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Important! I am not looking to play a female character.

Below, you'll find my plots and in the post below that you'll find the pictures that strike my fancy and I would love to do a story around. Keep in mind these pictures are nearly all M/M and are all NSFW. You have been warned. Also, all of my plots need hashing out. I do not RP in a vacume no matter how flushed out the idea seems. Most importantly, I require more than sex to keep an interest in a story, i.e. plot, plot plot!

FYI, "romance" does not necessarily mean long monologues about a characters feelings or sappy, mushy scenes. It's not always bad to have this in a story, but all "romance" has to mean is that two characters have fallen in love. I'm really terrible at doing an RP without this element, so don't bother asking. There's nothing wrong with it, I just can't do it.

I post as my muse desires and my life can be really busy. If I'm not posting with you, but on another story, please do not take offense, I'm still interested in what we're doing,  my muse is just on another path at that time. Similarly I may only post once a week. If you're looking for more than that, you will have to go else where. My RL is what's most important. That said, I do not mind being poked. Sometimes my post gets lost to the Internet gremlins. Do check my status for when I'm vanishing/returning/busy.

I play M (or FtMT) across from M or F. It really takes a lot to have me play across from a female, but sometimes it's something I crave. My male characters never submit to females and while they will perform oral, I will not go into deep descriptions of what they're doing. HUGE off. Nope, no way, not happening.


Anything I'm currently dying to write about will be here.

Themes: hurt/comfort, dominant partners, romance
Pairings: Bucky/Cap OMFG PLEASE


A/B/O Cap/Bucky

I have no real details on this one, just a basic craving for an Alpha Bucky Barnes and Omega Steve Rogers hooking up again after being apart so long. Considering their history, probably heaving on the hurt/comfort aspect. Must include romance and adventure, no other requirements.


Setting: Dragon Age, high fantasy

Themes: hurt/comfort, starting over, overcoming the past

History: The Rite of Tranquility cuts a mage permanently from the fade. The feel no emotions, can no longer dream, and are generally creepy fuckers. This commonly used as a punishment, or to ensure Mages unable to resist demonic possession are "made safe". Over the past several decades, this has been abused so that some Mages are made Tranquil unjustly. The Tranquil are also treated abysmally, with suggestions that they are abused physically and sexual because they cannot protect themselves.

Plot: Fairly vague, but I want to do a story with a Tranquil mage that has been cured. Perhaps an finds out about the cure for Tranquility, searches out his old lover to get him cured and then they have to deal with the recovery. Perhaps a Tranquil is needed to be cured due to some magic he can only access with connection to the Fade restored. Lots of possibilities.

OC vs Canon: I'd prefer OCs for this story, but an old companion hunting down a Tranquil Anders or Hawke would float my boat, especially if that companion is Fenris.

Knights are Supposed to Slay Dragons

Setting: Medieval Fantasy

Plot: A Knight is sent by his King/Queen/Lord to slay a dragon who has been laying waste to the countryside. When he arrives, he's attacked by bandits, but rescued and taken in by a local mage until he's well. Mages outside of Mage's Circles and Enclaves are not unheard of, but they are rare. This particular mage knows a lot about dragons and feelings begin to develop. When the Knight is well, he heads off to slay the dragon and talks the reluctant Mage into accompanying him.

Other stuffs: I have no idea how, but the Knight discovers the Mage is actually a dragon. Very few dragons can shapeshift into human forms so little lore exists about this ability. Once he finds out, it's the Knights duty to kill the Mage even though he has harmed no one.

Kinks: I don't see this one lending itself to NC, but certainly bondage, or D/s elements could be added in.

Super Secrets

Setting: Modern Fantasy

Themes: Hidden lives, romance, hurt/comfort, secrets, revelations, super powers, comedy

The Characters: A Superhero and and his nemesis struggle for control of the city. One a do-gooder crime fighter dedicated to peace and justice (think Superman/Spiderman/Cyclops), the other a violent vigilante dedicated to destroying what he believes is a corrupt government (think Green Arrow/Batman/Rorschach). For years they've fought, each always managing to just escape the other while simultaneously dealing with other matters, heroic and otherwise.

The Plot: During the day, the two return to their respective lives. Neither is aware of the other's identity and that's how they end up, unknowingly, rooming together. The big city is an expensive place to live, after all, and their day jobs don't pay all that much. To keep their secret identities, well, secret, they must make up excuses as to why they're out all the time. When one or the other comes home battered, they stitch each other up, but have no idea the other is their nemesis and lie about how they came to be hurt. Of course, they both secretly (or not so secretly) harbor feelings for each other. Romance blossoms and they begin dating, falling in love while only suspecting the other is keeping a secret while having no idea what that secret is.

Then another villain discovers the Superhero's identity and kidnaps the Vigilante, having no idea the man isn't just another schlub. The Superhero flies to the rescue. Whether they rescue each other, there's no rescue necessary, or the Superhero saves the day is up to discussion. No matter what happens, their secret is out, they know each other's Super Secret, and life can't ever be the same.

MORE Plot: While the two are trying to come to terms with who they are, their different ideals and morals, a new super villain steps onto the scene. The two have to work together to save their city, whether they like it or not.

World War Z: England

Setting: Post-apocalyptic, from the book World War Z

Themes: Zombies!, survival, romance, hurt/comfort

Requirements: You do not need to have read the book for this plot. I will be happy to GM the beginning of the game until YC and MC meet. This means playing the world around YC when he wakes up during the beginning of the Zombie apocalypse in Great Britain, all the zombies, etc. so you, the player, have an idea of all that's transpired up to the point our characters meet on the Isle of Wight and we switch to a more traditional 1 on 1 story.

Alternately, I can give you a brief run down on 'The Great Panic' and we can start when YC and MC meet.

Plot: In the United Kingdom, the Queen told her subjects during the Great Panic that anyone who could hold and defend any of her many castles was welcome to do so. YC and MC fight their way through the growing zombie plague to the the Isle of Wight where the Cairsbrooke Castle is located. Still owned by the Queen, it's now a museum YC and MC decide to make their fort until someone can come save them. While finding ways to grow food, eliminate any threats from inside and outside their shelter, and dealing with/helping other survivors, romance blossoms.

Awaken the Beast

Setting: Low Fantasy or Modern Fantasy

Themes: Romance, forbidden love, adventure, political intrigue, slavery, rebellion

History: Thereldan has long been a world ruled by humans. The lesser race, as the other races once called them, has long ago conquered the magical races. Dwarfs exist only in the Deep Roads, the places beneath the earth where humans cannot survive. Gnomes are nearly extinct, as are halflings, and yuan-ti (the snake people). Elves, however, have flourished beneath the heel of man. Partially because they were able to adapt, but mostly because humans can't get enough of them as slaves.

After centuries of enslavement, few elves even remember a time when they had their own kingdoms. Born into chains, they're literally bred to continue their race, sold to only those who an afford their exorbitant fees. Most elves are bought as status symbols and kept as maids, butlers, and other servants. Some slaves are kept as pets, slaves to their master's pleasure. In Varie, the rules have bred and trained elves as their personal protectors. Faster, stronger, and capable of minor magic, they make up the entirety of the Royal Guard. From birth these elves are groomed to be completely loyal to the Royal family; family, nor race is more important. Other elves consider their traitors to their own kind.

The elves, so long chained to their human masters, are finally beginning to rise in rebellion. Rasshan, once a nation of slavers, has been completely taken over. The elves who now rule have opened their arms to their brethren, promising protection and shelter from any who can make it to the boarder. Inspired, riots have broken out in every nation with a significant elven population. Even in Varie where there are strict laws forbidding mistreatment of slaves, rebellion bubbles beneath the surface.

The Characters: I wish to play an elf of the Royal Guard who has long been in a secret relationship with your character, the Crown Prince. Though in public they're the dutiful Prince and his guard, in private they're equals who have loved each other since they were both young. If anyone found out about their relationship, my character would certainly be punished and sold, potentially executed. Unless that person used the information as blackmail, of course. Either way, they know that no one can find out.

The Plot: The elven revolt in Varie is so well planned that no one sees it coming. They attack the castle, planning to take out the Royal family and then the rest of the country as it falls into chaos. Partially, they succeed. The King and Queen are murdered, but when they come for the Crown Prince (and any siblings), their plan falls apart. The Royal Guard, who had so far turned on their masters, fights back. Men and women who had long called each other comrades in arms now have to not only face their own, but their own kin. Against the odds, they hold out until reinforcements arrive. The King is dead, but his heir lives and the rebellion is swiftly put down throughout Varie.

Days later, Rasshan sends envoys claiming the magic my character used to protect yours is unique to the bloodline of elven royalty. They inform the new King that he must hand my character over, or they will rescue him by force. It's no matter that my character doesn't want to be rescued, the leaders of Rasshan believe a true elven King is just the rallying point their race needs. They will come for him, whether he likes it or not.

What happens next? Who knows! Let's talk about it

The Forever War

Setting: Victorian or modern

Themes: BDSM, non-con, slavery, hurt/comfort

History: Vampires and werewolves have been at war for as long as either side can remember. The beginning of the war depends on which side you ask, but each agrees that the vampires created and enslaved the werewolbest to provide security and an easy source of food. Before the war, they even worked together.

If that time ever existed, it is long past. When vampires capture a werewolf alive, they are kept sedated in pens. Werewolf blood is only acquired indirectly, through apparatus hooked to the unconscious shapeshifters.

Werewolves never take a vampire hostage. They're KOS for enslaving the werewolves' brothers and sisters. Slavery dens are actively hunted down and eliminated, vampire outposts as well.

Humans find themselves caught between the races. Food for vampires, werewolves often consider they would be better off exterminating the weaker race. Only human Hunters - those who kill both vampires and werewolves to keep humans safe - hold a werewolf's respect.

Plot: MC will be a werewolf or a vampire. Other than that, the story could go many different ways. A vampire who takes a werewolf as a slave, instead of merely sending him to the feeding pens. A werewolf who finds a human in a slave pen and nurses them back to health, possibly making them one of the pack. A human hunter that is captured by either side, taken as a slave and/or compelled to join the fight.

The characters we play will shape the story, but either way the war is about to come to an end. The humans are growing stronger and tiring of being fodder in a war they have no stake in. If the vampires and werewolves cannot find peace and join together, they will all die.

Gladiatorial Rewards

Setting: Ancient Rome

Themes: BDSM, non-con, slavery, jealousy/obsession

History: In ancient Rome, Gladiators were celebrities. Sometimes slaves, sometimes soldiers looking for fame and fortune, theor names were on everyone's lips. The more successful had the bloodiest kills, their fights staged for show instead of a test of skill.

Plot: After a year fighting in the Coliseum, a gladiator has become the talk of all Rome. Women and men both pay huge sums for his company, the Emperor himself has requested an auduance. His manager works night and day both to make them gold and to keep his gladiator appeased. It won't do, after all, if he attacks a wealthy client or refuses to fight. What lengths will he go to to keep his pet killer under control?

Story Ideas: There are a lot of ways the manager could get what he wants from the Glafiator. Perhaps he buys a slave and gets the Gladiator to fall in love with him, then only let's him see the slave when he wins fights. Perhaps there's blackmail involved, the manager threatening someone in the Gladiators family. Maybe the manager is using his own body to get what he wants. Whatever the details, the idea is to have a contrilling, manipulative relationship between the manager who regularly pimps out the Gladiator.

Story Time

Setting: Modern, high fantasy, or historical

Themes: Romance, loss, adventure

Plot: A man discovers he can bring story book characters to life, but only for a brief time. He isolates himself from other humans, loosing himself in his books. In time he brings forth his favorites who teach him magic, swordplay, and survival skills. Putting the skills to good use, he becomes a mercenary, selling his skills to the highest bidder, but only when the contract is interesting.

One day he reads a new book and summons for the protagonost/antagonist. They immediately get along, striking up a rich friendship that quickly turns to something deeper. The only problem is, the man can only hold a character from another world with him for so long. After that they return to where they cam and, if he summons them again, remember nothing of their time outside the book.

Important Notes: The character from the book can be real or imaginary. If I'm playing the character, I'll want to be one of my Fandom choices. If I'm not, I need to know something about the book in question.

Fallout 4: Synthetic Memories

Setting: Fallout 4, post apocalyptic 50s America

Themes: Romance, reunion, human/non-human. Also possible: over coming stereo types, abuse, kidnapping, rape

Plot: Relationships are difficult in the Commonwealth. If you manage to survive the taiders, super mutants, and ghouls, you still might loose a loved one to radiation or the other horrible creatures that stalk the land. That's assuming you can find someone to live in the first place.

One man found his soulmate, a loving farmed with more optimism and cheerfulness than most in the Commonwealth. Together they worked hard, fought off raiders, sold some food, and lived happily. Then the farmer just disappeared. Despite looking everywhere, no one had seen the farmer. Heartbroken, the man abandoned theor farm and returned to his old life as a mercenary.

Then word comes one day, years later  that his old farm is up and running again. Someone has started a settlement, defended it successfully against several raider attacks. Out of curiosity, the mercenary returns home to find a bustling farm and none other than his old love leading the settlers.

Not everything is as it seems, however. The farmer doesn't remember his old love, nor does he go by his old name. The mercenary, determined to get his old life back, sticks around. Soon an accident or attack reveals the farmer is a synth, planted by the Institute, but with no knowledge of his creators.

Never Again

Inspiration: "You made me lose my love once. Now you will lose yours a thousand times."

Setting: Modern Fantasy or Futuristic Fantasy

Themes: Romance, loss, adventure, putting aside old grudges, costs of immortality

Important Notes: Normally this goes after the plot itself, but I felt it necessary to note I'm not willing to play either character on this one. Thus my character is marked as MC and your character is marked as YC. This does not mean I am not open to suggestions for YC. It will be your character and should have motivations, history, etc. that you agree with.

Plot: It was a duel, not even one YC had wanted. He had insisted, claiming his honor would allow nothing but a fight to the death. YC had no choice, he took the man's life. Unfortunately, he wasn't any young, hot headed man. He was the husband of a powerful sorceress and she vowed to never forgive you for taking her lover's life.

"You made me lose my love once," she cried, "Now you will lose yours a thousand times."

It was no joke, her magic took YC's wife. It was an accident, a runaway horse and a crowded street. YC was heartbroken, but he fell in love again in time. She died exactly six months later. Nine hundred, ninety nine times YC has fallen in love and every time her magic has taken the poor soul's life. This last time YC vowed never to love again, but that's the worst part of the magic - it won't let him. It won't let him die, either.

MC is a dancer, a principal with the New York City Ballet, and heavily sheltered from the world. Until he meets YC. In a whirlwind romance, they fall head over heels in love. YC is bracing for the inevitable when he meets MC's mother, none other than the sorceress who cast the curse in the first place. Desperate to prevent her only son's death, she will work with YC to lift the curse, on the condition that MC never learn who either of them are.

Additional Story Notes: I will be happy to play MC's mother. Additionally, I had some thoughts about MC growing suspicious of the two, since they are keeping secrets, and it becoming a strain on the relationship.

A Devil's Bargain

Setting: Modern

Plot: An angel, sent to modern earth as a scout for the coming war between heaven and hell, has blended in with the populace. He lives like an average mortal, but he's never once been tempted to give into the vices humans love so much - lust, greed, gluttony, etc. Since he has to pose as human, he doesn't have his wings, but he isn't fallen, at least not yet.

A wealthy billion playboy who long ago sold his soul for success has everything he ever desired at his fingertips, not that he much cares any more considering he's literally soulless. Then one day the Devil returns to him, gives him back his soul and asks for a favor. He has make an angel fall from grace. Though he has a soul now and knows it's wrong, but he wants to keep it so he does as he's bid. He has the angel kidnapped and brought to his home where he ties him up and introduces him to the pleasures of the flesh i.

It doesn't work at first, but the Devil urges the billionaire to keep trying. Says the angel just needs time and gives him spells to keep the celestial being trapped in the penthouse apartment, as opposed to tied up all the time. Soon the billionaire begins to fall in love with his captured angel, yet if he stops what he's doing he will loose his soul and not be able to love at all. Soon, the angel is not only swayed by his lust, but he too begins to fall in love and, if he does, will fall just as the Devil has planned.
The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves and wiser people so full of doubts.  - Bertrand Russell

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Inspiring Pictures - NSFW

Please be sure to send me your plot ideas when you PM me. These photos just look like they could be fun, but as my O/Os states (and you really should read that before the PM me), I don't do pure smut RP. Thanks!

"You think anyone will believe you?"

Another World

I like the idea of the Top and/or dominant partner being the slave for once...

Your choice. Kindness or Cruelty?

What a rescue...or maybe a theft

Just because it's a dream, doesn't mean it's not real

You break it, you buy it

A sacrifice doesn't always die

A thief gets caught and gets more than he expects


Opposites attract

What makes him say that?

Paying for the evening never looked so hot

Forbidden love

Things didn't go as planned...

Cravings without Plots

This section is for cravings without plots (in case you missed the heading). This means that I want to do something with these ideas, but have been unable to come up with a story. Please do not send me a PM saying you like anything below and not have any other suggestions for RP. I do not enjoy coming up with plot all by myself.


  • Sci-Fi, especially Space Odessy
  • Steampunk
  • Fantasy (High, Low, and Modern)
  • Modern
  • Historical (AU or factual)
  • Post-Appocalyptic


  • Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
  • Codex Alara
  • Dresden Files
  • Persona
  • Dark Jewels Trilogy
  • Freak Angels
  • House of Night
  • Faerun
  • Zombie Apocalypse
  • Harry Potter
  • Firefly
  • Ouran High School Host Club
  • Star Trek (Spock/Jim only. Do NOT suggest unless you have an amazing story)
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Star Wars (Fin/Poe)
  • Dragon Age
  • Supernatural
  • Marvel MCU


Pairings I usually enjoy writing about. If I have part of a pairing I am NOT interested in, it will be have an * after it.

  • Demon x Angel
  • Vampire x Human
  • Assassin x Target
  • Whore x Client
  • Brother x Brother
  • Whore x Cop*
  • Noble x Slave
  • Noble x Servant
  • Noble x Guard
  • Noble x Thief
  • Mage x Warrior
  • Captain of the Guard x Assassin
  • Captain x Soldier
  • Master x Slave
  • Mage x Warrior

Contact about plots:

If you're still reading, maybe you found something you liked. If you did, be sure to check out my o/o in my signature and then shoot me a PM. Please don't respond in this thread as I want to keep it clean and updated often.
The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves and wiser people so full of doubts.  - Bertrand Russell

Ons/Offs and Info ~ Plot Ideas - Updated 6/213/16

My /Aways Updated 8/25/16


Past Plots

Plots I'm not interested in at the moment, but may enjoy in the future. If something really strikes your fancy, you can PM me about it, but expect me to say no unless your take on the plot is really different and interesting.

More Than a Virgin
M/F or M/M. There is a kind of slave that is prized as a pleasure slave above all else. These men and woman are raised from birth to never know the touch of another, though they are trained in sexual arts on toys and from books for the day they are bought. They are very expensive and rare because many are driven insane by their lack of contact before they are ready to be sold. One of these slaves is given to a king of a far away nation where slavery is legal only when the slave is received as a gift from another nation, and then only if the receiver is of the noble class. I don't have a story, so will need to have help coming up with one for this idea. If this is a M/M pairing, I'm open to either the slave or master roles. If it's a M/F pairing, I'm only interested in playing the slave.

The Calling
M/M - An assassin lives his life half in shadows, no one knows who he is during the day light hours, but at night he is known as the best money can hire. Skilled with poisons, a blade, and at all other arts needed to make a successful kill, he has many enemies and few friends. Or at least, that's what the people who know of him think. During the day, he is a charming, friendly noble with more friends than enemies and a secret lover (another noble, the crown prince, a servant, whatever strikes your fancy). The darkness in him is growing, though he was never an evil man before - it was simply business, a job he was born into and knows no other way of living. When his lover finds out who he is, will he be able to keep him in balance? Or will he turn him over to the authorities to be executed when he finds that his love cannot resist the lure of a hunt? Much to discuss, such as how the lover finds out about the assassin's true calling.

Welcome Home
M/F or M/M. A young man comes home from two years away at military school to find his sister/brother is all grown up. They're also pretty screwed up since their parents don't much care what they do as long as they stay out of trouble, so they've gotten into some sort of unhealthy lifestyle (drugs, etc. I'm not partial). While the parents are gone on a month vacation to Europe, the older brother decides to get his sibling to shape up and get clean during this time and ties them up to keep them from leaving. During this time, he finds that a helpless sibling also makes a good sex doll and ends up training him/her to be his slave. I'd prefer to play the older brother with a female sibling, but I am happy with anything so long as the older sibling is male.

Farmer's Son
M/M, though I could be talked into F/F on this one - Set in Medieval or High Fantasy setting, a farmer's son has his entire life disrupted when a powerful man comes through his village. He could be a mage, the Lord of his fiefdom, but whoever he is, he has the power to destroy the entire farming village and everyone in it. He asks for one thing, the farmer's son as his slave. Either forced by the village or willingly sacrificing himself, the young man goes with his new Master to a new life as the man's pleasure slave.

After that there are several plots that can be discussed: The Master could have a rival that wants to use the slave to bring down his rival. If he's a sorcerer, he could discover latent abilities in his new slave and war with training him over his continual use as a sex toy. Much to discuss, but take a look at the picture "Speaks for itself. Needs plot goodness below."

Two Worlds Collide
Modern Fantasy, M/M, - Since the Burning Times, mages have lead separate lives from mortals. Modern technology and the rapid growth of mortal populations has changed that and the youth -mages younger than 50 - are rebelling against their elder's desires. Once again mages mingle with mortals, walking their cities and influencing their populations. The mage Councils - governing bodies of the different mage nations - are filled with tension as the elders believe the youth threaten to bring about another Burning Times. Civil War, as yet unheard of, may be eminent.

Niel Kane was one of the first mages to buy a computer and learn about the internet. Born to a family of shadow mages - magic users whose innate talent is to manipulate shadows, darkness, and the creatures that live within - he was shunned by most mages his age. Families of casters are rare, with most mages developing a talent within their first years of life that may or may not have anything to do with their parents abilities, Families rarely give birth to a mage that does not share the same abilities. These groups are always very powerful. Unfortunately for Niel, shadow mages have a history of turning evil and are mistrusted by most other mages. He can't blame them for that since he's seen and done many of the things his peers fear. Understanding their mistrust doesn't keep him from being lonely, however.

Outcast among outcasts, Niel finds refuge in the internet. Games, forums, social media becomes his play ground. Here, people don't know him or his lineage and he finally finds friends. After a few decades, the strictly informal contact isn't enough. Unbeknownst to his parents, he begins walking the major cities of the world, meeting both his online friends and strangers. Niel is not the first, or the last, and soon the mortal world begins to take notice of strange happenings - like the Leaning Tower of Pisa straightening.

Now the Councils have restricted travel to major cities, but for Niel and his family, this means nothing. Able to travel through the very shadows themselves, the have no need for the gates and ways that are strictly guarded by the Councils. Many other mages find ways to break the rules as well and more incidents appear in the mortal media. The worst is a dual between a powerful fire mage and two Council Enforcers which makes headlines as the damage the three mages make is very real. Thousands of dollars in damage and several wounded witnesses and a mortal world wondering what the hell is going on.

Amidst the burgeoning war, Niel has found someone he just can't stay away from. An art student attending college, the man has completely captivated Niel's attention. Many things to discuss, but will be a very heavy plot driven story.

The Effects of Love
Medieval fantasy setting | M/M or M/F, female as the only character I'm willing to have as female: A dark King has taken the throne in Calendia. The people live in fear of the King's men, who take what and who they want when they please. The poor suffer the most without a champion to protect them while the nobles live debauched lives of parties and orgies, all with the King's approval. The King himself has a well known appetite for virgins, deflowering them and then brutally murdering them.

(We can pick up anytime during the next two paragraphs)

A young woman (YC) lives in this strife ridden country, trying to get by with her family on their meager farm. That all appears to be at an end when the King's men come to their home, take her force-ably and bring her to the palace. She's stripped and bound to a large cot in a stone room, blood stains on the walls and floor. As she fears, the King has taken an interest in her and appears shortly after she's brought there. The man is darkly handsome, but exudes cruelty and a passion for inflicting pain. He has no compunctions about touching her exposed body, but that's all he does, leaving her still virginal and tied to the bed. There he offers her a deal - her life in exchange for service in the castle as a caretaker for his pet he simply calls Dog. The girl agrees.

The King takes her to another part of his dungeons, granting her clothing that is a mere shift of translucent silk. In a large, circular cell, he introduces her to Dog. Chains strain from ever side of the cell to bind an angel in the center. Blood spatters his wings and his skin, though there isn't a mark on his perfect flesh.

The King, smiling cruelly all the while, introduces them to each other. The angel, despite his situation, is polite and cordial to the girl. After the introduction, the King informs the girl of her duties - bathing Dog, feeding him, tending any of his wounds, and making certain he has an orgasm at least once a day. An odd request, to be certain, but she soon finds out that the King plans on making this angel one of the Fallen and the leader of his armies in battle. A plan that he has succeeded at before.

So that's the premise. I would play both the King and/or the angel, letting your character be stuck between them. The King would force the two together sexually - not often, but he would enjoy making the angel rape her - and would later force himself on her as well. Both men would be falling for her, the King becoming less cruel and violent as he comes to love her, the angel losing his powers and becoming one of the Fallen as he does as well. Their sex would reflect that, the one becoming gentler, the other rougher. I don't really have an ending, but I kind of like the open ended play between the three that way.

Quote from: Wikipedia
Rumspringa (IPA: [rəmˈsprɪŋə], Pennsylvania Dutch: [rʊmˈʃprɪŋə]), also spelled Rumschpringe or Rumshpringa, is a period of adolescence for some members of the Amish community during which a youth temporarily leaves the community to experience life in the outside world. The Amish, a subsect of the Anabaptist Christian movement, intentionally segregate themselves from other communities as a part of their faith. The Rumspringa normally begins around the age of 14 to 16 and ends when a youth chooses baptism within the Amish church or instead leaves the community

MxM, Modern setting. After his father got sick, Samual Miller took over his duties around the house as best as a fourteen year old could. While his friends left for their Rumspringa and returned with their intended spouses, he spent three years working around the house. Not that he minded too much. Leaving with his friends would have made it very, very hard to hide his biggest secret. Samual was gay, something his parents would never forgive him for being.

Now that his father had recovered, he was being allowed to head out on his own. Leaving Pennsylvania, he'd chosen to go north to New York City, farther and bigger than any of the children leaving on their Rumspringas this year or last. Samual just wanted to be as far away from anyone he knew as he could get. A cousin had found him a job at a library and he'd be making enough money that he'd already secured a place to stay in the city.

While Samual doesn't know what to expect, he certainly won't expect his roommate to also be gay. This story will revolve around the evolving relationships between Samual (my character) and his roommate. After a year, Samual is expected to return home and choose or court a bride, but he will not be welcomed if he embraces who he is. Will his roommate convince Samual to give up everything he's known, his family and his future in the Amish community to stay with him in New York? Or will Samual choose to go home and live his life pretending to be something he's not.

Nameless, Faceless
M/M - Set during the Renaissance during the Carnival of Venice, where everyone wears masks and full body costumes to hide who they really are, hardly any skin is ever exposed. Only difference is, in this world, the Carnival happens every weekend and the nobles use it to vie for power and prestige with the best costumes they can come up with. The commoners aren't able to compete, and each wears the same outfit, dressed head to toe in black with a white mask, pictured left (note you can eat and drink in that thing). The story would take place between a noble who dresses up as a commoner to escape his normal life and "slums" it one evening. He meets another man and throws caution to the wind to either proposition him, or accept the other proposition. After their night of sex, they agree to meet again the next weekend, wearing certain pins on their black robes to recognize each other. Lots of details to discuss, but this plot would revolve around the nobles desire to be with a commoner, the complications of their relationship (maybe the commoner is vocal in his dislike for nobles and so the noble is unwilling to remove his mask...which leaves out any kissing or oral acts. Lots of other ways this can go), the commoner's desire to be more than just weekend lovers, etc. Please don't contact me if you want me to push this story by myself. I want to be surprised sometimes in this one, so a partner with their own creativity is necessary.

The Replacement
M/M (Could be Light and Fluffy if requested) - Two twins, identical in physically, but different every other way. One an independent, intelligent man goes on to become a doctor, the other marries and settles down in a domestic relationship with his husband. Rarely do they see each other until the married twin gets sick, then they spend the last six months making up for all the time they spent apart.

The husband, though, is not as sweet and charming as he appears. Once his husband is dead, he is determined not to be alone. His brother-in-law will marry him and submit to him in every way his husband did. Can the doctor escape the twisted desires of his brother-in-law? But does he even want to?

Bully's Bitch
Setting modern, Highschool, MxM. A young man has been bullied by the same boy all through high school. Isolated and lonely, he plans to run away. The bully finds out (up for discussion) and makes plans of his own. He kidnaps his victim, taking him home to become his new pet slave. There, he begins to teach him to love his new life.

Story will require a skilled partner who can play a master both caring and firm. NC for certain, humiliation a plus, with the possibility of giving the victim to the bully's father and friends to use.

You Break It, You Buy It
Future or Future Fantasy, M/M, N/C, Bondage - In the future, slavery has been reinstated to ensure that the human race does not over populate the planet. Men and women determined to be of 'lesser worth' are sterilized and enslaved, then sold to those who can afford them. While browsing one day in a store that sells slaves, a young man trips and knocks one of the 'goods' off his viewing platform. The slave is hurt and the owner jumps at his chance to sell merchandise that has been lingering in his store for too long by pointing out the sign on the door, 'You break it, you buy it.'

See picture below by the same name.

Fantasy, M/M, N/C - Stronger, faster, and longer lived than humans, the Elves have long ruled the lands of Illaria. They have enslaved and forced into servitude the entire human race as they believe themselves born to guide and nurture the lesser race. The humans have fought back for generations, but slowly they lose the war against their rulers. The largest faction of the resistance is finally captured. Instead of killing him, the King chooses to keep him as his own, train him the ways a human should serve (read sex slave and hand servant), and in time have him willingly and publicly declare himself for the Elves. His hope is that this will make the last of the resistance give up and accept their lives in the care of the Elves. The last thing the King expects is to respect and care for his new slave and doubt his long held belief in his people's superiority.

The Switch
Fantasy setting, M/M - a young man crosses the wrong warlock and is cursed with the body of a woman. He - now she - is chased from his home having no close family or friends and no one to believe that he is who he says he is. On the road, he's beset upon by bandits and dragged back to their camp. The bandit leader wants "her" for himself, saving her from rape by the entire camp. That night, as the leader is preparing to take her, the camp is attacked by a skilled archer. Every bandit is slaughtered. The young man, after meeting the archer, convinces him to travel with "her" until at least the next town.

The story would be the two of them falling for each other. The archer has never had feelings for a boy before so "she" isn't willing to fall for him at first, then later to tell him the truth. Once "she" finds a way to break the curse, they would have to deal with the new form of their relationship.

The sex can be either N/C or consensual.

Just a Job
M/M, any setting. This story is about a whore, bound to his profession by a debt he must pay off night after night on his hands and knees. Essentially a slave to his debtor, he is kept in one room so he can't try to run away, he's guarded both against harm and against escape attempts by a single guard. This man is his only link to the outside world and the only kind face he sees, the man cares for him when he gets ill, delivers approved letters to his family and gets him things he requests. Over time, the two become friends and then lovers, the guard knowing that the men who hold the whore captive aren't planning on freeing him because he's such a good earner. How do they escape such powerful people, or do they? Let's discuss the details  ;)

Teacher's Pet
M/F, M/M. A college/high school student has one last shot from their parents: Only As and Bs on their next grade report, or they're being cut off/sent to military school. The student has managed to do this - for the most part; they're failing one class, biology. The teacher of this class is a young man (25 or 30 depending on college or high school) and is teaching his first class so he agrees to meet with the student after school to discuss how they can get the grade up from an F to an A. Through the interaction, the teacher realizes how desperate his student is and decides to use this to his advantage and forces his pupil to submit to him sexually for the rest of the school year. I would prefer to play the teacher, but I'm up for either so long as the teacher is male. Things I'd like to discuss: A plot besides the student satisfying his teacher and how the student reacts to being raped over the course of the year.

Table's Turned
M/M - A young warrior is captured by a rival clan's warlord. Instead of giving him an honorable death, the warlord chooses to keep him as a pet sex toy. Forever disgraced by the act, the man cannot go home now even if he managed to somehow escape. Eventually, the warlord chooses to continue the warrior's training, against the advice and wishes of his clan. Under his master's tutelage, the slave becomes a great warrior and eventually challenges his master for the right to rule as the clan's warlord - and wins. From here things can go several ways, the new warlord could spare his master's life because they've developed a bond, he could kill him, or he could force him into the same position he had been in for years. This story will likely have strong N/C and Extreme elements as I don't see a proud warrior being raped easily.

Best Friends
M/M pairing and very cliche, but I'm good with that. Set in High School or college, two boys have been friends since Elementary School, one is openly out of the closet, the other firmly shut inside so that not even his best friend knows his inclinations. After a getting black out drunk after his girlfriend leaves him, the open man drags his friend home only to end up dragged into bed, drunkenly groped before the closeted man passes out on top of him. Does he stay or go? The next day, does he tell his best friend what happened if he leaves? How does this change their friendship?

Between a Rock and a Gun
M/M - An account in the wrong place, at the wrong time, discovers more about his boss than he ever wanted to know. After witnessing a double homicide committed by his employer, he escapes thinking that no one will know what he saw. Then the police come knocking, threatening him with 30 years in jail for fraudulent accounting, or testify against his boss who just happens to be a very prominent mob head. What's an account to do? He spills the beans.

Now stashed away in a remote cabin, he's alone with the marshal who will guard him with his life until the trial. An attraction blooms between both men, but the marshal is reluctant to seal the deal because it's against regulations. How will they come together? Will the accountant get to the trial alive, or will his protector have to give his life to keep him safe? Much to discuss while in progress.

What Happens When You Get Your Act Together
M/M - Two lovers are pulled apart by the fame one gathers as a singer/songwriter. As he gains more fans and more money, he changes, drifting to drugs and alcohol while partying hard. His partner tries to pull him back, but this only causes vicious fights where the singer says anything he can to hurt the one person who loves him as he is. Eventually, he/she gets fed up and leaves him. Our story would pick up several years later as he tries to win back the only person he's ever loved after cleaning up his act - details to be discussed. I wish to play the singer for this pairing as that's the character that's stuck in my head. Also, if you pick this one be forewarned that I will steal from other singers/bands because I cannot write my own lyrics. Horrible of me.

M/M or M/F with a modern setting - A corporate executive has taken his business to a country where he doesn't speak the language (Preferably a country with descent culture shock: China (not Taiwan), Morocco, Egypt, etc.). Not knowing how long he would be there, he bought a one way ticket. As his business concludes, everything goes to hell when the hotel desk calls. His credit card is frozen and they're kicking him out unless he can give them another. The corporate card is all he brought and now he's out of a place to sleep. Not only that, he had no way to fly home. Just his luck, his cell phone battery dies. All he knows is this has something to do with the IRS and they think it will be cleared up in a couple days.

Now what? Lucky for this corporate executive, he stumbles across another foreigner (or wealthy national) who is willing to help him. How long will this person's generosity last? Will the attraction between them become something greater? Will he expect anything in return? Okay, you get the point - romance.

Bound Together

Before the Dark Age, magic was rampant. Men and women could call upon spirits for advice and healing, cast spells for luck and courage. However, as long as magic reigned, mortals were prey to the creatures of darkness: vampires, fae, shades, and worse. As many as were saved and brought into the light were killed or cast into darkness. As much as was created, was destroyed.

Fear grew and consumed the hearts of mortals, twisting within them until they blamed what brought them so much joy for all there woes. Eventually, men made pacts with powerful beings to keep themselves safe. In sacrifice, all they had to give up was their magic. The Dark Ages began. Men and woman made the pacts, forgot their heritage, and the creatures that haunted the darkness.

Not all would give up their magic, but they were not welcome into the homes and villages of those who had. Nomads, they traveled from place to place, healing the sick, giving advice to those who sought it, and paying homage to the old ways. They became the gypsies, disrespected and ignored, holding their traditions and beliefs secret and apart from the world around them.

A normal teenaged boy stumbles across a group of strange people performing a pagan rite in the hills. Curious, he watches as they chant and sing in a circle around a two girls and a boy his age. The air is charged with tension, the sky suddenly dark on an otherwise brilliantly sunny day, and the teen can't bring himself to run away.

Little does he knew he's watching a gypsy bonding ceremony. When they come of age, mortal magic grows stronger and the creatures who would pray upon them take more notice. The surest way to survive adulthood for any gypsy is to marry, or form a bond that strengthens both partners magical strength. The bonding ceremony ensures they are married to someone compatible, physically and mentally and permanently, as soon as possible.

When the rite finishes, the spying teen is caught in a whirl of blue sparks that match the same sparks whirling around the young man in the circle. To the gypsies it's obvious what this means: the two teens are married, bound together for life.

At this point, the gypsies can try to explain things to the 'normal' teen and he can refuse, or he can run away (the point is he doesn't want to be a part of this 'craziness'). It doesn't matter what he chooses, though, because as far as the forces of magic are concerned, he has rejected their pact and is fair game. The gypsy boy has to find him and convince him of the realities of his new situation as the creatures he never before believed in try to claim his life and soul.

Important Stuff
- I say boy and teen a lot below, but we can have the characters be any age we want
- Creatures of darkness don't necessarily need to be evil, just mean and prone to play tricks. It was just easiest to describe that way.
- The overall story would be the two learning to live in each others lives since the gypsy would be in the modern world with his normal husband

The Voice
MxM: Hope is the strongest of emotions; a candle in the dark, shelter in the wilderness, a voice when you're alone. When someone offers you hope when you have none, you cling to it, hold tight with everything you have.

The Voice is the story of two men who have never met. Through darkness and strife, they have pulled each other through hell merely with the sound of their voice. The setting can be post-apocalyptic or set during a war. Maybe they're radio DJs, maybe one is a dispatcher, or maybe they spoke through CBs. We can start with them talking the first time, on their own, or when they meet for the first time. There are tons of options and this will require lots of plotting between us.

Mistaken Identity
M/M, M/F - A tragic accident, two twins share there lives together, but only one makes it out alive. Identical in every way, they both loved the same man, but he only had eyes for one. After the accident, the scorned twin is mistaken by family and friends to be his (or her) sibling. How long can they keep up the charade? And when all the lies fall apart, what's the fall out?

To Take What's Mine
Incest; you have a problem with it, skip this one. Two siblings, one reluctant, the other possessive and demanding. This would be a D/s relationship where the Dominate sibling is willing to force their reluctant partner to submit to their depravities. Setting could be anything, and set on any world. I don't mind this going extreme, or remaining a twisted courtship where the submissive sibling really does want to give in.

The Sacrifice

Setting: Any

Themes: BDSM, non-con, slavery, hurt/comfort

Plot: A cult/temple sacrifices virgins in the name of their God. One is spared this fate when the temple/cult is captured by a foreign power. Instead of freedom, however, the virgin finds himself enslaved to his rescuer.

Open to Discussion: Pretty much everything. The virgin could have been raised by the cult and never known the real world. The rescuer could have to hide his prize from everyone as having a slave is illegal. Perhaps the Virgin is taken by a king or noble as spoils of war. I would prefer the Virgin to come to care for the rescuer in time.

Important Notes: No one has been able to peak my interest with this yet. Please, do not ask for a smut only scenario with this. I want something exciting, not "take character home and lock him up as a sex slave forever."
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