Anae's Search and Rescue!....Sorta!

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Okay, so there's probably no need to say I want adult people to play with, since E is the site FOR adults. I've finally managed to get my butt back here to add/adjust my requests and the things that I'd like to play as/with, so feel free to PM me!

I can play as either men or women, multiple characters(Up to three) or one, and I like pretty much anything partner-wise, so long as you can write coherently enough that I don't have to ask you what OIHNIUGBIMNIB means.....and that has noo meaning whatsoever, and if it somehow magically does then holy crap. Anywho, I don't care if you can write a single paragraph or more, just don't leave me hanging or carrying the whole thing by myself.....please. If you do, the darned thing will NOOOOTTTTT last!! I can guarantee that, pretty much....

So yes, I don't care if a biologically male person roleplays as a girl, or vice versa, I'm female and play both genders (being bi is a riot sometimes! ) and both preferences for D/S as well.

I DO hold a particular fondness for gorey scenes, non sexually so. If you have to have gore, then wash up before the sex scene, please. Just. Ew. I also adore zombie roleplays and survival type roleplays, modern or mythical, magical or not.

As for WHERE I roleplay, I prefer to roleplay via PM's or forums, feel free to PM me or post here if you have any suggestions or questions about the samples below or if you have another idea beyond what I've posted feel free to let me know!!

Armageddon Is Here.
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Excerpt from a diary found in a pool of dried blood beside a corpse of a guy who'd shot his own brains out on his porch.

August 17th, 2012;

".....They're everywhere now, God I can't stand this anymore! I watched a little girl get torn to shreds this morning from my neighbours yard, she was the last one left on our street besides me and I just....I can't take it anymore. If anyone finds this, anyone who still lives, please God just don't go into the cities...."

It's been six years since the first outbreak. Six years that shouldn't have happened. It started as a simple outbreak of the flu, just a simple one that doctors treated, as always, with medications and shots that apparently did nothing. Everything went so fast though, once the person went into cardiac arrest for no reason. At first it was just a few people, maybe a dozen, who came into the emergency wards one day or afternoon. According to a television broadcast, the symptoms started as just flu-like symptoms; stuffed up nose, bloodshot eyes, headaches and nausea that lasted for days on end.

It quickly went downhill after the fourth day, when black fluid began to form within the lungs, making breathing difficult, and joints began to swell until mobitility was impossible for the victims and they became bedridden. 24 hours after the fluid began forming and fever reached it's peak the patient was effectively brain dead and all organs stopped. They never awakened again as humans.

It took less than four hours after all of the body's organs stopped, before the zombie rose. The swelling was horrendous by then, whatever virus or disease it was that caused this....Zombiefication, just kept on regenerating inside the corpses, causing tissue decay that was very much lessened than if it had been a regular corpse that didn't move...and didn't kill anything it could get it's cramped hands and gnawing mouths on.

It took less than six weeks before the cities were no longer safe.

And it was two months before those who survived figured out that the only way to survive was to lock themselves away, 'kill' the things that used to be friends and family members....and to find food and safe waters to drink in order to live.

It's been six years now since the cities and the surrounding lands became unsafe. The undead still walk, though many of THEM are little more than skin and bones, literally. People with RV's, with horses or motorcycles or trucks, those who have survived, have started to find each other. Have started to band together and protect each other. Each one has a story. Each one has a will to live that burns bright.....and each one, even the children who are able to, have taken down the things that hunt them whenever it was needed. There's one person who knows the cause of the disease. She worked for the plant that had created it, and had studied it for longer than her other, now dead coworkers, and had discovered what it was that had caused the pandemic worldwide. She's the only one that does know....and now she's looking for help. She needs people to help her get into one of the worst infested places in the world in order to get the equipment needed to create the vaccine that will effectively kill the flesh eating horrors that exist now when they shouldn't be any more than an imagination gone wild.

This can be with any gender of person, I could turn 'her' into a 'him' so M/M, F/M or F/F is fine and welcomed!

In a World that's Ended.
Gory(non sexually so), Adventure, survival, foul language, protection, murder, survivalism, use of weapons. Adult of course. [/colour]

The Horror has Begun...
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The world is fine and dandy up until that single, fateful day in 2012. You know the one. Where the Mayan Calendar ends and supposedly resets, becoming the 'end of the world' and all that crap? Yeah...well, it's true. The date is now technically 2013, January first, and it's been less than a month since the First Outbreak. Zombies. Heh, you'd think that with all the movies and everything humanity would be prepared right? Wow, we were wrong. These things started showing up out of nowhere one day, no one knows how or what caused it, but people started to get sick. Hospitals all over the globe were overrun with the sick and the dying....dying who were dead within twelve hours and who came back after fourteen and bit people, attacking them and...eating them. No one was prepared for it. Hell, this...disease of whatever, it doesn't have any real age range either, it goes after the young and old, the sickly and the healthy. It's been less than a month and already the cities are pretty much a ghost town, overrun with the dead, walking. People are gathering on the outskirts, syphoning gas from stations and vehicles, surviving and dealing with their own nightmares as best they can as the warmer season begins to arrive...summer is going to be murder.

This is basically something similar to the Walking Dead series, with our characters having to find places to hole up and survive, meeting other survivers and maybe finding a place to be able to live without so much danger. I was thinking of maybe having a scientist, you or I, who can find out the root cause of the disease and find a 'cure' or a vaccine of some kind, say one of us is immune to the effects of the disease, something to go on at least. Once again can be M/M, F/F or M/F!
Adult, Eventua Sex, Survival, Fighting, Gore, Bloodshed, Zombies....and long term!

Villain and Heroine....Not to be  mistaken for the Drug.
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Cities. Sucked. Big time. Those were pretty much the only things that Isanya MacAllistair was thinking as she pulled her open-backed forest green jeep into the driveway of her newest home. The building was tall, old and clearly rather rundown, but there was a beautiful ivy network that wove and wandered it's way up two of the four walls of the building, the yard wasn't mowed or pesticide-ridden to within an inch of it's life and there were three fruit trees in the seventy foot yard, which were in full fruit now that it was the middle of summer.

Turning off the engine of her vehicle, which she'd had expensively reconstructed to use canola oil instead of gasoline, Isanya leaned back in the chair to just look up at the slightly imposing structure. There were better buildings all over the neighbourhood, but the six foot tall redhead wouldn't have any of them. Skin paler than flour, eyes a vivid, nearly poisonous green and flaming hair down to her butt that was tied back into an efficient braid to keep the unruly curls tamed, the woman climbed out of the vehicle and stood up after a moment of inner contemplation.

Dressed in a pale blue-white sundress that set off her hair and fair skin, the garment ended just over her knees and the same coloured high heels that ticked against the broken concrete of the driveway were spotless. The dress was fluid around her body as she bent over, leaning into the jeep to pull out an old fashioned sunhat, white with a light blue ribbon around it which in turn held a beautiful deep blue rose. The plant was alive, and a faint sweet scent could be smelled if one leaned close enough.

It had been nearly six months since her 'accident', when her previous jeep had flown off of a cliff face, successfully killing her deep in the Amazon Jungle land where she'd been doing research on a newly discovered type of bird that had the oddest ability to mimic it's surroundings simply by fluttering it's feathers. The paramedics hadn't shown up at all, but a tribe of indigenous peoples had....and they'd saved her. In so many ways she was newly reborn, and she knew her goals in life had changed considerably when she'd awakened a month after the accident to discover she was no longer human. It was during her next five months that she learned her new purpose and for the first time since then she was back in human society. If one could call it that. She knew what real societies were supposed to be like, and they were NOTHING like this cesspool of humanity.

It had been a shock when she'd first arrived at the airport of San Anroen and seen the televisions where supernatural people had come out of the closet and were now celebrities, protectors and whatnot of human kind. She'd rather quickly gotten used to it though by killing one of the least known villians who'd tried holding up the damned airport just as her plane had arrived. He'd been a complete idiot, following her when she'd told him she'd give him something 'good' if she followed him with his explosives strapped to his chest and his nasty physical deformity that made him non-human.

Who cared if the man was part chimp? She was worse, and had much more cruel plans for the world of humans than the idiot had. Turning away from the jeep, her heels ticked against the uneven cement as the redhead struck out for her new front door, too deep in thought to notice any of her surroundings, or the way that the tallest plants in the lawn and in the pretty stone plant-containers that ran all the way up the walkway on both sides, leaned in towards her as she passed, several browning ones turning green if they touched her skin. Just because she had legs now, didn't mean that they were her real ones. In the accident she'd been cut literally in half from the hips down, her legs amputated messily and fast. It had taken quite a long time for the shamans of the tribe to give her back a new set of movement-oriented limbs, and to embed the magic within her that would allow her to have legs or a tail if she so desired. She'd been turned cold-blooded as well, which meant she'd have to figure out a way to be able to go outside when it was winter without falling into a deadly comatose sleep so well known to her kind.

The movers had already taken care of her things, including unpacking her dozens of exotic plants, and the renovators had worked double time to prepare her new home on the inside, she couldn't wait to finally get settled, to figure out her first plan of attack on one of the biggest cities in the world. And to finally exact the 'cleaning' that she knew Mother Earth so desperately needed.

This is a....well, an introduction for my villainous character. She used to be human, but had been turned into what is most commonly known as a Naga, a half snake and half human woman when her jeep is run off the road by another human, one much more cruel than she. He is now dead, but her purpose now is the erradication of the human race and returning the world to it's rightful green majesty. I was hoping for this to be an F/F roleplay, with a heroine or just a simple human with a big heart, they'd start out being neighbours and go from there....It can be F/M though, but not M/M....just for my choices at least. This is pretty much wiiiide open for changes and tricks to be played, hell, the other person could even be another villain, or even a hero maybe!!
Adult, Some nudity, partial nudity, fighting, blood, guts and gore, long term preferably and probably a sexual relationship eventually..long term hopefully.

Odd Encounters
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Alright, so this idea I have is for a very rare sci fi-ish roleplay of mine that I got an idea from the BlueMoon website. It's about an accident that sends a teal blue furred neko anthropomorphic woman to earth, where she crash lands and ends up being saved by someone. This roleplay is WIIIDE open for plot, though I would LOVE it if we could have government agencies come looking for the escape pod, maybe find it, and somehow track down where she went, forcing her and her human partner to go on the run. Maybe the partner could be an ex-cop or something...? PM me and let's talk about it! She'd be able to change into a more humanoid form or course, though her ears and tail would remain teal, furry and feline. She'd have three forms: Her halfway human/cat form for her everyday 'wear', a full out teal cat, around the size of a panther, and her humanoid form. She would also have Pheromones that could send a male or a female of any species into sexual arousal, though that wouldn't be foundout until later on hopefully.
Alien/Human, Neko/human, nudity, partial nudity, fighting, sex, adventure, long term...

You know what gets to me? Fluffy Penguins. They're just so...fluffy...and waddly...and....and CUTE!! -squeals and grabs one to cuddle-

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TimeSlips and Major Mayhem...

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There used to be another land, back before human memories or records, when magic and the Mythical still existed. Beautiful and horrible creatures roamed the lands freely in those days, before the War, when the two most powerful beings in existence still remained in Balance to each other.

There were Dragons....Drakes and Elves, Lycanthropes born to their abilities and the dread Vampyre of olden myth. Atlanteans and Asguardians roamed the lands to make mischief and mayhem as they wished.....and in one, thick and green forest....there were unicorns.

Oh, not the unicorns of myth today, oh no, these were fierce and wild creatures, built like the most perfect horses, but with cloven hooves, a long tail with silk-furred tips, wisdom that spanned the Ages and a horn that held one single gem that rivalled in power to any wizard or witch, warlock or magician. Able to bring back the dead whose hearts are pure, or kill any creature who dared to attack, these beasts were immensely powerful....and thus, both reviled and feared. Especially when it was found that some...only the most powerful mind, but some, could even attain a humanoid form. They appeared similar to elves, with pointed ears and oddly coloured eyes, but their pupils shimmered with rainbow hues, depending on their moods....and their power was palpable.

They were all made extinct before the First War. Humans arrived, those who feared and resented those with power, and the unicorns were the first to fall, as they were innocent of the machinations of humanity in it's growing consciousness. There were two mages that helped in the downfall of the Final Herd, led by a magestic white unicorn and his mate, whose hide shimmered light green in sunlight due to her healing magics. It all happened one day. The leader of the herd and his mate had had two foals the week before, a gorgeous white baby boy and an odd....weaker black female, who required much in the way of care.

On the day that the herd was killed, these two were playing quietly in a Crystal Cavern, meant to strengthen the weaker Black Unicorn.
Anyways, some things happen and the two mages who aided in destroying the herd had a curse placed on them by the leader and his mate as they lay dying: Their descendents would be killed all in the most horrible manner they could ever imagine.....until such time as one of the Unicorn's own forgave them all of their follies. The mages knew fear then, because a curse from a unicorn, nevermind two, was a brutal thing....and always came true. So. They cast powerful magics, magics that tore the land where the unicorns had lived, from existence. One step out of alignment to the time stream in fact. The two small unicorns left alive were trapped. Forever....or until the magics wore off. And they were not alone. There are Things in the TimeStream, things similar to Antibodies, that dislike such things as land and the living intruding on their space, and the lack of light in the Void mutated what animals survived being bombarded by the Things.....and the black unicorn survived her brothers death.....

Her name is Shayde. Something simple, yet bleak. Over the millenia she has grown to be the most powerful beast in the Void, even the gargoyle-ish Kerreks fear her deadly gold horn, with it's jagged emerald embedded within the magical shaft. Her hooves have grown sharp and her ability to encourage the growth of what had once been prickly nettle plants has gained her a beautiful, if shadowed, arbour where she may rest after a tough day of fighting and killing. Because that is all she has been able to do since her brother had died at the hands of a Kerrek, when the Things had first appeared. He had given her all of his strength in the end, magically, and she held a fragment of his horns gem within her heart, literally, to prove so, as well as a small star shaped white patch of fur on her otherwise blacker than night hide.

Basically what I'd like to happen is for a modern day descendant of one or both of the mages to be in the area or close to it when the land that Shayde inhabits finally re-enters the proper timeline....bringing all of the Beasts and Things with it. Mayhem and hilarity and blood and gore can ensue....and the two MUST meet in order to keep an ArchDemon who had also been entrapped in the TimeStream and freed when the land is freed. They can hate each other, Shayde won't know how NOT to considering she despises all humans.....but she can grow to like one or two....perhaps...It's allllll open for debate! She can also be a He, and he/she has a human halfway forms, just human or unicorn.
Adult, Nudity, Violence, Blood and gore, probably some abuse involved, romance, love, looootttttts of violence and possible rape.
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Search and Rescue...

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  A search and rescue team is dispatched to find a lost hiker shortly before a man-killing storm hits the Rocky Mountains. The team is quickly forced back to base camp except for one (male or female) who ends up finding the lost hiker in a cavern, safe and healthy but with an odd happening.....he/she's been turned into a part animal.  Whether it's just ears and a tail or a whole section of his/her body, it's completely open for negotiation. They have to wait out the storm and figure out what's going on, because the rescuer also ends up with the same thing happening to him/her after a few hours. I was thinking it could be a type of new radiation or something, but we can talk about it.

( Adult, Nudity, Survival, Mystery, Possible rape and/or consensual....)

Celebrities and Hermits
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Okay, so it's not an actual plot, just an idea. Basically it goes like this; There's a celebrity, kind of stuck know the type. Either male or female. Anyways, he/she ends up in a little-known park in the city while escaping a group of rabid fans and meets another person, a hermit of sorts, either male or female, out babysitting his/her sisters' kid. They end up meeting, and it turns out that said hermit has no IDEA who the Celebrity is. At All. Now, the celebrity has been popular, well known and loved by all for a very, very long having someone not know who he/she is say the least. Things can go from there....
(Adult, romance, humour...possible relations...)
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Various Characters

Isanya Maloriek - The Original
All other variations of Isanya are based off of this character.

Age: Always appears to be around 27 years of age.
Race:Lady of the Mists

- A Lady of the Mists is an immortal being, made entirely out of the waters of the world; fresh water and salt, tears and blood and quicksilver and many, many other liquids that make up this planet and all others. Generally depicted as a woman of constantly shifting moods and appearances, the woman and her descendants always have hair the colour of garnets and fire, and eyes the deep, rich shade of emeralds in sunlight that tend to harden to seaglass or warm to deep moss depending on their moods. Her aspect is seen always dressed in water and mist, with dewdrops as jewels that glow even in the dark.



Age: Immortal

Race: Pure Embodiment of Rage.

~Her body generally resembles that of a dragon, in various shades of red and gold. The very core of her being is Chaos itself, and she rediates it from her body without even trying, which tends to mess up chance-related things, such as an arrows flight or a the chance of a bullet getting jammed in the barrel of a gun when it would have normally, without the influence of the Chaos within Rage, fired perfectly.


Liandra Maltianue

Age: Varies

~She is almost always human, and shows up in various parts of my roleplays as either a child or an adult.



Age: Varies

Race: Panther Demon



Age: Between 22 and 30

Race: Fox Kyn - not kitsune. Simply a male person with the ears and tail of a fox.

Roren also holds some magics of his own, but he's yet to discover them beyond an ability to heal quickly, project fox fire(an illusion only), and the ability to change into a fully grown fox. He is always white, without any colouring to his fur or skin, and his eyes are a briliant colour as well; either a sky blue or a deep, ruby red, depending on the roleplay.



Age: Immortal
Race: Cursed Human

~She was cursed by her lover back before Christ was born, and has been killed many times in the past, yet can never die. She's rarely brought out due to the messy work that she does with her killing, and her slight tendency towards insanity that leaves everything in her path either dead or so badly disfigured/mutated that the roleplay tends to die rather fast.



Age: 22-28

Race: Half-Dragon

He's a descendant of Rage, and embodies a mix of Chaos and Order, made of Balance itself, he can be rather impressive when it comes to tough situations, with Luck on his side, he tends to be a bit fickle, safe in the knowledge that he will always survive. I rarely pull him out as well, since he always seems to end up with ways to deal with a person that won't kill them. It pisses me off.


Meerai Azreana Caltro-Nen-sien

Age: In human years she's about twenty-five or twenty-six.
Race: K'Tarien, a species of teal blue anthropomorphic feline that comes from the planet labelled X-958 in the Centauri System.


Korae Caltro-Nen-sien

Age: In human Years he's around twenty-seven.
Race: K'Tarien, although unlike his sister Meerai, he is an emerald Anthropomorphic canine. From the same planet however and though they aren't blood related(he bleeds blue, she bleeds red), they were raised together and separated when Korae was seventeen for reasons unknown.



Age: Exact age is unknown, but it has been determined that she is several thousands of years old.
Race: Unicorn.

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You know what gets to me? Fluffy Penguins. They're just so...fluffy...and waddly...and....and CUTE!! -squeals and grabs one to cuddle-

Ons/Offs: #1 And my other one! Number 2! Not literally....Ew.