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January 23, 2017, 03:06:18 PM

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Author Topic: My Current Cravings  (Read 462 times)

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Offline sexybbwgalTopic starter

My Current Cravings
« on: December 12, 2011, 10:51:28 PM »
First and foremost, please realize that I have been gone for some time and am now back. I will try to be on at least once a day to write or respond to any and all request.

Second of all, I am a very detailed oriented person. A post to me consist of one full paragraph of at least six sentences. However, if we do play multiple character within a role play, a one line sentence with "speaking parts" is just fine. Make it worth my while to write with you. This is both our story, we should want to make it go smoothly.

Thirdly, I do not tolerate iliterate behavior in my role plays. Typos are fine, but I must be able to read it. English only please.

In regards to my characters. I do get into character and I expect a lot of background information on my partners' character.

Also, I play female, transgender, etc. I do do male characters, but it must intrigue me for me to do it.

And one last quick thing, remember, this is for fun.

Now, for the role plays themselves. I do not really do anything that is not extreme. I prefer the extreme, I prefer the Male or Dominant character to be DOMINANT. I can switch back and forth, but it has to intrigue me in order to do it. Also, I'm willing to play any role, but remember, I'm usually the submissive one. Ok now that that has been taken care of, let's get to the ideas.
Role 1: The Prostitute

The young blonde looked ready to be a prostitue, but she was nervous as hell. Her mother (the owner of the brothel) has set her up for this since day one. Being 18, fresh out of high school, she had wanted to go to college. Yet when her father dies, her mother manipulates her into becoming a prostitute for the brothel.

In comes a person (man, alien, or whatever) comes in and asks for a fresh new face. He had been to every girl in the place. Yet he knew new talent would be coming out today. He spots her, sees her dislike of what she was about to do. He makes a proposition to her to teach her how a good little submissive prostitute should be. Yet in the end, he finds that she has entrapped him with her innocence and before he knows it, he's wanting to become more than just a man who dingles with fresh new meat.
Role 2: The Alien

In the near future, a young woman, a slave in an alien court, must prove she can handle herself in the presence of the king. Yet when her time comes, she blows it. Now, ten years later, she is a jaded woman who refused to let her guard down for her one true love. The king, tired of having fight after fight with her, sales her off to a neighboring court of aliens. She has heard about them. They are cruel, selfish, and expect their women to be soft and demur. She is anything but. Her Master, who thinks she is a sex slave, tries to get her in bed, but she backs away quickly and almost kills him. He talks to her king and finds out that she was a court slave which meant she was a garden slave. He, who thought he was getting a sexy little thing, must now whip her into shape and show her the way of what she really was deep inside.

Role 3: Next Door Neighbor
Was it really so hard for the neighbors to clean their yards? Seriously, she worked two jobs, took care of her baby sister and still had time to do her yard, take her trash out, and keep a nice clean home. Yet, the new neighbor just wouldn't do it. She had left notes, signs, and everything else for them to get a hint. Instead, they just kept on making it worse. Finally having enough, she goes over and knocks on the door. After chewing the neighbors ass out, she goes home satisfied this would work. What she didn't reckon for, was him trespassing and breaking into her home. And another thing that was definitely not what she was expecting, was her sister being brought into the equation.
There is much more than this, but I figured 3 would be a good start.
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