craving a deeply romantic role play with certain extreme elements.(plot inside)

Started by thedarkenedknight, December 20, 2011, 01:53:21 PM

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Hello! Welcome to my super sweet romance request thread.

For the moment I only have one plot in mind, but that will change later as I think of more.

For now here is what I have!

The inhospitible forest.

Plot details:
This plot is set in an alternate present where humanity has forgotten all about magic and the creatures that sprang from it. They live exclusively in massive walled cities, and only travel by train or by airship. Inside the walls, life is preserved by omnipresent nanites that moniter every person living there. Killing is an impossible crime to get away with, there are no guns, and the nanites record all people in contact with a person before they die.  The rest of the world is covered in wilderness of varying kinds, and filled with non human life.
My character is a normal delivery clerk who has the distinct misfortune of witnessing a mob related theft. Because of the laws in place, the mob doesn't kill people themselves, instead they let the world outside the walls kill for them. Thus, he is dragged out, and left to be eaten in the frozen forest outside of the city.
Fortunately for him, an inumimi woman finds him passed out in a snow drift and helps him back to health.
He doesn't realize that she too is an outcast from her pack and marked for death because she denied the alpha as her mate.
Things get complicated when the alpha decides to finish what he started.

sexual details:
What I am looking for here is a devoted companion who "doggedly" stays by my characters side. However this does not mean that she should be submissive or focused solely on sex.
From a sexual standpoint I would like to have very warm and affectionate scenes when that arises from the development of their relationship. Not opposed to smut, but in this plot it feels like this should be a super sweet romance first.