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Started by NightRabbit, December 09, 2011, 12:20:09 PM

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***::GENERAL INFO::***

Hello, this is my one on one request and plot thread. If you're interested in what I have here, please shoot me a PM and we can work something out. Also you can come here to check my RP Status and Plot Library. I'll update when changes come up and the Updates are located at the bottom of all this. My Ons and Offs or O/O's can be located here and under "My Roleplay Preferences". Without further ado, here are my requests and plots.

Literacy Levels: Literate

RP Status: Selectively Available (Looking for One or Two New Stories)

If we have a story together and it's been a while since I've posted or PMed, please check my A/A Thread. I update it when something has prevented me from writing and such. Thank you!

About Plots:
I like sex, don't get me wrong, but I like sex better when the moment has been awaited for. When the timing is right and the mood is set. Romantic tension is fantastic for this. I am an out and proud romantic. My characters tend to be that too, even it's if deep down in some untouched recess of their personality. It's there to be found, explored, and ignited. In short, give me a good plotline with some sex mixed in and I'll be a very happy rabbit. ^_^

About Fandoms:
Fandoms are an interesting thing. I prefer using original characters and such within the framework of that universe. I'm open to using canon characters, but rarely do so on my end unless I feel like I know their personality well enough. Alternate universe is an option too. I'm a little more likely to use a canon character on my end in that instance. If you want to write a canon character, then please do by all means.


~*~*~Current Cravings~*~*~
Alright, thank you [you] for reading the above post! Here is where you'll find my current roleplay cravings. Perhaps you and I can work something out with these and come up with a plot both of us find pleasurable. I have many interests and am still exploring so if you get inspired by something then let me know. This will be updated as my cravings change, so please check back to see what's up. Below there are cravings I'm having that (if presented creatively and clearly) I would love to play right now. There are also random pairings to choose from as well. The items that are bolded are pretty much a "Yes, please!"

--I Will Jump for Joy Over This--
Playing Male Characters and Feminine Female Characters:
I'm also selectively playing tomboy females and feminine males.
Dom x Sub:
I'm currently more than happy to play a Dominant or Submissive character. My dominants are varied in personality. Some are more mischievous and roguish, others are cold and harsh, and some are suave and seductive. My submissives are just as varied but none of them are pushovers. Some are serious and brooding, others are fiesty and flirty, and some are quirky and sweet. Currently I'm in a more Switch/Submissive mood.
High Fantasy Settings and Modern/Urban Fantasy Settings
Coercion and Blackmail
College/University Settings:

With this I'm thinking a place for mutants or monsters, etc. We would be playing students at the university. There would be some kind of problem that would come up where our characters would have to save the school from being destroyed. (Government wanting to get rid of or expose mutants/monsters, one of the other students going nuts and plotting a coux, something along those lines.)
Multiple Characters:
I'm up for playing up to four characters per person, any more than that and I'm swamped. So if you want a roleplay about a band meeting the girls of their dreams or other scenarios, then I'm your bunny.
Magic and Adventure
Political Unrest/Intrigue

--Different Pairings--
(These can be MxF, FxF, FxI, FxTW)

Monster x Elf or Human
Mystic x Martial Artist
Detective x Client
Magical Creature x Human
Magical Creature x Magic User
Nobility x Commoner
Nobility x Knight
Fae x Human
Burlesque Performer x Patron
Circus Performer x Circus Performer
Musician(s) x Fan(s)
Rich Person x Servant
Scientist x Experiment
Scientist x Alien

--Fandoms (Please Read The First Post of This Thread Before Asking About These!!!)--

Fairy Tail
Sailor Moon (This would be with characters who are 17 and up, most likely an OC situation.)

Characters I Will Love You For Writing-
For Bleach- Grimmjow, Zaraki, Urahara, Renji, Orihime, Rangiku, Yoruichi
For Fairy Tail- Gajeel, Natsu, Levy, Lucy
For Sailor Moon- Lita, Amy, Rei

Video Games:
Final Fantasy 10 and 12
Tekken Series
Soul Saga (Soul Edge and Soul Calibur 1-5)

Characters I Will Love You For Writing-
For FF 10- Lili, Auron
For FF12- Basch, Balthier, Fran, Ashe
For Tekken Series- Bryan, Hwoarang, Lee, Anna, Nina, Zafina
For Soul Saga- Siegfried, Taki, Xiba


~*~*~Plot Library: Plots and Ideas~*~*~
Now I have an update to make. Due to the wonderful creative environment and such wonderful creative people I've met here on E, my Muse has gone into overdrive. This means I have more plots and idea fragments going around in my head than I know what to do with. As a remedy to that I'm going to post the better ones here. As I said above, if something catches your interest or inspires your own plot you'd like to roleplay with me, read my O/O's then send a PM my way so we can talk about it. If I'm unavailable, I'm still willing to talk about future stories with you. Hope to hear from you soon!

Comments: GAH! It's the Plot Bunnies! They're taking over my apartment!!!


--The Perfect Killer (MxF, Sci-Fi, Romance, Scientist x Experiment):
A kindhearted genetic engineer is commissioned by a government laboratory to create what they call a "new life form" for several thousands of dollars. It has to be male, obedient, strong, fast, and incredibly intelligent. She creates Milo. Milo is a strange but beautiful three fingered Humanoid with unusual abilities. To test his personality the government lab orders the engineer to take him home as a pet. Milo becomes incredibly attatched to his creator and is willing to do anything to protect her. After a few months of happiness the lab contacts the engineer to bring Milo back to the lab, they reveal their intentions to train Milo into becoming the perfect killer. The engineer refuses to have her work put to use that way, especially Milo. Using the money she earned from making Milo, the engineer moves herself and Milo to a new city. She thinks their troubles are over until Milo has to rescue her from an assassin that breaks into their home. They've become assassination targets by the lab. Together Milo and his creator must fight back and take down the department to remove the marks from their heads.

--Her Tiger (FxF, Mythic China, Kung Fu, Romance, Action, Blackmail, D/s):
Hu Daiyu was from the poor side of White Mountain village. After being orphaned during her teens she became a prize fighter to survive. Not wanting to be paid the paltry salary of the female league, she crossdressed and gave the name Hu Dai to enter the male league. She was one of the best fighters. Daiyu ranked in the top five. One of the doctors suspected she was female however, offering to keep her secret safe if she would sleep with him. Daiyu refused and as a result was intentionally outed during a match. She was thrown out of the league and shamed without anywhere else to turn. She isolated herself on the edge of town, her only source of income would be from masked theft. Little did she know trying to steal from the Magistrate's fearless daughter Jin Xiu-Mei would lead to the deal of her life. Either Daiyu would face the death penalty for stealing from an official or she would become Xiu-Mei's slave and be made to fight as a woman in the men's league again through a magistrate's pardon, this time to beat them all and become the best female fighter there ever was. How could she say no?

--*Meet The Aves (MxF, Multiple Character, Romance, Modern/Contemporary, Drama):
The Aves are a singing group of four talented young men, all of them dream of a "Miss Right For Me". However after so many parties, so many events, and so much heartbreak the boys are skeptical as to if they'll ever find girls who match what they're looking for. Little do they relaize that the winners of their newest backstage pass contest are everything they could want and more. The girls have a positive influence on The Aves and vice versa. However when unspoken resentments boil to their heights, the band breaks up right before a major concert. It's up to the girls to try and help their boyfriends go from zeroes back into The Aves.
*Note: This is a very broad idea. I would like to flesh it out and tweak parts to make things more interesting for a partner interested in this game.  If you're interested please PM me so we can discuss it.

--Witness Protection (MxF, FxF, or FxO, Action, Adventure, Romance, Modern/Contemporary, Drama):
Your character (YC) recently divorced or broke up with a very dangerous white collar criminal after accidentally seeing them kill someone. They are hellbent on getting YC back, to not only keep their secret but because they're very possessive. They don't take kindly to losing YC, their most prized possession. As a result YC becomes enrolled in the witness protection program and is sent to live in France. My character would be an agent assigned to take care of YC and help protect them while the US government tries to take care of the deadly ex. During this time our characters would fall for each other. The ex would have connections in France and my character would fend them off. Eventually, the ex themselves would come after our characters and would have a showdown. After getting rid of the ex (either through an arrest or other means) our characters would be free to live their days abroad or go back to the States. Maybe YC would even want to become an agent themselves which could lead to other adventures...



Threw in a plot library to store my ideas. Yay!!! ^_^

I'm making at least 2 or 3 more slots for RPs, making my max 12. People who talked with me about ideas have priority...
*looks this over* I hope that doesn't sound snobby... ;__; 

Ok, I'm closing the slot availability. I'm once more at full capacity. Also I'm adding more to my plot library for later. Dreams can inspire some messed up stuff... I awkwardly found out today that someone else had the title Beauty and the Geek plot has been changed to "A Lesson". Sorry if I ruffled any feathers. >_>

-2/12/12 and 2/13/12--
Added to the Plot Library... >_<
Good stuff for future rps. ^_^

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