Ghostly's Plot Gallery (now withcursed princes!)(M/M)(looking for sub)

Started by Ghostly, December 04, 2011, 01:20:38 AM

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Ghostly's Fantasies

Currently playing Dom/Sub

Roles I would prefer are in bold, but as always this is negotiable. If both parts are in bold, then I will play both. If there is an asterisk, that means I actually have some vague plot notions to go with that pairing. List to be updated, I just thought I cold toss this up and see what happens.

Thief/nearly anybody else



(M/M, could also be adapted to M/F... if you really twist my arm)

Once upon a time, there was a young prince beloved by all of his people. His kingdom is plagued by attacks from an evil witch who rules a neighboring realm, and the prince sets out on a quest to vanquish her. All goes according to plan until with her last breath the witch places a powerful curse upon the prince. The curse will surely destroy him and destroy his soul piece by piece if he does not find a way to remove it. Tainted with such evil, he can no longer return home unless the curse is lifted, and he seeks out a mage who may be able to help him.
Too bad for him, this mage isn't too fond of nobility and finds the prince's predicament quite hilarious. Still, he has his secrets and what you might could call a quest of his own, a quest where a royal might just come in handy...

My ideas:
-The prince's curse could make him take the form of a demon every night/ every full moon/whatever, and this demon will go on a murderous rampage unless the mage can occupy his nights in a different fashion... and of course the prince doesn't remember much in the morning.
- The prince could also grow to be able to control his demon side to some extent, or the frequentecy of the demon prince's appearances would grow with time.
-I am looking for a lot of banter and some witty arguing with this plot.

Possibly more to be added

Prince (bottom/sub)/ Mage (top/dom)