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Author Topic: Updated! | Witchy/monster | Sex-slave | m/f/futa/gender variable  (Read 2480 times)

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Updated! | Witchy/monster | Sex-slave | m/f/futa/gender variable
« on: December 06, 2011, 04:26:20 am »
Will be updating as requests are added or taken.
PM me if interested, lets talk!

RP preferences:
Forum, PM, email | plot-appreciative | dom, sub and switch | my O/O's

- Themes: F/M (possibly F/F). Occult, witchcraft, things that howl in the woods at night. Any or all of the following: dark partnership/romance, dubcon/noncon, fuck-buddies/business fucking.
- My character: wild-woman witch, appears to be young adult (20-30), but is hinted to be much older. Devious, mischievous, crafty, clever, switch.
- Looking for: A switch occult monster (demons, goat-monsters, woodland beasts, etc) of human-level intelligence. Preferably male, but female possible.
- Setting: woods, forest towns, lost ruins. Likely late 1800's to early 1900's.
- Plot: revolving around how our two characters get involved. Had in mind some sort of deal my witch makes with your monster, or some offering she gives as part of a ritual, evolving into the two tormenting one another, and eventually a dark strange witch-and-her-monster-husband sort of thing? Up for debate, would like to hear your ideas.

- Themes: Master/slave, M/M, M/F, M/intersexed. Looking for Dom male character.
- My character: young adult (20-30) female, male, intersexed/futanari character. The gender, or "identifying" gender in case of intersexed (whether they appear outwardly male or fem) can be determined by interested partner's tastes if wanted; I'm happy with any gender role. It would be AMAZING if fut/intersexed was acceptable, but would be happy with M or F. Feisty, indignant, resentful, combative, a pistol. You can take them, but they will fight and not like it… or at least not entirely~
My character's gifted to your's, or bought by your character. Perhaps stolen or auctioned.
- Looking for: Male dominate character, preferably not any older than 45-50 (or equivalent age in alternate species/universe).
- Setting: Very open to other suggestions from interested party(ies)! My ones in mind for the moment:
Period-influenced low-fantasy, Victorian/Edwardian, steampunk, "gritty" future/scifi, demon underworld, human-world with hidden world/society of demons/supernatural beings.
- Dislikes: Please look at my preferences for full details. Only strong fetish aversions are scat and vore. Genre/setting turn offs are high fantasy, medieval, hard scifi.

- Themes: Set in 1950's England, M/M, M/F.
- My character: a 27-year-old rocker (aka greaser). Born into a fairly well-to-do family, but rebellious and adventures by nature, he was always the misfit of his family, acting out purely in defiance of what was expected of him. He's intelligent, skillful, witty, mischievous, and childish. Now, long since leaving his family, he pretty much just floats through life rather carefree, making a living in some rather undesirable ways including pick-pocketing and whoring himself out. Light to moderate drug user. His sense of adventure often leads him to thrill-seeking and risky behaviour, getting him into trouble.
- Looking for: a male character, my rocker's best friend with possible romantic side to the relationship as well. Looking for a character who's good-hearted and fairly straight-laced, but open-minded and with an adventurous streak, himself. While not as unruly or irresponsible as the rocker, still has that edge of adolescent mischievousness to him, making the relationship between the two best of friends, as well as child and his keeper. Looking for a character that's a switch. Happy to discuss other character ideas, but really looking for a dynamic similar to this. The gender of the RPer doesn't matter. I'm not super picky about time-period accuracy- very loosey goosey about that sort of thing -and I'm not expecting anyone highly knowledgeable in 1950's Britain subcultures.
- Plot: Lets talk about it! An element I would highly appreciate is an underlying romance between the two main characters. Hoping for hesitant romance and all the dirty stuff, both. = u =

- Looking for: a John to play opposite my Sherlock, based on the BBC's modernized adaptation.
- Relationship: Open to platonic or romantic pairing of Sherlock and John. If romantic, need a John who's a switch. (My Sherlock would eventually be dominate a fair amount of the time, but at first completely sexually inexperienced and naive.)
- Plot: Eager to RP cases as well as friendship/relationship elements. I have some rough ideas for cases, but just as happy to focus on day-to-day life between John and Sherlock, or a mix.

- Themes: Darker, macabre version of Peter Pan. Peter Pan meets Lord of the Flies. **No sexual involvement with Peter, he's 14**
- My character: Peter. About 14 years old; he's unruly, abrasive, violent, childish, and exuberantly-playful with dark or sadistic undertones.
- Looking for: a partner to build a dark version of the Lost Boys and anything else pertaining to NeverNeverland. While I want to be Peter, looking for other characters, both mine and my partners, to play just as big a part in the story.
- Plot: Happy to discuss ideas or just wing it.

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Re: Updated! | Witchy/monster | Futa Slave/Master | f/m, m/m, f/f
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2015, 03:09:03 am »
List of characters available for above requests, or other potential games.
Some characters are presented setting/thematically specific, but can be adjustable to fit a game's need.

Revamping, may be sparse for a bit

♦ Setting/theme: witchy/occult, feral witches, covens, mysterious village outsider.
♦ Age: 25ish (actual or appearing)
♦ Appearance: Heart-shaped face, light and sharp penetrating eyes (sharper than reference photo), wild mane of wiry red curls
♦ Height: 5'7" | Body type: Petite, smaller bust, full hips. Pear-shaped.
♦ Personality: Level-headed, sensible, sharp wit, can be sly/coy. Typically gracious, but vengeful if crossed or betrayed. Graceful demeanour masking a storm.

Face Likeness

♦ Eyes sharper and lighter than reference.

Hair Reference

Body Shape

General Theme Inspiration

♦ Setting/theme:
♦ Age:
♦ Appearance:
♦ Height: | Body type:
♦ Personality:

Stand-in, likely to change
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Re: Updated! | Witchy/monster | Sex-slave | m/f/futa/gender variable
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2016, 04:52:07 am »