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Author Topic: Pokegirls: Silver Finale  (Read 1731 times)

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Offline AlucardZTopic starter

Pokegirls: Silver Finale
« on: January 25, 2008, 09:26:11 AM »
OK.  This is an idea I had been working on.

This RolePlay takes place in the Silver Islands, up there is a link to the "Semi" complete primer for it.

Each player can have up to 8 characters, 1 Tamer, 7 pokegilrs(6 combat, 1 medical).

If you have an unusual, rare, or dangerous pokegirl, please explain why.

All characters must be at least 16 years old.

If you have a CloneToo or G-Spliced then please add a 'Dex entry for her after your character entry.

Here's a little bio design.

Job: Their job: Tamer, Gym Leader, Tradesman, etc, etc)
Pokegirl Speciality:
BloodTraits: (BloodGifts and BloodCurses)
Abilities: (Abilities not normally found in humans.  I.E. Magical talent, psychic abilities, ect, ect)
Weapon: (Not all Tamers go armed with just their pokegirls.)
Additional Information: (on the Tamer)
Pokegirls: (please note which is the Alpha and which is the Medical)
(Name, Breed, Additional information)

Name: Jesse McFeron
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Job: Gym Leader
Speciality: Mutations
BloodTraits: None
Abilities: Aeromancer(Wind Mage)
Weapon: Cross-Glaive
Appearance: Jesse stands about 5'9" tall with a medium build.  He's got a developing tan from living in the jungle covered Silver Islands and is fairly fit.He has black hair and silver eyes, almost always wearing glasses due to eye problems his unusual color hints too.  Clothing-wise he usually wears basic Tamers gear, but often in the color Black, usually with an old "Duster"(relative to the trenchcoat, but more rugged) to keep warm on the windier days.
Additional Information: (on the Tamer)
Kuroi, CloneToo, Panthress-Based (Alpha)
Clover, Amedeus
Kharma, Romanticide

KUROI, The Cuddly Panthress CloneToo Pok├ęgirl
Type: Not Very Near Human/Animorph(Black Panther)
Element: Dark/Fighting/Ghost
Frequency: Unique
Diet: Human-style,Extra meat
Role: freakish aberration
Libido: Extreme
Strong Vs: Poison, Bug, Dark, Rock, *Normal, *Psychic, *Fighting (*=Total immunity)
Weak Vs: Flying,
Attacks: Seismic Toss, Dream Time, Boobie  Tornado, Kaiser Wave, Sabre Claw, Super Claw, Timid Stroke, Phase, Fear Aura, Nightmare Syndrome, Mana Bolt, Booby Toss, Spinning Booby Toss, Puff Puff, Snake Tongue, Eternal Softness, Dark Blade MKII, Dark Shield, Dark Bomb
Enhancements: Elongated Left Arm/Fingers/Claws, Enhanced Strength (X10), enhanced Speed (X5), Enhanced Senses(All X3)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: N/A

CloneToo.  To many they are hideous monstrosities.  but there are a few of them who've been taken in, cared for, even loved.  One of those is Kuroi Getsuei Shikon, or simply "Kuroi".

Kuroi stands about 6'9" with upper F-cup, possibly small G-cup, breasts.  She has thick black fur covering every inch of her body with a tail about the same length of her body flowing in its proper place...but that's where the semblance to a Panthress ends.  Her left arm is 1.5 times the length of her body.  Her fingers are more than triple the normal length and end in 6 inch long claws.  Her legs are double-knee digitigrade, she has one set of knees going in the normal direction and another pair below them going in reverse.  And her feet are quite long, as such she tends to walk on the balls of her feet for balance and comfort.  Also her teeth, normally very sharp, are extremely long, causing them to jut out from within her mouth.  Also of note is her spine, the bones seem to grow out of her skin starting at about her shoulders, creating a long series of bony blades about 3-6 inches long all the way down to her tail where a spike-like bone juts out from the tip.
In battle Kuroi is noted for her preference of speed over sheer power.  She prefers to rush in and use her enhanced strength and elongated left arm to catapult her enemies great distances away.  When she HAS to take on a full fight she doesn't hesitate to begin belting out attacks at high speeds, keeping her enemies off guard at all times.

Kuroi's Harem Dynamics are rather straight forward.  Rather tan being the "odd one out" she takes preference in keeping things under control.  This is known because her Tamer, a dimensional drifter, is noted to become mentally unstable and Kuroi is known to have actually saved him from his own idiocy.

Kuroi, unlike what one would expect from a CloneToo, especially one from a Panthress base, is actually very open and friendly.  She usually is willing to help out whoever needs it without complaint.  Though this has been known to lead to a bit of a riot from fear in more than one occasion, those who've taken a few moments to get to know her have often apologized for their behavior.

Knowledge of Kuroi's Taming habits is put it mildly.  What is know is that she tends to take preference in cuddling and general gentle fore-play.  From this one can assume that she's not the type to like it "rough".

As Kuroi is one of a kind and she's yet to hit her second puberty, it is completely impossible to threshold into one.
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Offline kongming

Re: Pokegirls: Silver Finale
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2008, 05:27:23 AM »
Ok, PMed it to you previously, but here's my sheet as per your request.

Name: Viridia Cortez
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Job: Tamer
Pokegirl Speciality: None yet
Weapon: Riding crop
Appearance: The height of fashion. She's always dressed in her best, wearing a short plaid skirt and white knickers or sparkling jeans and a high-riding fleurescent pink G-string, a sparkly black T-shirt, a semi-transparent multicoloured plastic jacket when need be, comfortable trainers, a digital watch and a floppy white beret.
Additional Information: She's a little plucky and sassy, but she really is quite kind. She likes to look after things, and possibly smothers and babies her Pokegirls a little. That being said, she's been out on the field a little, so she knows what's what, and is aware that she does need to be tough from time to time.
Alpha: Imperator: Octopussy (raised all the way from a Titacool)
2: Wushi: Bratini
3: Kazzy: Furrite
4: Nooshi: Buzz-breast
5: Koka: Cutie-pie
6: Somni: Garter
Medical: Papavera: Solaria (a gift from a Pokecentre as thanks for helping save lives during a flood and power crisis)

Viridia moved into the region with her parents when she was still young, and as such, had to leave all of her old friends behind and try making new ones. Because of her slightly different appearance, and being new, she had a little trouble fitting in at first, and this caused her to develop quite an attitude.

However, at heart she really was kind, and eventually people opened up to her, allowing her to do the same. Making a few friends, though still not being part of the main crowd, she grew in confidence, and eventually turned her attention to Pokegirls and their care. Already being the kind to do things first, to be a leader, she was the first to, upon reaching legal age, take the test and be registered as a Tamer.

It has been over a year now, and although she has travelled far and wide, winning the trust and love of a small number of Pokegirls and helping them develop and evolve, Viridia is noiw returning to where it all began, to see what life has in store for her - and possibly to start taking on the Gym leaders.

(Information for her Pokegirls coming later, roughly "When I get around to it" as I'm not at home at the moment and am finding this keyboard a little awkward.)

Offline Rayve13

Re: Pokegirls: Silver Finale
« Reply #2 on: February 11, 2008, 02:55:22 PM »
I'd be willing to give this a go, but I'd need a bit of time to go over all the stuff in Pokegirls (I've looked it over, but not recently). To speed things up, I'd be willing to/interested in serving as an apprentice or something, with maybe 1-2 Pokegirls.

Offline AlucardZTopic starter

Re: Pokegirls: Silver Finale
« Reply #3 on: February 11, 2008, 09:15:17 PM »
OK.  Viridia is accepted and you don't need a full Harem to kcik off, a beginner Tamer will work fine and dandy.  But remember to read the Silver Isladns Primer...which has recently been edited.  THAT is where we're gonna run.

And here it is.

Offline CirclMastr

Re: Pokegirls: Silver Finale
« Reply #4 on: February 11, 2008, 09:27:02 PM »
Haven't had a chance to read the primer, but I am familiar with PokeGirls (and have the full doc on it... somewhere).  Is it too late for me to get in?

Offline AlucardZTopic starter

Re: Pokegirls: Silver Finale
« Reply #5 on: February 11, 2008, 09:31:54 PM »
As of now we've only got 2 confirmed players and one planned player.  So you've got plenty of time.

Offline kongming

Re: Pokegirls: Silver Finale
« Reply #6 on: February 12, 2008, 03:15:56 AM »
Okay, an edit I noticed I'll need to make: She was raised in Pandemonium, and moved to Eshar at a young age. So she's always been from, and in, the Silver Islands.

I'd like to start with at least a few of these, and to capture the rest later - the way I see it, Viridia has been a Tamer for a little while now, ever since she turned 16. So I'll start with Imperator, Wushi, Nooshi and Koka, is that okay?

The first two:

Imperator the Octopussy
Type: Inhumanoid
Element: Water
Diet: Seafood
Role: Harem Alpha, assistant in taming and discipline
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant, Ice
Attacks: Call Me Queen, Wrestle, Wrap, Double Slap, Water Spear, Go Down, Water Tickle, Slick Stroke, Wet Jet, Spank, Fisting
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x6), water breathing, prehensile tentacles
From the waist up, Imperator looks like a pink-skinned human girl. She has slightly rubbery flesh, and wide, sparkling aquamarine eyes. She has long, flowing purple hair, sparkling in any light source, and a generous C-cup for her slippery, bouncy breasts.

Below the waist, however, she has four deep red tentacles, 8 feet long, very thick and powerful. The undersides are covered in powerful suckers, and in places she has blue rings that glow brightly whenever she is angry or aroused.

Raised by Viridia from a Titacool all the way up to this form, Imperator is still very domineering, lusty and aggressive, but she has been tempered just a little. Because of her strong feelings for her Tamer, she is a little more affectionate and easier to manage - but not that much. Should any of the Harem be in danger, she will grow angry, protective over "her" girls, and likewise, she almost expects to be able to assist in any Taming that occurs. It is altogether likely that she will eventually be granted permission to become a Tamer herself, especially useful for when they are far from water. Although they are currently working on finding a way to have a permanent swimming pool always available, no success has yet been met.

Wushi the Bratini
Type: Near Human
Element: Dragon
Diet: Human-standard
Role: Standard combat (defence-oriented), moral support
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Plant, Water
Weak Vs: Ice
Attacks: Scratch, Tackle, Glare, Tail Slap, Recover, Dragon Dance, Timid Stroke, Spirit Slash, Go Down, Probing Tongue
Enhancements: Tough skin, High Endurance, Lung Capacity, Prehensile Tail, Enhanced Senses (x2)
Wushi stands at five feet tall, and has light purple, almost pink-ish skin. Her fingers and toes end in razor sharp claws, shining like Amethysts, and she also possesses a prehensile tail - 5' long - that clearly looks like it could be used as a weapon. Her hair is just a ponytail, bright pink and purple in colour. Her perky little A-cup breasts usually stand out with erect nipples at almost all times, and her tail often stands straight up. When she walks on all fours, this has the effect of parting her buttocks a little and displaying her pink little anus.

It was quite extraordinary that Wushi happened to be spotted while Viridia was out swimming with her Pokegirls. She approached the group, curious to see them, and hung around a little as she could sense that Viridia was kind. She simply remained there, watching, with just a little communication with Imperator - then just a Titacruel - and watched with avid fascination when Viridia started taming Imperator. Indeed, she got so close as to just about join in, so close was her nose to the action, and with a little gentle stroking, she soon joined in.

Next thing the group knew, Wushi had decided to tag along, following them with feelings of interest in Viridia. It was truly set in stone, however, when an attack was made by pirates (not pirates of the Silver Islands military). Wushi was frightened, but Viridia threw herself in the way to protect her, and allowed Imperator to strike out at the pirates. The ensuing rampage is what allowed her to grow experienced enough to make her final evolution, and it also showed Wushi just how protective Viridia could be of Pokegirls she has only just met. As such, the two became close, and Wushi allowed herself to be captured.

She is very timid still, and a bit of a sook, even. She enjoys cuddling, especially snuggling up to Viridia and just being hugged and stroked. However she is still curious and inquisitive, and is known to get herself into trouble on occasion, and understands that even when she goes far enough to bring a punishment on her, Viridia is still gentle and goes easy on her, usually followed by make-up Taming.

Offline AlucardZTopic starter

Re: Pokegirls: Silver Finale
« Reply #7 on: February 12, 2008, 04:22:30 PM »
Very Well then.  Accepted.

Offline Rayve13

Re: Pokegirls: Silver Finale
« Reply #8 on: February 12, 2008, 07:33:51 PM »
Name: Alvaro Carson (Al)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Job: Their job: Tamer/Tradesman
Pokegirl Speciality:
BloodTraits: Stonefinder
Abilities: None
Weapon: Rock Hammer
Appearance: Al tends to wear practical work clothing, typically khaki work pants, boots, and a t-shirt (he has three: black, green, and blue). He wears a workman's belt with his hammer and Pokedex hooked into it, and a bandoleer with his Pokeballs. He also hasa pair of heavy work gloves, and a jacket should need arise. He also wears a black cap to keep the sun out of his eyes.
Additional Information: Al tends to be fairly even tempered, but he's very excited to have recieved his Tamer's license, and can get excitable talking about Pokegirls. He tends to be unsure in battle, as most of his work with Pokegirls has been related to his stone finding job, but he's a fairly capable Tamer; just inexperienced.
Alpha: Undine (boobfin)
2. Terra: Digtit
3. Venus: Geogal
4. Shiva: Lambchop
Medical: Mocchi: Cherry

More on the Pokegirls to come, pending approval for what's here!
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Offline kongming

Re: Pokegirls: Silver Finale
« Reply #9 on: February 23, 2008, 02:02:23 AM »
Here are the other two ^^

Nooshi the Buzzbreast
Type: Near-Human (Insect)
Element: Bug
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Soldier
Libido: Average (High seasonally)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Attacks: Sting, Double Sting, TriSting, Rapid Sting, Air Recovery, Honey, Sweet Honey, Honey Syrup, Stop Sting, Berserk Sting, Hot Sting, Silence Sting, Blur, Quickturn, Dash
Enhancements: Exoskeleton and endoskeleton, Enhanced Endurance (x2 human), Enhanced Durability (x3 human), Wings for flight, Stinger tail, stingers mounted in breasts, Status effect venoms, can generate wax for entrapment and building of honeycomb hives
Nooshi looks quite human, with feminine curves and very smooth skin - indeed, her exoskeleton is just like a series of smooth plastic plates. Her body and long hair is covered in stripes, black and lavender in colour, drawing attention to her easily, and her eyes, when examined up-close, are multi-faceted. She has shining gossamer wings, like all buzz-breasts, healthy C-cup breasts, and a sharp, pointed stinger to remind people that she is dangerous.

Nooshi was captured out in the wild when separated from her hive. She desperately wanted to return to her queen, or to at least have someone to serve, so it was fortunate that Viridia came across her. She attacked, being lost and confused, but was defeated, and Viridia immediately nursed her back to health before beginning taming. The taming session was careful at first, but grew more passionate as they went on, and now, Nooshi is fiercely loyal to the Tamer who she sees as her queen.

Koka the Cutiepie
Type: Animorph (insect)
Element: Bug
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Gardener
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Dark, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Psychic
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock, Bird Pok├ęgirls
Attacks: Tackle, String Shot, Dodge, Cry
Enhancements: Exo and endo skeleton, very efficient digestive system, small size (3' tall), and low metabolism
Only three feet tall, Koka is a small, slender Pokegirl. However, she doesn't look like a child, simply an adult who has been scaled down to her small size. Her body still has the right curves, and her face the features of an adult. Her skin is smooth, green and a little bit shiny, and her face has a trusting, loving look to it. A pair of long antennae twitch most of the time, and her long, wavy hair is bright green and yellow.

Koka, given as a gift to Viridia, is a very dependent, clingy Pokegirl. She loves Viridia completely, and hates the idea of being separated. Though capable in combat, she still approaches the idea with hesitation, nervous about it. She much prefers to simply snuggle and cuddle, and has a penchant for eating apples. Lots of them.

Koka is extremely polite, and likes to help whenever possible.

Offline AlucardZTopic starter

Re: Pokegirls: Silver Finale
« Reply #10 on: March 09, 2008, 09:17:15 AM »
Kongming, Rayve13.

Your characters now have an official Thumbs Up.

Offline DreadD

Re: Pokegirls: Silver Finale
« Reply #11 on: March 09, 2008, 10:14:52 AM »
I must admit, looking at the Pokegirls sight is both a thing of terror and awe for me.  It's remarkably well written and put together...  Er...  And I think that's what worries me.  I think I'm willing to give this, er... Madness a shot, but are we supposed to be playing our entire trainer-harem grouping?  If so, is it problematic if it never reaches the full eight?  I'm not sure how well I could handle that many personalities in one thread at once, I'm used to writing for a single character at a time.

Er, as an additional note, is there any rules for having your selection of Pokegirls?  I mean, besides the obvious like "No legenderies, no Widows, and no horrifically powerful blessed things"?