F seeking M (NC/Extreme, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Modern)

Started by ivygrowth, November 28, 2011, 03:58:29 AM

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My internet situation is spotty at best, so anyone interested must be able to deal with occasional absences.  I will try to give notice, but they may occasionally come unexpectedly.  Hopefully they won't be long, though the last one was both unexpected and long.  (which probably kills any chance of getting a partner  :P )

Anyway, I am looking for one of several ideas to try and get back into things.  I tend to be fairly easy in terms of content, and don't mind going Extreme to some degree.  I prefer at the minimum non-consensual however, with a focus on slavery and/or groups. 

The Heroine (Fantasy)

This one is intended as an erotic version of a more traditional fantasy game.  I would like to play a female Heroine, in the style of Dungeons and Dragons or similar, in a (monstrous) man's world.  She would be quite successful for a solo heroine, but tends to wind up on her knees (or back) at some point in the quest, usually against her will.   

I would like a plot and the chance for character development.  The exact nature of the plot doesn't matter, though I like the idea of a demon weakened from long years of being trapped on the mortal plane taking an interest in her.  The exact interest could be a family grudge (her great-whatever defeated him), fear (she has been foretold to defeat him), power (he needs to resurrect himself in a half-demon form to regain his power, and needs a host for his seed to accomplish this), and so on. 

The Smuggler (Star Wars)

This is intended to be a longer story with a decent plot.  I would like to play a female smuggler in a Star Wars setting.  She would be a beautiful young woman with exceptionally bad luck, but an irrepressible positive attitude.  The story would focus on her various attempts to smuggle goods, the people she deals with, and the enemies she makes.   Hopefully it would have something of an overarching plotline.  I don't have any specific era in mind, though lean towards Knights of the Old Republic era or something after the fall of the Empire.

Pirates (Modern)

This is intended as a relatively short story.  The basic concept is simple, a woman is on a yacht that is boarded by African pirates.  The rest of the crew is killed while she is captured and taken back to land to be turned into a slave.

The Party (Modern)

This is intended as another shorter story.  A woman in her late twenties lives in a large house with her husband who is often away on business.  She is a favorite of the local men and boys due to a habit of never closing the bedroom curtains before changing, a bedroom that overlooks a nearby park.  One Halloween a group of sixteen and seventeen year old men decide they want to do more than just watch. 


Well met, Ivy.  :) 

Would you enjoy playing any of these stories with a game system?  Or are you a purely freeform girl? 

Either way, I might enjoy telling the story of your Heronine with you.  :) 
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Hello :)

I don't mind a system if I have access to it, but lean towards freeform in solo games just for the ease of it.  I can probably dig out the D&D 3.5 rule if you prefer that over freeform.