Heaven v. Hell

Started by Trieste, January 29, 2008, 08:09:35 PM

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Because clichés become popular due to being fun to play!

Setting details are negotiable. Everybody negotiates.  8)


Though mortals have quite a bit at stake, they are not the soldiers of war. Though the meek shall inherit the earth, they are not the ones who fight for it. They are the fodder, the leverage, and the reason, but not the means. Instead, the true battles rage between the divine, those beings imbued with not only longer life but larger scope and greater vision.

That, and Lucifer would never trust his war to the hands of mere mortals.

The battleground takes place in the minds, hearts, bodies and homes of the mortals, however, going back and forth between posession and redemption. At best, those who have been appropriated for higher purposes are considered gifted and eccentric. At worst, they're fucking nuts. Those taken in hand by angelic forces are the sort of people who are quietly powerful, self-assured, and often known for subtlety. They are the scholars, the artists, the adventurous and the inspiring. Unfortunately for those who would choose sides, demonic forces are all of these things as well, making it extremely difficult for the mortal bystanders to know who and what they are aiding, if they choose to do so. The war ranges from massive acts of charity or destruction (by either side) all the way down to tiny acts of kindness and cruelty, and the only ones who know precisely what's going on with each side are the warmasters of Heaven and Hell, God and the Devil, neither of whom are inclined toward happy sharetime.

Unlike mortals, those divine creatures that actually fight the war can readily tell when someone is only wearing mortal skin. They can tell who is fighting for whose side. They can tell how long the other being has been inside its armour of flesh by how adeptly they manipulate not only the body, but the mind inside. Pushing the mortal host aside is regrettable but necessary, or just part of housekeeping, depending on who's doing it. Though insubstantial, the natural form of each fighter is visible to the others. There is no confusion, and oftn no hesitation. In churches, chapels and temples everywhere, confused mortals often ask why horrible things happen to 'good' people, but it's probable that they don't actually want to know the answer.


I didn't intend for this to resemble any movie, book or song, although I can see some strong similarities to a few. Hopefully those similarities won't limit what can be done with the world. :) If I get enough interest in this, I might be persuaded to plop it into a small games sort of thing rather than a 1v1, but for now I'm looking for just one other. This is meant to be violent and completely NC; the creepier and darker this ends up being, the better. I'm not saying I want to push the site limits, here. Not everything has to be graphic, sex-based, whatever... but I've had a lot of fluffy, snuggly, cute and tender threads (which I have been enjoying! :D) going on lately, and I'm looking to get my horror on to sort of balance them out. And remember, every single thing about what I've written is negotiable, as long as I'm sold on the idea!

PM or reply here, either one is good.


Could be interesting, but if both sides are equally cruel, I'm not sure it quite suits me.  Playing the aggressor can be fun, but I don't really like having my characters victimized.


Hmmm... which side were you looking to play?  It's been a while since I've got my inner demon on, but Divine cruelty could be fun as well...
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Two people have already signed on, but I haven't tried NC yet...  Could be fun.  Just voicing my interest in case you decide to make it a small game instead of 1v1.

Cheers!  Hmm, on second thought, that doesn't seem to fit the subject matter well.  Heh.


Holy crap, responses.

@jefe: Thanks for the interest. :) Since you've said something at the outset, it wouldn't be an issue, so feel free to think it over more.

@Kazyth: What did I say about negotiating? As you probably figured, I have a concept in my head if nothing else comes up, but that doesn't mean I'm going to cling to it mindlessly, sweets.

@?: If you want to PM me with what you'd want to play, if I have enough varied roles that it'd make for an interesting game, I have no problem firing it up.

Others have expressed interest via other means, too, so small game is looking more and more likely. Holy crap. O_o


This is similar in concept to an idea I was considering.  So.... interested.

Mistress Ice

I'm interested too! Lemme know if you make this a small game, since I won't push for the only spot. I'm willing to do just about anything to my characters, and I'd most likely play a person who is very aggressive and merciless, but who has a nice side every once in a while. One of those confusing people (^_^) I'm also not against my character being mistreated if it happens that way, though they wouldn't be happy about it themselves. Would be fun to play either the dominant one or the reluctant submissive :D An active dynamic of back and forth would be awesome, actually.


I am actually kind of interested too!  More so in the submissive side of things though...

But, I am pressed for posting time lately, not so sure about posting in a group, wouldn't want people waiting on me...  :)

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Wondering if I'd be interested?  PM me!


Hm.  If I can avoid having my character actually be the subject of rape, etc., I'd like to play a demon.

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Do you have a general idea for the amount of people in this roleplay?  Just curious.


Info thread: https://elliquiy.com/forums/index.php?topic=12764.0

Okay, so, head count.

I have 8 interested so far, including myself. If I have the count right, I have two or three interested demon types, one person expressed interest in playing an angel, I'm personally thinking about a mortal seer of some sort to mix things up.

If it ends up that people drop, I'll get it moved to single threads or something, no big deal. In the info thread, post what you're playing and I'll make location threads or just an IC thread or something. I have a couple ideas on how to get everyone together and started up.

As much as I love love love running games, please do go into this with the understanding that I don't have the time to actually run and plan a game DM-style or something, so people will largely be responsible for their own story past the initial get-together. As long as that's understood, as far as I'm concerned, anyone is welcome.

Wolf, we can probably figure someting out for you. I'm pressed for time, too, so I sympathise. ;)

I'm pretty excited, can't wait to fire things up! I'm tempted to go write the first IC thread right now, but I'm forcing myself to wait until I've had some sleep and some time to compose the thread in my mind...

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Frankly, I've never been one for DM games.  I've only been in one before, and let's just say it wasn't... enjoyable for me.  I've always been one for FFRPs.

And thanks for pulling all this together!  Get some sleep so you can make a wonderpost in the morning.  :D


Difficult to get everyone started if I don't have an idea who else is still interested! I'm going to wait a bit longer for character sheets, then I'll be happy to post an IC thread. ;)

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I am having trouble wrapping my head around this game. Moreso then I thought I would, sorry. I think I am going to go ahead and drop out for now as I am afraid I may end up wasting your time if I don't. Sorry hun, but good luck with it. I will be an avid reader :)
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Still looking for one from the evil side?
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There's always room for Steve! :D


any particular role or place my love?
"But I like it in the gutter, its dark and warm and I meet all sorts of interesting people."

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