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Started by TreyWalker, December 13, 2011, 06:52:24 AM

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Hey there everyone and first off let me welcome you to the new request thread for myself. I’m Trey Walker, and I hope we can explore vivid worlds and feel amazing emotions in fictitious settings. I want to RP in the forums mainly, purely because that way my PM box is for PM’s, my bookmarks are for RP’s and request/ideas threads. If you are interested in RPing with me, then please PM me, I love seeing red writing at the top of the board.

What I want from a partner is preferably females playing females. I have played with guys playing female but only a few have done it convincingly enough for my liking. I will be playing a male and the male will be heterosexual. NPC’s I am flexible on though. As for length of posts, as long as the writing is good and I enjoy replying to you, they don’t have to be long. I’ve roleplayed with people who do long posts and some who do short and enjoyed both experiences. I just like to RP with literate people who take the story somewhere and make things interesting.

I like replies but I know people are busy. I will usually get one reply up a day but I am in more than one thread so it maybe a couple of days before I reply. I am happy to RP with people that can only post once a week or more though, so don’t feel pressured. It’s all fun and I’m a patient guy.

I love most genre’s, including anime and what I like to dub believable fantasy. Sexually as long as it’s heterosexual I’m comfortable apart from the too extreme’s like blood, scat, gore, watersports and heavy bdsm. I am also a visual person, so I prefer people who have some sort of picture to showcase their character, so I have a clear picture of who I’m rping again character wise, physically. I will also choose a picture for my character as well, I find it fun to find a picture of the person I’m playing. I will also suggest pictures for females in my request thread, as they are either pictures that helped inspire the story, pictures I found after having thought of the story or I just find that picture extremely titillating

Anyway, thank you for reading, below will be my requests.

Really Craving



Dragon Age: Desires - Available
(NC, M/F, Vanilla, Romance, Lust, Danger, Adventure)

A powerful and adventuring Magician (Hawke?) is on another mission. This time he is searching for a Magician that has long not been seen (in Ferelden or Free Marches), that apparently is attempting to open the veil and bring demons into the world to help her fight the Chantry and The Templars (Morrigan). The story starts when he finds here. After a brief battle when they find themselves to be a match for each other, the female magician explains to the male that she is wasn’t here to open any veil, but to travel into the deep roads (or other underground area), where she believes some old Templar scripture is kept. She says that these scriptures may very well help keep the peace between Templars and Magicians and if not, at least give the Magicians an advantage in negotiations for peace.

The two then travel down into the deep roads to find these scriptures. On the journey they battle darkspawn, Templars and demons before the eventually find the scriptures and what they find shocks them and could change the face of the world as they know it.

OOC Stuff: This can be with Canon Characters or created. The powers of the magicians are completely up to me and whoever I play this with. The idea is that the two would be attracted to each other, and stuff would happen on the journey, but it also focuses on a mission and a story as well. We can also introduce other characters or NPC’s but I want this to be a two player only game, which is why it isn’t in the Group Roleplays Wanted section. There are many ways in which the story can go, so feel free to PM me to discuss where we may want to take this.



Bodyguard - Started

(NC or Cons, M/F, Bondage (light), Lust, Vanilla. Anal)

She is the most successful singer and performer in the world. She is known in every country, is always being reported on and is the most in demand celebrity ever. She is also one of the worlds most fantasized pin-up. She pretty much has everything. However with such fame comes the need for security. Her record label hire her one of the best Bodyguards and Head’s of Security in the world. He travels with her, sleeps in adjacent rooms in hotels, stays at her house and attends any press event or magazine photoshoot.

However, like most men in the world, this Bodyguard lasts after her. And being around her all the time makes the lust he feels incredibly high. He wants nothing more than to be with her. And it doesn’t help that she is a big flirt, always turning on the charm and sexiness with him. She thinks it’s just a game, but he doesn’t.

OOC: If you saw my last request thread, I do really want someone to play this with me and play it with a character that is like Beyonce in looks and talent. Personality can be different though. I am open to whoever or whatever you want my character to look like.

Also, from where I ended the description, it can either go to NC where he takes advantage of her one night or Cons where she finds out how he feels and decides she wants the same thing too. The bondage is more likely in the NC version but can be included in the Cons.

The focus at the beginning though would be her flirtatiousness and his desire for her. I wouldn’t want them to actually get together for about three or four pages on the actual thread.

P.S. – Really Craving this one.



Mass Effect: Lust & Desire - Available

(Cons, Flirting, Secret Affair, Passion)

This can be Cannon or OC, either way it will be two members of an assault team on-board an Alliance vessel. They are both high ranking members of the assault team, but they both have a secret, that could cost them their positions. They both want each other. But neither knows the other feels the same. And even if they did, if they got caught, the Alliance doesn’t tolerate relationships. However they can’t help flirting with each other, and eventually they can’t hold back their feelings anymore. They start to see each other around the ship in secret, which is hard to do in such a small place with so many people.

OOC: Like I said, this can be Cannon or OC, and there can be other factors added to this story.



Mass Effect: We’re Bored - Available

(Cons, Exotic, Threesomes, Foursomes)

On a cross cultured and raced vessel is a multi race team who are being sent to the far regions of space to investigate and explore new planets. However with extremely long journeys and a lot of time spent in close proximity to each other, they need to find ways to entertain themselves. All the races introduce different games and different habits, and everyone on the ship finds themselves finding things out about each other and themselves they didn’t know.

OOC: This is to be played with the three female characters above and the three male characters I’d create. They’d also vary in race. I’d prefer to do this with one female playing the females, and we explore different combinations with our imagination. But if two people or three come forward, and everyone is happy playing one or two characters then we could try that too.



When Storylines Become Reality - Available

(Cons, Flirting, Teasing, Acting, M/F)

Two WWE stars are put into a storyline, where they have to be physically attracted to each other. The attraction needs to be portrayed as very physical and not that romantic. The two feel uncomfortable with it at first, partly because they don’t want to do that sort of thing on camera. But when they do, they become uncomfortable because their bodies react to each other. And they find they look forward to the moments until the storyline boils over and they have to have each other.

OOC: Two player, there’d be a lot of scenes where things started to heat up and then don’t. Other details can be discussed.


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Looking to do an RP with one other person, just exploring threesome scenario. Possibly focused on and M&F who are trying to spice up their sex life by bringing in another person.




This would be focused on initially a physical attraction. Either a man and women who workout together or train in some sort of physical contact sport together, start to lust after one another. Start sneeking peaks, getting dirty thoughts when stretching and such until it explodes into a sexual experience where they both get lost in each other.



BIG DREAMS - Available

I used to love S Club as a kid. Nowadays you don't get really cheesy pop groups anymore and there are hardly any mixed groups. What I'd like to do with a like minded partner, is create a pop group. We'd both create three people, me three guys and three girls by anyone interested in doing this with me. We would then write about how they formed the group, how they started their career, working at hotels or cafe's and then when they become famous and in the public eye.

There will be sex involved but I also want romance between members as well as stuff like backstabbing, cheating, tragedy and all manner of other things. I want this to be a story of friends/enemies, rises and falls.

This could be done with maybe more people if there's enough interest. And if there was interest I'd even be happy to do it using S Club and maybe doing our own Miami 7, Hollywood 7 and so forth.

So, here's to hoping that there is someone out there interested in exploring this with me.


Name: Romeo Jay Mitchell
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Talents: RnB Style Voice, Street Dance, Choreography, Producer
Personality: Confident and Determined. Romeo is used to getting what he wants but he doesn’t step on people to get it. A good leader willing to help others out whilst on his journey to stardom! He loves chilling with friends, and writing and producing songs.
Biography: Since he was a little kid, Romeo loved to dance, and was dancing as well as adults by the time he was 8. Discovered he had a good voice in a school musical at the age of twelve, and this made him realize he wanted a career in the music industry. Loves working with other people on music and performances, he’s made a lot of talented friends in his life. If one of those people make it, they may very well call on Romeo to help them with the career.

Name: Michelle Suki
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Talents: Pop Voice
Personality: Sexual would be the best word to describe Michelle Suki. She has embraced the fact that men find her attractive and uses it to try and further her career. Dressing provocatively whenever she can, she loves male attention. Is a nice charming girl, but does have an underlying selfishness which makes sure she looks after number one. She can also be led by people if they promise her the world.
Biography: Was a child model, which then became a teen model. However she didn’t just want to be famous for posing in front of a camera. So she decided to become a Popstar so she could pose in front of cameras and sing.

Name: Ryan Jackson
Age: 22
Gender: Male   
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Talents: Musician (Guitar and Drums), Acting
Personality: Has a superiority complex and can be passive aggressive. Thinks he needs to fight the world to get what he wants, and thinks people are trying to hold him down. Will backstab someone if it furthers his ambitions! This all lies under a deceivingly nice persona.
Biography: Was told he’d amount to nothing by his father and bullied at school. This made him a bitter person and when he discovered his talents, he felt it made him better than people around him




Two employees of two different companies have a meeting in one of their offices. They start off talking business, but there is an obvious attraction between them both. They start to flirt and soon want to tear each others clothes off. However they know what they feel and want is not professional. They give in to their desires but try to keep it as secret as possible, locking themselves in rooms and arranging meetings that aren't neccessary.


Updated with what's Avaliable and what's either in discussion, started or taken!