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Hello there and welcome to Rumata's Parlour of Intense Decadence!!

Yeah, I've done it, don't be so shocked. I actually added a second exclamation mark to that title. Deal with it! Oh well, since your curiosity got the better of you and got you this far, might as well welcome you to my Parlour of Decadence! So... welcome... I guess...

A little bit about myself, I like pushing to the limits of perversity and as such my kinks are rather intense and numerous. I like plot but I like smut a lot more, as such I prefer smutty stories with plot intertwined between the smut to give it flavour and taste. I enjoying seeing the main heroine of the story having to go through all sorts of depravities and see her pushed to her limits in the most perverted ways possible.

Important, please read!
As a writing partner I pride myself as being patient and understanding, or at least I try to. I know life happens or sometimes you are too tired or your muse just won't cooperate. It has happened to me too, so I can relate. What I wish is to be informed about it!! No explanations or justifications required, I won't ask, just tell drop me a short line telling me that you're gonna be indisposed for the unforeseeable future in relation to our story or that you want us to put it on hold. Or you can just tell me that you no longer want to write our story, I understand if it gets too heavy to continue, so I appreciate being told.

So if you are tired, not in the mood, want to pause or want to stop writing, please, as a minimum courtesy, tell me. If you wish me to change the way I write or take the story down another path, or tone down the smut, just like before please tell me. I am always open to suggestion and always willing to improve myself and adapt to fit the needs of my partners.

I only expect to be treated the same way I would treat you if situations were reversed. If a story starts to feel heavy for me or I cannot cope with the writing style, then I will tell you and let you decide on how to proceed. It is the polite thing to do, to tell someone when you won't be able to reply any more.

Writing Style
The only place I like to RP on, is right here on Elliquiy. I only write in the third person and I prefer my partners to generally write in the third person as well. I do not mind to play multiple characters, be them main or secondary character, females or males.

When I write I try to put in at least 3 good paragraphs of 3-4 lines each and though I don't demand as much from my partners, it is appreciated. If my muse is up, I'll often post a lot more, at least matching that which my partner does or more. It all depends on how much my partner gives me to work with.

Length wise, given how this is forum RP, I prefer long term stories. For that to work I do need a good plot or a good premise to work with, though the main focus would be on smut. Despite my preference of smut over plot, while the smut will be intensive, the plot needs to be fun too. Because smut is not fun if there isn't a plot to dress it up nicely. Other than that, I am all for intense, kinky gratification and a lot of epic extreme fun!

Kinks and Fetishes
Kink wise I have absolutely no limits! Well, I do have some... very few... limits. Below there is a short list of preferences I have, though you can find more information on my f-list page. The list below is a simple list, with what I generally want in all my stories in order and the few cases of kinks which I sadly cannot do. The NO! list is non negotiable, period. That's just how it is, those are simply very huge turn offs for me.

I have no preference for role, as I can comfortably play both males and females as well as doms and subs. The kinks I like all have to apply to the main heroine of the story, no matter who plays her, me or my writing partner. As for preference for partners, I have only one and that is to be a literate writer, good (not perfect) English is a requirement.

-= Favorites! =-
= Creativity: I absolutely adore creative scenes! No matter what the setting or kinks, as long as its creative and depraved, I'm game!
= Intellegent RP: Language is a weapon to wield against the forces of boredom!
= Feedback: If you're enjoying the RP, then go ahead and tell me! If you think some things could be changed ad-lib, I'm happy to do it!
= Descriptive Sex: Throatfuck her until her face is a drooling spit-soaked mess. Ass and cunt rape her until both holes are frothy obscenely gaping dripping gooey messes of slut juices and cum! Or... make it dainty and elegant. Regardless, descriptive is key! I try my best and I expect the same.
= Dirty Talk: Vulgarity is great, both when its done aggressively, lustfully or sweetly. I love calling the heroine dirty words: fuckslut, cumwhore, cumslut, fuckpig, bitch, cumdump, cocksleeve, cocksocket, dirty cunt, slutty cunt, gaping fuckhole, princess whore, etc.
= Ahegao: When someone has so many orgasms, it all melts into one mind-shattering endless brainmush cum.
= Incest: I enjoy all pairings of this kink that contain older male family member + younger female family member. My biggest preference for this being twincest.
= Bestiality: Fucking horses, dogs, bulls, pigs and other actual animals, treating the heroine as the animal she is fucking or treating as lesser than that.
= Objectification: I love this kink, treating the heroine like an object or less. The idea of worthlessness, imprinting on the heroine that she has no worth is quite something.
= Excessive Cum: Having cum oozing out of the heroine's holes or having her covered in it, either wet or drying up, having her wear it and not clean it, as a badge of honour or shame.
= Cum/Urine Marking: Wearing cum or urine on the heroine's skin, hair, face, as a badge of honour or shame.
= Cum/Urine inflation: Having cum or urine pumped into the heroine through any of her three holes, leading to her belly inflating.
= Watersports: Urine play, either having the heroine drenched in it, having her drink it or having her and her holes used as an urinal.
= Covered in Fluids: The heroine covered in cum, urine, body sweat, drool, is always a hot sight to behold.
= Multiple Penetration: She has three holes and I want all three of them used and abused.
= Multiple Insertions: Having more than one cock or multiple objects shoved in any of her holes.
= Gangbangs: Having multiple partners use the heroine at the same time like some sex doll is rather hot.
= Humiliation: All variations of this kink, simple humiliation, public humiliation, extreme humiliation, is a big plus always.
= Degradation: Treating her like she is nothing or less than nothing, bringing down her self esteem and self worth.
= Cervical Penetration: Fucking her womb and filling it with fluids is almost a requirement for all encounters!
= Pet Play: Treating and using her like a pony or a puppy with the appropriate leather gear that forces her into her role is very hot.
= Bondage: The use of shackles, leathers, ropes, anything really to bind and restrict partially or totally for periods of times.
= Branding: Applying brands of ownership on the heroine's skin.
= Sexual Tattoos: Covering the heroine in perverted, vulgar and sexually graphic tattoos.
= Genital/Nipple Piercings: Piercing her septum with a ring, her nipples with studs and rings connected by a chain, her privates such as her clit, her labia and her rim.
= Physical Punishment: Slapping or spanking her on her ass, pussy, breasts and face until her skin reddens.
= Pregnancy: Getting her pregnant with both normal and fantastic pregnancies, such as litter of puppies, a foal or two, etc.
= Lactation: Having her breasts lactate so she can be milked, up to the point where her nipples would constantly drool trickles of milk.
= Gaping: Having her holes used by large cocks, fists, objects that end with her holes gaping widely and pervertedly.
= Anal/Vaginal Fisting: Fucking her ass or pussy with one or more hands or fists.

-= Maybe! =-
= Everything else: If you're thinking of a kink I've not mentioned, it probably fits here in the maybe section. If your RP contains a few of my fave elements or yes elements, its likely I might be willing to entertain your fetishes too!

-= NO! =-
= M/M or F/F scenes: Nothing against those pairings, but they don't do anything for me. Though F/F I can be talked into if it is a scene and not the focus of the story.
= Scat: I find nothing sexual in this, quite the opposite.
= Gore and/or Vore: Just as before, I find nothing sexual about these kinks, rather the opposite.

Story ideas and fandoms!

Generally any setting where the main heroine and victim is a Princess, that is a big turn on for me. I just love seeing royal princesses go through all manners of kinks and perversions as they have to serve even the lowliest of men and beasts. Not to mention have their bodies used to sate all kinds of perverted desires.

My favourite fandoms are:
= Raven & Starfire from Teen Titans.
= Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.
= Tali'zorah from Mass Effect.
= Triss Merigold & Yennefer & Shani from The Witcher.
= Jaina Proudmore & Alexstrasza & Tyrande & Yrel from Warcraft.
= Gogo Tomago & Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6.
= Princess Jasmine from Aladdin.
= Astrid Hofferson from How to train your dragon.
= Pearl from the Steven Universe.
= Max from Life is Strange.
= Rogue from X-Men Teens

If you have any questions or want to answer my requests, please PM me. Also keep all our future conversations into that PM please. I hate having to track multiple PMs with the same person.


Story Cravings!!

-=True Self=-
Original setting (not mine) - OC character played by me

John was born 2 minutes after his sister Ami and that changed everything. Being the oldest even by 2 min she has always lorded that over him and used that advantage to dominate him. It didn't help that when he was young he had an accident that prevented his body from producing enough testosterone needed to grow up properly. So he looked rather girly for a boy growing up, even letting his hair grow up to cover up the scar. Which lead to him looking identically like his sister, leading everyone believing they were actually two sisters. But as they grew up, their parents had finally made a call and decided to give him an experimental drug that would either push his body one way or the other. Their parents were scientists working on some revolutionary new drugs and this was also the opportunity to test one of those drugs.

The drug pushed his body to the other side, transforming him on his 16th birthday into a she, leaving no one else the wiser that he had been a boy before. Their mother at the same time had also wanted to take the drug, for a long time desiring to switch as well. But for her the transformation didn't happen, leaving her with only a very large and well endowed cock. The drugs on John, now Haley, also had another side effect. It made his body produce a high amount of pheromones that made everyone around her go wild with lust for her.

So now with a fresh new body Haley had to contend with her father and mother fucking her daily to deal with the effect of her pheromones. At school the same thing, all of her former friends spend most of the day fucking her in any way or shape possible. Fucking Haley had become the local sport of their small town, so much so that Haley wears only a few clothes of any at times. Even her new imposed boyfriend goes around with her making her fuck bums, dogs, his friends, etc. Her parents go as far as having her fuck horses regularly to test her body and try to cure her pheromone problem.

Her sister Ami, jealous of the attention she is getting also causes her great amount of grief. Beating her, drawing lewd and vulgar things on her, making her get pervy tattoos and decorating her body with exaggerated amounts of piercings that their parents strangely agree with. She also forces her to fuck all manner of strange things, pumps her full of fertility drugs to get her pregnant, regularly stuffs large objects in her holes and does anything to make her life more miserable. Going as far as convincing everyone that Haley is a secret pain addict and she likes being hurt, beaten and peed on and in. So poor Haley is in for a world of abuse and depravity.

-=A whole new life=-
Original setting

Mark has always been a smart for a 16 year old kid, some might have said too smart for his own good. However when he stumbles over a girl claiming to have been a guy, kidnapped and then transformed into a girl, forced to prostitute him/her self, his life change dramatically. He still didn't know what made him believe her, but he did. However as he was helping her escape, they got into an accident. The next time he woke was three months later, in a body that was no longer his. Well it was his, but it no longer resembled his old self.

His captors, the girl's former captors, greeted him telling him that the girl was killed during the crash so he had to take their place. Both the previous guy-turned-girl and now Mark, looked like the strange couple's deceases daughter. Being part of a secret society with unique advances in medicine, they transformed both the previous doppelganger and now Mark into girls that look like their daughter. The purpose being for Mark now to go out, pretend to be their daughter and get pregnant. Now having to call himself Hailey, with a device implanted inside of her that causes her varied degrees of pain when her new 'parents' decide, she has to go to school and pretend to be a normal 16 year old girl.

Her 'parents' have ordered her that she is to never refuse a boy or man who asks her to have sex, basically she's to be available to everyone to fuck until she gets pregnant. Her clothes are only skimpy dresses and shirts, while they give her bi daily drug cocktails to keep her very horny, wet and lactating. She find and makes friends with a few girls in the neighborhood and they accept her quickly as their new friend. They are also in the cheering squad and they get Hailey to join as well.

There's a high school romance going on as well, as the most popular kid in school, from a rich background falls in love with Hailey and they hit it off. Between her new 'parents' pimping her out to old men for cash, to make up for costs of the loss of the previous Hailey and the costs of her operations, and her life as normal girl, she has to cope with weekly beatings, household abuse, etc.

Eventually her 'parents' and their organization would get caught and imprisoned, and she'll be 'free'. In this society, slavery of women is legal, but only if they get convicted of a crime. As a slave anything is permitted to happen to them, excluding death, and their owner gets free reign over them. Given how sex change is illegal, despite having it done against her will and being kidnapped, she is the object of a crime at least and as such the law requires her to be enslaved. Her boyfriend intervenes and gets her assigned to him, purchasing her from the state as his slave.

Then from here, everything goes, it's as far as I have gotten. This is a role I'd like to play and I am looking for a literate partner who can write at least three interesting paragraphs per reply and is reasonable active. For more information you can read the first post of my first link in my signature for my O/O's. I'd like this story to be rather kink intensive with a lot of smut.

Inspirational pictures: Warning NSFW!


Borrowed Story Ideas. These are not my ideas, but I saw them in other folk's thread so I am ninja-ing them!!

-=Between a Rock and a Smashy Place=-
The Fantastic Four - Susan Storm

The premise is that Reed Richards has found a potential cure for both Ben Grimm's and Bruce Banner's conditions. As such he tries to cure the both of them. But before the cure can be applied Johnny being his usual playful self, by mistake causes and error in the machines, leading to Reed's cure having an averse effect. Basically instead of curing the Thing and the Hulk, the serum prepared by the computer injects them with something similar to super human viagra. The only target in sight of both the Hulk and the Thing now being Sue, which given their particular situations looks more and more fuckable by the minute. So both of them loose control and jump on poor Sue, ending up tearing into her cunt and ass around their bestial and rocky huge cocks, turning her into the invisible cock-sleeve!

-=The Elven Harlot=-
Dragon Age 2 - Merrill, FemHawke, Bethany

Dragon Age 2: Someone sells Merrill out to the Templars, but they bust in just as she is bathing herself. The Templars decide that a Psuedo-Willing Whore is more useful than a Tranquil, and decide to 'negotiate' this with Merrill. Merrill is pulled forced to suck off one of the Templars while the Templars make it clear that she'll let any Templars use her to service their carnal needs. She (reluctantly) agrees, and also agrees to not tell any of her friends, lest she still be made tranquil or killed. The following would be a Series of one shots that chronicles the Templars taking advantage of their rights with Merrill. Eventually, after the Qunari attack, FemHawke walks upon Merrill being fucked by a few Templars. Hawke tries to save Merrill, only to get raped in the attempt. Now the Templars make Hawke aware, in no uncertain terms, that she too will belong to the Templars. their would be 1 or 2 more one shots, then a finale where Hawke is defeated by Meredeth, and is forced(Along with Merrill and Bethany) to publicly service the Victorious Templars.

-=The Normandy Whores=-
Mass Effect - Tali'zorah, Male/Fem Shepard, Liara, Miranda

This starts out when Shepard agrees to allow Balak aboard the Normandy in order to gain the Batarian's help in fighting against what ever threat there is around the galaxy and usher in a new era of Human-Batarian relations, just like Shepard did with Nihilus the Turian Spectre. But Balak takes a shinning to Tali and begins to rile up the crew to get in on a plan to turn the sexy Quarian into their plaything. Liara who had so far competed and lost in front of Tali in their competition for Shepard's love, is easily turned to Balak's side. So soon enough, while Shepard is away, they start to abuse Tali turning her into the ship's whore, SuitRat vas Normandy, coupled with kinky new costume and the works.

Miranda, being left second in charge discovers this and lets it all happen or even joins in. When Shepard eventually discovers the blame is shifted on Miranda, whom he forces to serve as the ship's whore along side Tali, to ease Tali's work load, seeing as how Liara threatens to kill Tali if Shepard doesn't cooperate with her abuse. From here on out if we use Femshep, she can also be whored to the crew, Balak might get one over Liara and enslave her too, the possibilities are endless!

-=Urdnot's Slave=-
Mass Effect - Tali'zorah, Fem Shepard

When it is discovered that Shepard destroyed a Genophage Cure she is enslaved by clan Urdnot (under Urdnot Wreav), together with Tali who had been there by her side when she destroyed the Cure, and thrown into the Varren pit to start with. The rest of the crew, save Grunt, goes to finish the mission on orders from Shepard. This is basically Shepard and Tali getting what the Krogan kink they deserve, loosing their freedom (sexual and otherwise) as Urdnot's Slaves.

-=XXX Normandy=-
Mass Effect - Tali'zorah, Miranda, Fem Shepard

Shepard, Tali and Miranda are traveling through Omega for whatever reason, and they run across a Vengeful Warden Kuril with a Blue Sons group...and they take Shepard and the 2 Squaddies....we then jump to a recently opened Whore House Called the XXX Normandy, which is run by Former-Warden Kuril, and 'staffed' by all the females that had previously served on the Normandy SR-2 before the Blue Sons captured it with Shepard away. at this point, the Blue Sons Whores thing would mostly be a Framing device for a lot of one shots from my perverted mind.

-=The Crew's Toy=-
Mass Effect - Tali'zorah

After the first game, Tali gets mugged, everything of value is taken; including the data she was going to bring to the Migrant Fleet. In an effort to make some money to get off of the Citadel, she takes a mechanic job on a light freighter. The captain also offers a substantial pay rise if she 'sells' her body to him, even offering to help Tali find something worthy of respect to give back to the Flotilla.


New Story Craving

-=The only alternative=-
The Witcher 3 - Triss, Yennefer, Ciri, Shani

While helping the witcher Geralt find his adoptive daughter Ciri, Yennefer travels to Novigrad to team up with Triss and help in her search. However they both end up getting caught by the notorious Novigrad Witch Hunters that control the city. The last thing heard about the two sorceresses is that they were taken to a hidden underground brothel, where the Witch Hunters keep all the beautiful mages and magic users to torture, rape and abuse in exchange for coin.

After finding Ciri, Geralt embarks on a quest to save the two women that he is torn between. However after weeks or months of fruitless searching despair comes upon him. His friends Dandelion and Zoltan come up with the idea that he should pass as a man of similar repute that trades in goods of the flesh. Goods of the flesh that suffer similarly brutal fates like the witches captured by the Witch Hunters are being rumored to suffer.

Ciri volunteers to serve as his slave in order to help him infiltrate the establishment, with Shani insisting in joining with her to keep her safe as much as she could. With that settled it is up to Geralt to put the two girls through hell and worse in order to catch the attention of the Witch Hunters and get invited to their private club.

ooc: Am looking for a really dark story here, with very intense kinks. Everything goes except mutilation and scat. Expect beatings, heavy piercings, degradation, objectification, watersports, bestiality, the works.


New Story Craving

-=Princess of Suffering=-

The King's youngest daughter is coming of age and as a princess of the real she has to choose between marriage and becoming a priestess, as is expected of her. But at the end of her initial training rather then joining one of the more socially acceptable cults, she becomes a priestess of the Goddess of Wanton Suffering. Much to the King's despair.

As a priestess of the Goddess of Wanton Suffering, she must endure daily suffering of the extreme variety. From daily whipping and beatings, to suffering the branding iron on her skin, to having her privates and other body parts pierced. Her body would be available for the believers to hurt and abuse as it would be their duty to hurt her. As the Goddess demands, the followers must hurt the priestesses as a sign of devotion.

Even the King when offering gifts to the cults of the Kingdom. After all as ruler he must once a year at least partake in a ritual of each cult, as such he must too hurt and abuse his daughter as she serves the Goddess.

The princess could be an original character in an original setting. Or could be either Princess Jasmine or Princess Ariel. I would enjoy it greatly if we could work in such a scenario for either of those two princess, though Princess Jasmine is my favourite!!

This story is a dark one, with a lot of abuse and suffering for the princess. Expect no mercy for her as she is used as a toy, fuck hole and urinal for both men and beasts.