Tenghai's Vague Inspirations (Looking for F) Long term as well

Started by Tenghai, December 14, 2011, 01:39:06 AM

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Hey there! Right now, I just have some vague ideas, and hopefully someone will have some more to complete them.

I'm looking for fantasy D&D-ish (other fantasy mix-ins are welcome) RPs, so if you don't like them, then I'm sorry. I'm looking for Freeform writing, and Forum or PM  (I will use IM if necessary, I prefer YIM or MSN. If YIM, I tend to use Trillian as my IM client, so hopefully that won't be an issue)

Check out my Ons and Offs for my list of Offs. I'm pretty open to trying other things. The list of Ons may have nothing to do with my characters.

PM me or leave a reply if you're interested!

Now that that's out of the way, ideas! (For all but #4 I'm willing to play a M or F with a F character unless you make a convincing argument... ;) ) Everything's pretty much up for discussion!

1) A Human Swordmage has turned mercenary after botching his last job. It's made him a bit irritable and cynical. Someone needs to turn him around during their adventure!

2) A rebel is trying to overthrow the local government for the betterment of the people. Recently, their heroine was captured, and he needs a team to break her out! Will a new rebel recruit catch his eye? Will they work together and revive the rebellion?

Or a flip side...

3) An overthrown prince makes his escape from the castle, and out into the city streets. How will he survive? Where will he go? Is his savior in a similar situation? Will he reclaim what's his?

4) (FxF and BDSM [light/medium]) An elf (submissive, and played by me) finds herself in love with a dark elf. They can't exactly be open with their relationship, but there are suspicions, and while elves tend to be free to do their own thing, dark elves follow the laws of their clans and society. Even more interesting is when they accidentally discover that the elf likes her lover's dominating ways a bit more than either would have guessed.

5) (FutaxFemale [NC and Light Bondage are possible]) This is probably more short term, or a one-shot, unless you have ideas to continue it. An adventuring pair travel the world, but every night, one of the women hides away in her own tent. Curious, her partner decides she needs to know what's going on that she hides every night. What will she discover; how will she react; and what will that do to their adventuring dynamic?

If you have fantasy, One Shots, or something big or small, let me know! I'd be happy to RP with you!


Sorrows Solace

I'm quite interested in one and three if you'd like to talk about those at all.