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Author Topic: Time is of the essence - why write alone? (M looking for F writing partner)  (Read 3711 times)

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Offline TyrusTopic starter

Hey all. This my request thread, mwahaha.

O's and O's

A bit about myself
I'm an avid writer and reader who loves co-operative roleplaying. I have written in forums like Elliquiy for around 12 years or so now, and have been here since 2011. I consider myself a fairly heavy writer in terms of content, with a minimum of 2-3 paragraphs with a tendency for the long-form. I am flexible, however, for anyone who wishes for a more casual or long-term writing project, a very detailed one, or something in the middle.

I am a writer in my spare time, so I like to consider myself a literate player (I think we'd all like to!). I am a long-term player who has juggled multiple stories for longer than a year with several partners, so if you want to write a story with somebody who will put in the work in the long-run, I'm your guy. All I ask is you let me know if you don't wish to write a story anymore, or be honest with yourself before messaging me as to whether or not you enjoy writing a long-term story. On my side of things, I freely admit I tend to get very busy in RL, but I will always update you and endeavour to reply ASAP.

My writing style usually shifts between third-person limited and third-person omniscient, depending on what the story calls for. I usually prefer the former, as I love writing from only the perspective and knowledge of my primary character and setting up mysteries and wider continuity via gradual development and a limited perspective. The concept of unreliable narration and multiple point-of-view writing structure is something I love to explore and employ in my writing. This is all, of course, subject to change and depending on if I am required to play more than one major character, which I mostly do.

I usually write in the omniscient third-person perspective to set the wider details and context of the story's setting and scenario, and tend to be fairly ambitious. I do not enjoy writing anymore in the first-person, but may be open to it depending on the form of the story and how it is told. For example, if it is told in a diary format, or through a series of recorded messages.

Characterisation and character development is a major focus and emphasis of mine. I try to write realistically; that is, with flawed, but likeable characters and plots which aren't too far-fetched, but that aren't boring or light on detail either. If I had a particular style I tend to employ most regularly, it would be described as grounded, gritty, and not just about sex or violence (though both these elements are important and fun in any great story).

I guess the most important thing for me to say here is I want to write interesting stories that aren't one-note or one-dimensional. They can't just be focused on gratuitous violence or smut. I want them to have detail, continuity, consistency and constant development of characters and their journeys in the long-term.

If you would like examples of my narrative styles and writing techniques, here are some ongoing RPs of mine:

Azure Rising (With Sinfulkarma) <--- Modern-day crime drama
The Capricious Captive (With toosweetforrock) <--- Fictional 20th century war-time
Reaching Out (With Melieli) <--- Modern-day high-school drama
What We Become (With DesertFlower) <--- Post-apocalyptic/undead

Here are four past RPs (absent partners or on-hold stories) of mine:

Paradise Noir (With jaliyana) <--- Modern-day crime drama (to be continued)
Play For Me? (With sassychic) <--- Modern-day romance/music
Captive (With April Bouvier) <--- Slave/master
Never Trust a Gypsy's Kiss (With Vlexia) <--- Grounded low-fantasy/medieval

Here are a few templates I once used as examples, and are not set in stone if you thought any were interesting enough for a story.

When There's No More Room In Hell...
The world as it once was is long gone. Divine intervention, a deadly virus, supernatural curses - nobody knows how or why. The only thing people are sure of is there's no more room in hell.

What once was is made up of assumptions and possibilities. Society has fallen into anarchy and chaos, and humanity is scarce in a wasteland of death and decay. There are few survivors in the New World who know the true reason behind the Scourge, let alone have time to ponder the thought, given all which exists now is bitter survival.

The Scourge gave life to the deceased, but also a ravenous hunger. People started rising back up, eating their friends, their family, complete strangers, and turning them into one of whatever they became. It didn't matter how someone died - bitten, killed, or passed away peacefully in sleep - they would always come back. Remaining survivors have formed tribal city states or savage raiding parties to take advantage of everyone and everything to survive the horrific calamity. But the situation is grim, and for many, hope is an unknown concept.

These few scattered groups of people, no longer restricted by the laws and confines of the Old World, make do with whatever and whoever they have to fulfil their last desires. Food, water, shelter, sex... whatever the cost of their humanity or remaining belongings, it's theirs for the taking. These groups are like packs of wolves, stopping at nothing to get what they want, because there is ultimately nothing to lose but a doomed existence and borrowed time.

Two of Empire City's largest and most dangerous criminal drug organisations engage in a bloody turf war, killing hundreds in the cross-fire and all for the sole purpose of pushing their product to the top of the underground market. When the Westsiders are threatened by a new group of drug-runners, it becomes apparent the mysterious leader and their new drug, "Azure", is a bigger threat than they could have imagined. Named after the abnormal but non-threatening coloration of the newer crew's perfectly crystallized methamphetamine, Azure was released into the streets with alarming speed and backed by the genius of someone who wasn't a simple-minded gang-banger.

After rude awakenings, the gang task their most feared enforcer with infiltrating the younger organization to feed information back to his leaders. Emotionally detached, skilled in murder and bound by an often contradictory moral code, the enforcer finds himself unprepared for the woman who leads the new crew. Influential and seductive as she is cunning and ruthless, she is unlike any enemy he had ever encountered before. Once valuing his crew above all else, he is forced to break his code and commit many questionable acts in order to gain the organization's trust, including taking her drugs to prove his loyalty and killing former and present colleagues - no matter the cost.

That cost soon proves to be a heavy sacrifice, both professionally and personally. The Enforcer finds himself internally torn between his loyalties to his "family" and the woman before him, as she seems to take over his every will, action and every desire, and the line between what is real and what is not is soon blurred beyond reasonable understanding.

All the above scenarios are, of course, slightly vague or brief for further, private expansion of the ideas and storylines, or to encourage your own sharing of ideas with me, so it is not a one-sided construction of a setting and its characters. They are merely quick examples; I would love to foster discussion and new ideas. I want YOUR input and ideas, above all else.

General themes and ideas to be developed with you.
Crime and gang-related stories.
Modern-day affairs/office-place dramas.
Post-apocalyptic tales.
Zombie related roleplays.
Medieval sagas.
Military-style tight knit team fractured from within.
Superhero roleplays.
Anything! Suggest it to me.

Media/Pre-established Universe Related
The Walking Dead.
The First Law Trilogy
Game of Thrones
Mass Effect
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Offline TyrusTopic starter

Re: Grown and Sexy. (Male seeking Female RP Partner)
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2012, 06:07:48 AM »
I have updated the original post in terms of scenarios as well and just the overview of my writing style and expectations to give you all a better feel if I am an appropriate RP partner. :)

Offline playfullchick76

Re: Grown and Sexy. (Male seeking Female RP Partner)
« Reply #2 on: January 16, 2012, 04:32:16 PM »
I would be interested in playing out a walking dead one with you, if you were interested. Perhaps even a Maid/master one, where I was a backpacker, snatched by you and forced to be your exotic maid, maybe even made to speak in a French or Dutch accent, if thats your thing, if not, its okay.

Offline bluecoco

Re: Grown and Sexy. (Male seeking Female RP Partner)
« Reply #3 on: August 15, 2012, 12:26:07 AM »
Here I am! Over here! What you're looking for! *points to self*


How are you? I'm new to the site, but not new to roleplaying. I've created roleplays and taken part in many over the past 10 years... Crazy how long it has been. I consider myself an advanced writer/very literate. Above anything I enjoy a good plot to jump into. Sex and the like I would consider only one facet of stories I prefer to take part in. Character development is a must. I think our writing styles and preferences are very in tune with each other.

We should become partners, if I fit to your liking! ;P I have a On/off page up in the ladies forum called "Coco's Good Touch/Bad Touch" where you can see a little more about me.

I'd enjoy RPing the following matches with you that you listed:
Best friends.
Crime and gang-related stories.
Medieval Tales/Fantasy/Romance
Superhero roleplays

and "What We Become" interests me.

Let me know if you'd be open to RPing with me! :D

Offline TyrusTopic starter

Re: Grown and Sexy. (Male seeking Female RP Partner)
« Reply #4 on: August 15, 2012, 06:58:16 AM »
Hey bluecoco, thanks for replying to my thread. :)

Welcome to the site! You should definitely PM me with your ideas and thoughts, sounds like we got the same sort of writing styles, expectations and interests. :)

Offline playfullchick76

Re: Grown and Sexy (M looking for F)
« Reply #5 on: May 18, 2016, 09:07:41 AM »
I would be interested in a walking dead one, most definately, as I'm  a big fan of the series. I have yet to watch fear the walking dead yet, but Its next on my list to be watched.

Offline TyrusTopic starter

Bumping my thread instead of making a new one. I currently am seeking a new story with new partners, due to a few existing stories of mine put on hold by the other party. Craving something modern day in particular, but am open to ideas and brainstorming. All of my favourite stories have started from random conversations, so shoot me a message if you like my writing! (I've linked my published posts/stories in the OP). :)