Satisfy a Craving or Two? (Seeking M.)

Started by LoveHurts, December 15, 2011, 12:02:51 AM

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Hey! I'm hopefully searching for a more dominant or equal male to roleplay with, preferably in a M/M situation. I can play the dominant male, but I'd rather not (save Teacher/Student; you satisfy that craving at ALL and I don't even care. Seriously, please do it. I'm frothing at the mouth for it.) Currently craving a semi-abusive relationship. If you have a plot in mind (keep in mind my O/O's, see signature), I will certainly play a female to varying degrees of dominance (or submission). I'm not online all the time, but I am online several times a week and usually for several hours at a time. PM me if you see something that interests you -- or if you have a plot in mind!

I've included my main characters that I like in the bottom of the post, so if you see one that strikes your fancy, feel free to PM me and we can discuss plots. I will tailor characters to fit, or I can easily create new ones. They're color-coded by gender; names are in bold on either right or the left.

Hearts are pairs / genres / plots I really want to do. Bold is what I'm craving. I will play anyone in the pairings. More specific plots and situations may follow.
Pretty, pretty please?
Teacher/Student<333333333333 (Had a bunch of requests for this one! Something else please.)
Employer/Employee<3 (Currently doing police-style; looking to do salary men / desk job.)
Bully/Bullied (past or present)<333
Abusive Relationship<33333
Childhood Friends<33
Horror-based (think Zombie Apocalypse)
Supernatural (mostly Vampires and Shifters)
Chance Encounters / Love at First Sight
In the Dark (plot, see below)<33333

And just for your convenience, here's a snapshot of my likes / dislikes. More details in my O/O's (see signature).
Physical Abuse
Dirty Talk
Forbidden Relationships (excluding most incest)
A good story -- this includes incorporating genres together, like horror!

Nonconsensual (requires plot & persuasion)
Scat, etc.
Most things I have to Google to find out what they are / do

Cast of Characters. **Note: all professions and ages can be adjusted for the sake of the plot. I'm quite flexible.

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Fiori Edeleine. 26, fair-skinned, petite, blonde-haired, and blue-eyed, 5'6". Glasses. A little naive and easily hurt. Generally quiet. Teacher.

19, fair-skinned, lanky / bony, brunette, and hazel-eyed. 5'8". Arrogant and almost snotty; a few points short of a genius. Student. Nicholas Winter.

Gabriel Rodriguez. 28, dark-skinned, muscle-bound, brunette, and brown-eyed. 6'2". Very down-to-earth and generally a giant (protective) teddy bear. Repairman.

28, pale, tall and ominous-looking, black-haired, dark-eyed. 5'10". Glasses. Incredibly self-centered and manipulative. Scientist. Seth Fletcher.

Tristan Hart. 25, fair-skinned, lean muscles and proportionate, chestnut-haired, blue-eyed. 5'10". Guy-next-door type personality, only, he's incredibly rich. Currently working in and will take over father's company.

24, fair-skinned and freckled, young face, red-haired, green-eyed. 5'7". Very amiable personality and loves to make people laugh. Waiter. Keith Archer.

Valendra Hartman. 24, fair-skinned, slightly busty, red-haired, green-eyed. 5'5". Mischievous and strong-willed, but often finds herself acting as mother hen. Policewoman.

20, fair-skinned, petite and small-breasted, brunette, hazel-eyed. 5'2". Quirky, quiet, and very shy, but ambitious. Student. Evelyn Jones.

Storyline ideas. (All are easily adjustable; most list whether I would prefer Character A or B if I have a preference.. If I name a character, it's mine and that means I REALLY want to keep them in that particular role.)
In the Dark. "Close my eyes; here you are, all alone, dancing in the dark."~Dev
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Vaguely inspired by the Dev song of the same name. Our characters meet at a rave--a shady underground thing that no one except the "in" crowd is supposed to know about. It's dark, the lights are flashing, and maybe their heads are swimming with drugs and alcohol. They dance, hot and heavy, do some things people probably shouldn't do with a stranger in public even with the lights out. They part, knowing full-well they won't see each other again and totally fine, unsure of whether they'll even remember. They don't exchange names; our characters return to their respective partners, spouses, or roommates, who are unaware of their weekly escape.

The next day, Character A goes out for coffee at the local place, and lo and behold, Character B is now working the front counter. Both are surprised to see (and recognize) the other; perhaps A says nothing and orders the coffee, but then B chases him down and maybe hands him a number. Or perhaps A slips B the number along with the cash for the drink. Maybe they don't talk all week, or maybe one texts the other once, asking if they'll "be there" (of course, "there" meaning the rave). They meet again at the rave, and, their inhibitions ripped from them by the haze of recreational drugs, they dance again, maybe this time even going out back to fuck. Or not. And so begins a tumultuous affair for the two as they struggle to keep their "relationship" a secret from ignorant spouses / partners / whatever. I'm thinking it starts out as just their weekly meetings, and then sex on other occasions, and then evolves into some connection or some mushy shit like that.
Wanna RP? PM me. See what turns me on here.

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Hello there!  I love your ideas for a teacher/student, and employer/employee roleplay!  I would prefer for the roles to be M/F, and I'm sure we can tailor the roles so that we can make the best roleplaying experience possible!  If you're interested, please don't be afraid to message me back!  I hope to hear back from you soon! :)


Hm... I actually had an idea for mild fantasy and teacher/student. The only thing is, I normally want my partners to use female characters. I can cope with a male, if he is really really really girly (as in, could wear a dress and pass for a girl). But other than that... I'd much prefer a female.

As for my idea. I was thinking about short and long term plot and relationship. My idea is that a mage took on a girl as an apprentice, and in exchange for teaching her his magic, he gets her as special company. Of course, it would be a modern setting, and I'm a big fan of anything horror/monster related. Perhaps the girl wishes to protect the people using magic, and chose to join him because of her ambitions? Or maybe she grows to truly love the way he treats her? So many ideas... so very many ideas.

I hope to hear from you soon. ^.^
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Posting will be sporadic at times - college does that.


12/19 Update: Added a new plot and updated my cravings.<3
Wanna RP? PM me. See what turns me on here.

"Like a good book, I can't put this day back--a sort of fairy tale with you." ~Tori Amos