Black Rock Shooter's Rp Ideas (Seeking males)

Started by Sampais Wrath, December 05, 2011, 09:54:41 PM

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Sampais Wrath

Ok I have a few unfulfilled rp ideas. Pm me if interested in any.

Seeing Santa - a teenage girl gets up in the middle of the night on Christmas eve. She see's someone in her house who tries to play her like a child and say he's Santa. Of course he is not Santa. He is there to rob their home and kidnaps her. Let the hijinks begin from here.

Prisoner - A fox neko lives in prison. no one knows why she's here but she is under constant watch. She's hard to control but today it's time to change her "handler", the person who must watch her constantly and keep her in under control.

Gone Missing - A woman is new to the family camping trips. Her family  has opened it up to friends to join. Now even regular people can go too. Of course one person likes to tease her. (you) They like to take her stuff and play tricks on her. After a big fight everyone but her goes to town but her. She wanders off during their absence and an earthquake hits, injuring her and stranding her.

Lost "Child" - A young woman becomes lost in a strange place. Panic has taken over her and she is scared out of her mind. She's hungry, cold and scared as night falls and the bad side of the city comes to life.

Suffering Pet - After spending her whole life as a pet one slave wants out of the life but she has no hope of escape without someone either buying her and freeing her or helping her escape another way.

more to be added soon.
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