Fantasy Heroine Academy (NC-Exotic, D&D 3.5) Interest Check

Started by ivygrowth, December 06, 2011, 10:12:45 PM

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I'm not entirely sure I will run this game, but thought I would check for interest and any comments/suggestions.  It would be run as a Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 game, though with a heavy restriction on books (basically the core books, maybe one or two others).  The bulk of the characters would be level one.  I would mainly be looking for female characters (for the simple reason that I don't enjoy playing a dom for male characters, and adult content will be occurring), I may however accept males in a villainous or secondary role. 

This game would be an odd mix of adventuring, school, and hentai styles.  Classes and field assignments (adventures), all interspersed with tentacles, evil teachers, nasty monsters, sadistic demons, etc.  The bulk of the characters would be 16-22 year old students attending an Academy slowly being corrupted from the inside. 


High in the Seon Mountains is the Academy of Heroic Studies, located in the small town of Aldard's Folly.  It was founded by a famed heroine in the Elven Year 6993, and quickly grew to prominence as the place to go if you were a young woman with the desire to become a heroine.  By 7205 (EY), under the leadership of its first male headmaster, Denet Whitefist, the Academy had fallen onto hard times.  Rumors abounded of rough training and injured trainees, resulting in only the most dedicated students still applying.   


I would mainly be looking for female students, but would also accept male and female teachers, male villains, and possibly members of the village (I like the idea of some sort of Inn/Tavern where the students go to party, though the role of Innkeeper would be only occasional, and might be better suited to an NPC or a player's second character).

Thoughts?  Criticisms?  Suggestions?


This is the kind of thing I'd go for immediately... if I had more free time and weren't already involved in a game. If you'd like an extra player though, and don't mind overmuch the risk of me possibly taking a while to post or even suddenly disappearing, I wouldn't mind whipping up a character.

Zaer Darkwail

I myself could join in with villanous male char and help in generating chars to the game :). With core books and two others it would be narrow alley. But question is what the two books would be allowed in addition to core books? Do you have any specific books in mind or is it something which needs discussed with potential players?

Anyways I make dibs call to play as innkeeper none the less, as main or secondary char depending how much traffic a student 'cafe' gets.


I love the concept and would love to join into this game. But I do belive it oudl be ebtter if bsed in DnD but a bit freeform, anyway I know enough of 3.5 to help arm characters and to see the game around.
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*hugs Ivy Growth* 

This game is perfect just the way it is.  Please sign me up.  :) 
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I'll give this a go as a system game 100%. If it was freeform I'd feel compelled to go with a more timid character since conflict isn't handled well and I might not even bother although the idea is still interesting if that's the way things go.


What do you think the timeline would be like? Would we be beginning at the start of a new academic year? I was thinking I might play a first-year girl, probably a ranger, a wizard, or a sorcerer.


Aye, personally I would also be interested in playing a new girl in the school, probably a dedicated and sociable cleric or a rogue who believes herself independet and tough as nails (the secret is in the word, believes herself :P).
"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained"
-Mark Twain


I'm interested but wary of the fact that one can't have a main char being a guy.


Quote from: Snake on December 07, 2011, 12:14:48 PM
I'm interested but wary of the fact that one can't have a main char being a guy.

Well its a "Heroine Academy" after all :P
"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained"
-Mark Twain


True. True. And who she doesn't say that amazon/tomboys aren't allowed. :3...or futa chicks. haha

Zaer Darkwail

Or female changelings ;).

But as said I am willing roleplay role as NPC male villain or as runner of some NPC male chars (as said; dibs on tavern keeper char!). Assuming ivygrowth is okay with that.


Most characters would be level one, and I don't mind handling alot of the rolls, so inexperience would probably be fine.

I'm not sure what the posting rate would be, I'd probably aim to make 1/day if enough people had replied.  Eh, as long as you do your best I would be willing to accept you.

It would depend what books I can find, probably Vile Darkness and Exalted Deeds, maybe one or two others if I can find them.

I thought about freeform, but decided against it for a couple of reasons.

It would be the start of an academic year, with the students being new to the school (though they wouldn't all have to be the same age, probably 16-19). 

A student at the school, which I want the bulk of the characters to be, wouldn't be allowed as a male.  I don't enjoy writing a dominate position over men, so it wouldn't be fair to the player.  Amazons and tomboys are fine, I'd prefer no futanari as students (though could make an exception I suppose).

You could play the innkeeper if we start.  Hmm, if we get one or two more people interested in students I will probably run it. 


I might be interested... Would SRD material be allowed? Psionics? I know some people don't like it in their games.
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What sort of SRD material?  I would probably allow the Expanded Psionics Handbook I suppose.


Would it hurt to start working on a character? Is there anything special we should include, or need to know about the setting, or anything?


That's mainly what I was interested in. I've got a couple ideas that might work for a psion or wilder, particularly a wilder who has trouble controlling her emotions.
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You could create a character if you liked. 

I was thinking I would give 10 10 10 12 14 16 for starting attributes, and raise those through contests/grades/something.

I would probably allow max possible starting gold for the class.

Beyond that, nothing is immediately coming to mind.

The setting is generic high fantasy, make things up if you like, just not about the Academy itself or the surrounding region.


A Wilder or such should be fine.


It sounds great. I do have three character ideas I would like to try, which one depends on if Complete Psionics is allowed as well. Don't want to bug you too much about what books are allowed, but Psionics and Dragons are my two niches in DnD, so I figured I should ask.
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Laughing Hyena


No complete psionics, sorry.

I'll accept a few teachers, depending on what you had in mind.

I suppose I'll run this game, so for anyone interested in playing a student assign attributes of 10 10 10 12 14 16 as desired, and you can spend the maximum gold your class could roll (A Barbarian for example would get 160 gp).  Please use the below sheet (was made quickly, so let me know if there are any errors).

If you want to use any books not listed you will need to ask me, though there aren't many others I will allow.

If you want to play a villain, please PM me. 

Character Sheet:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

STR: 10 (+0)
DEX: 10 (+0)
CON: 10 (+0)
INT: 10 (+0)
WIS: 10 (+0)
CHA: 10 (+0)

              ARM   SHD   DEX   SIZ   NAT   DEF   MSC
AC: XX = 10 +     +     +     +     +     +     +
Touch AC:
Flat AC:



            BAS   ABL   MAG   MSC   TMP
FORT: +XX =     +     +     +     +
REFX: +XX =     +     +     +     +
WILL: +XX =     +     +     +     +

Spell Resistance:



[b]  SKILLS[/b]
Appraise (INT):           +XX
Balance (DEX):            +XX
Bluff (CHA):              +XX
Climb (STR):              +XX
Concentration (CON):      +XX
Craft (INT):              +XX
Decipher Script (INT):    +XX
Diplomacy (CHA):          +XX
Disable Device (INT):     +XX
Disguise (CHA):           +XX
Escape Artist (DEX):      +XX
Forgery (INT):            +XX
Gather Information (CHA): +XX
Handle Animal (CHA):      +XX
Heal (WIS):               +XX
Hide (DEX):               +XX
Intimidate (CHA):         +XX
Jump (STR):               +XX
Knowledge (INT):          +XX
Listen (WIS):             +XX
Move Silently (DEX):      +XX
Open Lock (DEX):          +XX
Perform (CHA):            +XX
Profession (WIS):         +XX
Ride (DEX):               +XX
Search (INT):             +XX
Sense Motive (WIS):       +XX
Sleight of Hand (DEX):    +XX
Spellcraft (INT):         +XX
Spot (WIS):               +XX
Survival (WIS):           +XX
Swim (STR):               +XX
Tumble (DEX):             +XX
Use Magic Device (CHA):   +XX
Use Rope (DEX):           +XX

[b]  SPELLS[/b]

[b]  EQUIPMENT[/b]

[b]  BACKGROUND[/b][/tt]

Hopefully I'm not forgetting anything.  ???


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Sorry, I mentioned a few in the thread, should have reposted. 

Core Rulebooks (3.5) (PHB, DMG, MM)
Book of Vile Darkness
Book of Exalted Deeds
Expanded Psionics Handbook

Are the only ones I have approved so far.



Quote from: Haztur on December 08, 2011, 04:19:44 AM
Name: Jordan Fenix
Player: Haztur
Class: Cleric
Race:   Human
Alignment: LG
Deity: Iomedae
Size: Medium
Age:  17
Gender: Female
Appearance: White Skin, black hair, green eyes, fair skin and a mark of her goddess between and below her breasts
Jordan Fenix

Jordan Fenix relaxing

STR: 12 (+1)
DEX: 10 (+0)
CON: 10 (+0)
INT: 10 (+0)
WIS: 16 (+3)
CHA: 14 (+2)

HP: 8/8
                   ARM   SHD   DEX   SIZ   NAT   DEF   MSC
AC: 16 = 10 +4     +2     +     +     +     +     +
Touch AC: 10
Flat AC:    14

Speed: 20
Initiative: +0

BAB: +0

                  BAS   ABL   MAG   MSC   TMP
FORT: +2 =     +2     +0     +     +
REFX: +0 =     +0     +0     +     +
WILL: +5 =     +2     +3     +     +

Spell Resistance: 0

Grapple: 0

Languages: Common

Appraise (INT):           +
Balance (DEX):            +
Bluff (CHA):              +
Climb (STR):              +
Concentration (CON):      +
Craft (INT):              +
Decipher Script (INT):    +
Diplomacy (CHA):          +5 (3 ranks +2 cha)
Disable Device (INT):     +
Disguise (CHA):           +
Escape Artist (DEX):      +
Forgery (INT):            +
Gather Information (CHA): +
Handle Animal (CHA):      +
Heal (WIS):               +5 (2 ranks + 3 wis)
Hide (DEX):               +
Intimidate (CHA):         +
Jump (STR):               +
Knowledge (INT): Religion +2  (+2 ranks)
Listen (WIS):             +
Move Silently (DEX):      +
Open Lock (DEX):          +
Perform (CHA):            +
Profession (WIS):         +
Ride (DEX):               +
Search (INT):             +
Sense Motive (WIS):       +9 (+3 ranks,  +3 wis + 3 skill focus)
Sleight of Hand (DEX):   +
Spellcraft (INT):          +2 (+2 ranks)
Spot (WIS):               +
Survival (WIS):           +
Swim (STR):               +
Tumble (DEX):             +
Use Magic Device (CHA):   +
Use Rope (DEX):           +


Skill Focus: Sense Motive

Level 0: Detect Magic, Light, Mending
Level 1: Bless, Shield of Faith

Domain: War
                   Power: Martial Weapon Proficiency: Longsword
                   Spells: 1 - Magic Weapon
Domain: Sun
                   Power: 1/day Greater Turning
                   Spells: Endure Elements

large wooden shield
light crossbow
case with 10 bolts
gear: backpack with waterskin, one day's trail rations, bedroll sack and flint and steel, silver holy item.


Jordan was born in the northern forests of the world to a high priest of Iomedae (the same goddess she follows) and a retired wizard. Since she was born her parents promised her to the goddess and were not surprised when she showed the inclination to follow her father footsteps instead of her mother's. His father gave her first sword lessons and her mother taught her how to look into the people's heart, still some might have thought she had an easy life, but the town where they lived were usually attacked by bandits and orcs, giving both her parents lot of work and tension, and making the little girl a bit solitary when they were out. Life in the temple with other followers was not easy either since they would have thought that being the daughter of the high priest made thing easier for her, while it was the other way around, she always had to make the extra effort to show that she deserved what she got.

Finally her mother recommended to her father to send her to train by her own in the Heroine Academy, that would give her the chance to make friends and to be able to relax from the pressure put on her by the temple, and soon enough she moved there, cheerfully intent of meeting new and interesting heroines and have fun while learning her craft a bit better.
"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained"
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