Adventures in Skyrim [M/F looking for dom guys]

Started by Rayne, November 27, 2011, 10:44:38 PM

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I posted this on the one shot forum, but I'm open to it being a long term so decided to put it here as well. This is a very open idea so could go anywhere.
Like the title says, Skyrim is the main setting here. Been playing the game a lot lately and totally into it, but of course it leaves it open to imagine your own story between the lines, and I keep imagining some rather kinky plots. So many possibilities...

For example:
1- An adventurer stumbling across a bandits camp, only to be overpowered by said bandits and used for their pleasure. Figuring I'd play the adventurer in question who gets captured and held prisoner, could be by the bandits as a group, or just as the bandit chief's prize. Of course, could be some twists. Maybe they were lovers years before, when he was a soldier that defected for some reason. Maybe she's a soldier and supposed to kill him, but they're more the robin hood type and she falls for him and their cause. Who knows.
2- The adventurer and their companion. Protecting each other can sometimes lead to a relationship. What happens when they get stuck in a blizzard and have to keep each other warm in a cave or tent?
3- A thief, caught sneaking in a house, trades a night of pleasure, or more for not getting turned over to the guards.
4- A mage student invents spells of a more scandalous nature and uses them on the local women, or hey, perhaps just another student. Thinking mind control, aphrodisiacs, toys or all sorts of more extreme kinks here.
5. The 'A Night to Remember' quest with the Daedra Sanguine given a new twist. Same as above, this would probably have more extreme kinks, Sanguine being the prince of debauchery and everything. Could see him kidnapping the adventurer and having fun with her in some alternative realm.
6- Also up for anything to do with werewolves, vampires or big strong burly nord men, just saying..  ::)

Anyways, definitely check out my ons/offs. I love lots of variety, and kink is always good. If any of these ideas interest you, great, but we can also think up more. I'm also happy to do this as more of a running over arching concept and just play lots of different match ups, like all six of these in small doses. I think it could be totally doable.