sex hook-ups from women solely interested in him for his big penis. Indeed, he's a favorite among the 'Size Queens' of the city, though he does come with a warning that he's rough and often quite exhausting.

So when I say 'Victim' I mean anyone who he has drained life energy from and not just women he's raped, but that 5 feedings every 2 weeks is a pace he's held for about 65 years now. Discounting repeats, the truth is that he's had somewhere in the neighborhood of 7,000 to 8,000 victims at this point. The Tattler claims that he has purposely raped and then murdered over 500 women. The truth is that he really has killed about 200 people during his time , the majority of them rape-murders from the previously mentioned attractive women alone in their homes, but he can honestly say in his defense that those were accidental. He finds killing his victims to be too high profile and he only kills someone on purpose if it's necessary to keep the truth about the supernatural a secret.
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