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Author Topic: Amethyst Delights & Dreams - Ideas & Requests (Closed at Present)  (Read 780 times)

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Offline Amethyst DreamsTopic starter

Hello [you], and welcome to my Ideas and Requests thread.  Hopefully you'll find something that grabs your interest here, plus there'll be more over time so stay tuned!  Just PM your interest, along with anything that comes to your mind about the story you're interested in (such as your own suggestions or requests), and information asked for in the story request (if any).

If would be helpful to keep my O/Os in consideration when looking over these stories, and if yours are up, be certain I'll have a look as well.  :-)

So, without further ado:

A Stranger in A Lost World - TAKEN
Type: 1-Player GM RP
Open: F, CD/TS
Pictures to Inspire

I've always had a thing for putting modern-day people in a fantasy world so this is another take on it.  This is the basic premise, though the world is a different one as is the plot.  Whilst I'm looking for more sensuality/sexuality than I'm setting from my group play, it is still secondary to telling a good story, being at about 30:70 on the sex to plot ratio.
           Description:  You find yourself catapulted across time and space into a darkly fantastic world, resplendent with savage barbarians, scheming sorcerers and deadly assassins, dark deep forests, grim mountains, mighty jungles, and burning deserts - a world about to cross the threshold of a Bronze Age into an Iron Age, and the rudiments of civilisation are sporadically scattered at best.  Surely with a little modern know-how on your side, it should be easy enough to tackle... or is it?  Everyday seems to bring adventure and danger, yet in time it all begins to seem as if true freedom and opportunity are here - freedom without written promises and hidden clauses, opportunity to be even greater than you ever were or could be.  How will you leave your mark?  Will you escape or will you make this world your personal playground?
           Duration:  Open-ended, hopefully long-term.
           Player:  Apart from the above mentioned, I'm looking for a creative partner who is willing to play their role to the hilt and tease the imagination, be it an archetype or novel character.  A character with varied traits and sexual elements in their O/Os lets us put together various kinky and/or sensual pairings, and a character with a propensity for world-trekking is much desired.  Romance?  Well, why not.  Monogamy?  Nah.
            In general, I'll GM the game, but I'm quite open to having the player contribute to the story and even help create the world s/he'll be playing in.
           System:  I will be strongly appreciative of applicants who would be willing play this out through a game system; either a gestalt E6 D&D/Pathfinder, or using the d20 Conan Atlantean Ed.  I can be persuaded to go freeform, though I'll be looking over those who would like to use a system first (though if your writing quality is very impressive, I may just go freeform for you).
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Offline Amethyst DreamsTopic starter

Re: Amethyst Delights & Dreams - Ideas & Requests (Open to all)
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2011, 07:09:49 AM »
Braxus Core - TAKEN
Type: Story RP
Open: F
Pictures to Inspire

And yes, that is THE no. 3
on her armour  XD

This idea is a blatant hybrid of Starcraft and Starwars for the most part, with other elements thrown in from various pieces.
           Description:  The year is close to 2218 and it has been nearly 3 years since the ill-fated expeditionary mission into the core of the galaxy.  Ever since 2103, humanity has been gradually worming their way towards the centre of the galaxy where they hope to find the enormous wormhole projected to be there - a slow process since the closer one gets to the core, the more hostile the environment becomes.  The NSC Liath which was the largest of ships ever constructed and sent to establish a safe-haven on an inhabitable world with its crew in cryo-stasis, was caught in the blast of a supernova.  Severely damaged, the Arc forged on before the reactors reached critical, and as a safety measure, the three sections containing the sleeping crew were jettisoned.
           It now three years on, survivors of the Patrem section of the Arc, attempt to live a life on an inhospitable and hellish planet that they have named Gehenna - by fluke, the planet revolves so slowly that one side always faces the sun and is a burning barren wasteland, periodically ravaged by extremes of heat of the solar flares from a dying sun.  The other side of Gehenna is perpetually frozen over in an unforgiving permanent night.  Only along the twilight rim between the light and the dark have people found a place to live, though life is never certain - caught between the colossal sandworms of the deserts and smaller, but more vicious and horrific iceworms of the frozen dark.
           No contact has been had with any of the others, at least until now... though it is only the start of a storm.
           Duration:  Discussable.
           Particulars:  I had this idea mainly from a desire to see a clash of cultures, as well for an obscure little phase of having a tempestuous romance between a pale, blue-eyed blonde Hallibel-esque (from Bleach) elite soldier and a coppery-skinned, jet-haired psychic warrior.  Their biggest problem being that the people of the Patrem section of the Arc were convicted criminals that were supposed to be used as an expendable workforce, whereas those on the Memron section of the Arc had roles similar to wardens and enforcers.  Naturally this puts the two at odds.
           Another recurrent idea was that due to environmental factors and mutation, the humans of the respective worlds have reach genetic saturation - the inhabitants of Gehenna are uniformly pale of skin, blonde or silvery of hair, and blue or grey of eye.  Likewise the psykers are universally copper of skin (as the metal, rather than normal skin tone), black of hair, and yellow or green of eyes.  The Gehennans got the bulk of Terran/human tech and are the most technologically advanced, where the psykers have adapted to other conventions.
           Player:  Any person who has a thing for ruggedness, armour, guns, survival, and hardheadedness in a character to play the heroine of the story (as in the picture, though appearance need not be as, though I'll be very happy for anyone who would be willing to play a Tia Hallibel-like character).  Still I'm quite open for working up with new ideas if this request has sparked any of your own  :-) ;).
           System:  Unlike the previous request, freeform is the most likely playform of this RP, though if there is a comparison, it would be to the Starwars SAGA edition; with only humans and the psychic effects being substituted for force effects.
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Offline Amethyst DreamsTopic starter

Re: Amethyst Delights & Dreams - Ideas & Requests (Seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: December 12, 2011, 08:28:20 AM »
Unhallowed Alliance - TAKEN
Type: Story RP
Open to: F

Unlike my others, I don't have a definite story direction for this one in particular, though I do know I would like it a dark and intriguing story that develops into something far lager than was apparent, angst and romance, impregnation/pregnancy, and large conflict, featuring the two characters above (Elven paladin/prince, Orcish shaman).  I thought I'd put it up and see if anyone would like to take a jab at it and see if we can get something going.
           Example Premise:  The Age of Man has began.  Whilst the dwarves have retreated into the realms of their mountain gods, elves and orcs have fought each other to virtual extinction.  On a desperate gamble, the orcs attempted to put to the sword the last refuge of the elves and only two survived that folly - the last Orcish king and champion of his people and his concubine advisor and demon-consorting witch.  From the carnage, the only surviving elf, a prince descended from divinity in ages past, rose and hated and hunted the two across all the lands, until at last he beheaded the Orc king in single combat.  Now the final hunt begins that will lead to the true extinction of one race... or will it?
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