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Author Topic: Xenoti's Rp ideas (M seeking F)  (Read 751 times)

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Xenoti's Rp ideas (M seeking F)
« on: December 05, 2011, 03:23:08 am »
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Skype: Xenoti
Or you can contact me here on the forums.

These ideas are rather short as i post this but I will come back in and add more to them as I think of it. Most of the idea's below involve rape, force and non consent.

Rp Ideas:

To catch a pokemon trainer {Non Consent, Rape, Bestiality}
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A want to be pokemon trainer wonder into the woods one day, far away from her village in order to get a pokemon for herself. She succeeded in finding a rare pokemon, unfortunately it is also one of the most aggressive, and she has wondered into it's den during mating season. Can she get away from this pokemon or is it going to make it his mate for this season, or does she catch it? Inspired by image and image
A Hypno-therapy: {Hypnosis, Rape, Training}
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A pokemon trainer and her pokemon we traveling to the next city to challenge a gym leader when they came upon a recently escaped hypno. Unknown to the trainer this hypno was used by undergroun slave traders to hypnotize and occasionally rape their victims to break their will. What will this hypno do to this trainer? Will it violate her like it has been trained? Or will she beat it and take it as her own pokemon? Inspired by:  image , image ,image  ,image  ,image  ,image ,

Captured Ninja: {BDSM, humiliation, Master/Slave, Human pet}
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A female ninja was recenetly selected by her kage for her  first infiltration mission, deciding she can handle this on her own. The mission went well until she tried to leave. It went down hill fast as enemy ninjas relentlessly chased her, throwing shirukens and various other weaponry. A gas bomb exploded and the next thing she knows is she wakes up, hanging from the ceiling of the castle dungeon, surrounded by masked ninja, and the leader of the group right in front of her. Inspired By: image , image , image ,

The Entrapment of a teacher: {Black Mail, Public Humiliation, Public Toys}
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Noah was a normal student by day, and at night he was a peeping tom. He always took his camera with him in case the windows he looked in had anything interesting going on. On occasion he used the photos he took to black mail the subject for money or objects. One night he happened upon his teachers house, peeping in the ground floor bed room window he saw something amazing. He saw his teacher playing with her self, with small egg shaped vibrators, and of course he took several pictures, staying outside her window for a few hours as she pleased herself. When he got home he printed off, and duplicated the data, determined to use this to his advantage but how. inspired by:  image , image

Anything to pass a grade: {Power abuse, Molesting}
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Lana wasn't a bad student, but she hated history, and Mr. Harrison wasn't the most interesting teacher to listen to. On more than one occasion she had caught him staring at her chest, when she wore rather revealing shirts. One day after getting back a failing grade on a test, she notices a note on it "Meet me here at 5 p.m, it's about your grades" She wasn't happy about having to wait until that late in the day, and she was pretty sure his office hours were over by then.  Inspired by: image,  ,

P.E. Teach caught alone {Drugs, Rape, Bondage}
coming soon

Orc Horde Rampage {Pet Girl, Slave, Public}
coming soon

The Vampire is hunted {Romance, Enemies, Lust, Furry}
Recently a vampire has been on a rampage near a small town in Europe. She was feasting on the males of the town, from young to old. (work in progress)

The Wrong Train at Night{Rape, Public, Non-con, Molesting}
coming soon

The Dark Knight Rampages: coming soon
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