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Author Topic: ~*House of The Red Dragon*~ (Extreme, M/M)  (Read 758 times)

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~*House of The Red Dragon*~ (Extreme, M/M)
« on: December 09, 2011, 07:46:59 pm »
Ok, this will be set in another world where there is magic/elves and stuff like that. There will be no electricity (magic floating light is different though.) or guns or cars. There will be indoor plumbing! This will be M/M in which I am looking for a love story with extremes, such as rape, bondage and master slave thyme's.

Blackwood is a masochist even if he will not ever admit it to himself. He is satisfied by a dominating and sadistic master who gets what he wants when he wants it and is not swayed by any word or action Blackwood can contrive to make him do otherwise. Somehow or another they fall in love but a complication arises. Marcos, the master of the House of the Red Dragon, will not let his slave Blackwood go. Caught between two waring Masters, his sadistic lover and his overbearing owner Marcos, Blackwood is pulled between them forced to obey one out of fear and duty and the other out of love and longing.

If this is something that tickles your fancy please read on as the below would be the first post.


It was raining in the small city of Maiyand. The rain gave the cobble stone streets a slight sheen in the light of the full moon. Rain clattered off the mettle roof tops only to pool in the gutters. Night had just fallen in the city, chasing away the upright and hard working citizens indoors, safe from the vagabonds of the night. The city had a night life that was starting to slowly come alive; like a midnight flower opening slowly, shops, booths and brothels started to open to the damp, chill, night air. One by one the light of the candles lit the shops and lonely light poles like jack-o-lanterns. The night belonged to them and when it was over and day rose again they would settle again into a peaceful slumber, desires stated for another night. The night was young yet however, and not even the slight fall chill could deter them from there ravenous appetites, demanding fulfillment.

Blackwood stirred slowly, his soft white wolf like ear twitching to the pinging and sloshing sound of the rain gushing from the gutter outside his second story window. He lay peacefully on his stomach in a very large bed that could hold at least four people quite comfortably. The enormous, plush bed was piled with thick blankets and pillows and some of the pillows were made to assist in certain sexual positions. The bed and the room were red in color. Every shade of red, even down to pink, could be found in the room and Blackwood's blood red hair matched the decor splendidly. The room was large but sparse. It contained a large, mahogany, wooden chest at the foot of the bed that housed all manner of sex toy or restraint. The matching bed frame was made of heavy solid oak and sported iron rings from which to tie or chain a victim on all four of it's posts. Similar rings could be found everywhere the room, on the walls or near the white marble floor or even in the large circular bath tub. The floor had a few thick, white fur rugs of some unknown exotic creature Blackwood had never known about, piled by the fireplace. There was also a sturdy wooden chair, and small wooden desk.

Pale green eyes fluttered open and cast a sleepy glance about the silent room to be sure no customer still lingered. When he saw he was indeed alone he reluctantly pulled himself up out of the soft warm bed and made his way over to the fireplace. He was absolutely naked, his creamy skin open to the chill of the air bringing goose bumps to his arms and stiffening his soft, pale pink nipples. His bare feet slapped across the cold marble floor to stop at the fire place and quickly build a fire to warm the room. He slowly stretched after the fire was built, shaking the last remnants of a sleep that comes from utter exhaustion from him. Then he made his way over to the bathroom and washed in rose water and prepared himself for the night ahead. If a customer complained about his hygiene he would be severely punished for it. No, he must be absolutely perfect and maddeningly enticing to appeal to his customers senses. He scrubbed his skin until it was pink and smarting slightly, knowing that if he displeased a customer with dirty skin he would be subjected to a not so pleasant experience of being washed by the owner of the brothel himself and at such times he was not a gentle man. Blackwood brushed his soft hair until it was free from the tangles of the night before and shined before putting it back up into his green ribbon ponytail, careful to leave a few strands out to fall into his face as it made him look more enticing. Slowly he went over his fingernails, filing them and catching any hang nails and removing them at once. Then when he was dry he applied lotion to his entire body to keep his skin supple, soft and pleasing to the touch. It smelled lightly of roses. His evening grooming routine was comparable to a Geisha with the attention to detail and amount of preparation. It was a fine art that was taken seriously in this expensive, high class house he had come to.

After he had completed preparing his body he put on some clothes. He chose fitted olive green pants made of silk, a creamy yellow shirt with lace at the V neck and also at the cuffs. He was not aloud to ware shoes when indoors so he left his feet bare but applied the jingling ankle bracelet made of bells that tinkled softly as if in whisper. The owner of the brothel assigned a piece of jewelry to each of his slaves and his, much to his dismay, was a jingling slave anklet. His white wolf like tail twitched in annoyance as he looked at it, ears folded back in dislike. With a growl he left his room and lightly made his way down to the kitchen to eat his fill of food.

He walked gracefully down the hall, down the wide staircase and to the back of the establishment, moving as he had been taught with grace, perfect balance and a relaxed control that made it seem natural, and by now it was for him. He sat down at the wooden table and ate a sausage and some oatmeal quickly. He did not want to be scolded for taking too much time as he was already a bit late and was trying not to be noticed as being late for his hated duties. After he was done he made his way to the front desk, before the great staircase and bowed. The front desk was the place clients stopped and were directed to a slave of there choice, if they had a particular appetite for the evening. Blackwood needed to be placed somewhere in the building to await his clients, which seemed to be of the sadistic type mostly.

"Your late Blackwood." the older female attendant growled, glaring down at him.

Blackwood stayed in the bowed position and flinched at her words, ears flicking back submissively. "I am deeply sorry Madam Attendant. It will not happen again. Please forgive this humble slave." he recited, showing his training in not only his words but his posture. exquisite. He chanced a glance up at her, hoping she was in a good mood or he knew if she was not he might be flogged.

"Get to the purple room and don't let me catch you late again or I'll have your hide myself!" she said with a huf.

Blackwood bowed more deeply and rose from the bow. "Thank you Madam Attendant, this slave is grateful for your mercy." And just like that he hurried off to the purple room before she could change her mind. Her name was Ganious and she had a real talent with matching customers with the slaves. However she seemed to be the bane of Blackwoods existence as she was responsible for passing off all the sadistic and shady costumers to him. He could not complain in the slightest or she would make him pay for it in screams and tears.

The purple room was to the left of the main entrance and was entirely purple. It had a round bed off to the right corner, a fireplace against the back wall, rugs on the light wooden floor, couches and a few chairs. Blackwood settled himself on a low couch placed by the fire and waited with his fellow slaves for the customers to start arriving.


If this is something you would enjoy with me please feel free to private message me. You can be any being within reason. Alright, lets have some fun!