Angel seeks companion/s, Modern or Diablo-alike (Female looking for Anyone!)

Started by Jacqueline, December 08, 2011, 10:29:05 AM

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Hello stranger!

I think that this is my fifth request. I will be direct. I'm looking to explore darker themes and kinks than vanilla/romance in this one. Please note that a vanilla romance can still happen but I'd like to play new things too!

I'd play a strikingly attractive female angel that goes down to the mortal world. I was thinking that she could be curious to watch humans in person. She can choose whether or not to show her wings, which in this story are made of pure light, sort of flowing with the wind, you know, very pretty but without feathers!

And she would act as if she was one of those invisible people that are around the streets but nobody wants to see, in her case, she could very well be a shadowy street hooker that nobody dares to approach, despite her overwhelming beauty.

As for the settings, like the title said, we can play in a world similar to Sanctuary (Diablo). It’s basically a world where everything non-human is pretty much a monster that wants to eat or kill you and not necessarily in that order. At the start of the story our characters meet and possibly adventure together, since the world is so filled with monsters and creepy dungeons, there would be a lot of adventure in the plot. You can pretty much play the character that you feel like.

If it's modern, then we can go for a more actual story, there could be dangers lurking around but I imagine them a bit more human, although that doesn't mean that they're less terrifying! We can also mix some adventure in this plot, perhaps a haunted mansion mystery, or any other dark twists that we can imagine.

Now, to be blunt, bonus points goes for anyone willing and feeling excited about playing more than one character interested in mine, possibly for threesomes or foursomes.

Something else that I'd like to include is the possibility of a vampire longing to taste the blood of the angel girl, I leave this here as an idea you know.

If you want, feel free to check my On and Offs, they’re pretty short so it won’t take you long, and then send me a PM!