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Author Topic: Blood Servant [M seeking F, Vampire/Human]  (Read 429 times)

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Blood Servant [M seeking F, Vampire/Human]
« on: November 25, 2011, 10:29:47 AM »
Looking for a writing partner to play the female role and who is comfortable with reading and writing several paragraphs per post - I like detail and description, also decent grammar and spelling are a must but everyone makes mistakes (myself included) which is fine as long as the mistakes do not clutter up the entire post.  If you are interested in the idea below then send me a PM and we can discuss the details and flesh it out a bit - parts of my idea can be changed and are open for discussion so do not be afraid to ask or suggest an idea of your own.

She was young, and smart, though also rather innocent and naive as she was fresh out of High School.  She was looking for a steady job, anything to help save up for college and also pay her bills as she had just recently moved out of her parents house and into an apartment of her own.  Desperate, she applies for every job she can online by sending out copies of her resume and any information required from her for certain positions.  To her disappointment, she gets turned down over and over again due to her lack of experience.  Just as it seemed to be a hopeless search, she finally got an offer to come work as a personal servant.  Having no other choice, she arranges a meeting with her future employer.

Pulling up the to location of her new job, she is surprised to find that the address as lead her to a very large mansion.  The person who wishes to hire her is a tall, handsome young man with a well tone and leaned body.  He is a very successful business man and the most eligible bachelor of the industrious city.  The interview is short and rather informal as he fills her in on the details, and to her delight he is offering her an obscene amount of money per week - but there are conditions.  First, she must move in to one of his many and large guest rooms and live with him, that way she can assist him whenever needed, and she must do whatever he asks of her as his personal servant.  The description of the job sounded like long and hard hours, but she accepts knowing that it would be well worth it with the paycheck and besides he also offered her a free room, one as big as an apartment and her food would be free as well as he said she would dine with him.

What she did not know was that when he meant she must do whatever he asks that he did not just mean help around the house with things like cleaning, cooking and filing and sorting his paperwork - but he also intends to use her as a personal escort, taking her out to exclusive outings and dates, but also taking her on business trips.  Not only that, but he exploits her young body for sexual needs and beckons to her at all hours of the night or day, whenever his lust needs sated and his desires need to be satisfied.  How could she have known that the attire of the job would also include lingerie and revealing outfits?  And could she have ever imagined that her seemingly young and successful, attractive boss/master was also a Vampire - and when he said he would dine with her every night, sometimes she would end up as the treat that filled his blood lust.

So that is the general idea, and once again things can be changed around a bit or added.  We can discuss some plot twists and the story, the characters, and even the sexual elements.  Below are a list of things I would like to include in the story, but of course can be negotiated and not all of them have to occur - but as you may be able to tell I have many many ideas for this story and pairing.
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Curvaceous Female Character - I would like the female role to have some meat on her, to be considered "overweight" but by no means obese.  The vampire would see her voluptuous and plump body as delectable, finding the curves of her body to be sexy with her wide and rounded hips and her large breasts.

Drinking Blood - Well since this idea involves a Vampire, there will be scenes where he drinks her Blood.  It will be a rather intimate act for as he drinks his blood (her blood would be a delicious treat to him, making him strong and alive and also keeping him warm and his body and heart pumping - he would not be ice cold) his fangs also inject an aphrodisiac into her as her blood acts like an aphrodisiac to him and it would put them both into a very lustful and horny mood.  She will not turn into a vampire from the bite, she will only turn if she is injected with his blood which could happen down the line if they decide they want to be mated for life.

Rough Sex - Being that he is a Vampire, he can of course be rather rough especially when blood is involved.  With his strength he can easily pick her up and throw her down onto a bed or up against a well, knocking furniture over - the two of them biting and clawing at each other in the passionate moment - hair pulling and slaps of sexual encouragement - loud moaning, groans and grunts, forcing her to scream out in ecstasy - her nails marking up his back, arms, chest and hips as she does all she can to cling onto him as he thrusts with all his might into her over and over again, the lewd sound of her plump flesh being smacked against his echoing throughout the room.  coating each other in saliva and sexual juices as they explore each others bodies, fucking hard and fast over and over again until physical exhaustion and she ends up passing out from so many intense orgasms.

Large Penis - Being that he is a vampire, I will have him as rather tall and muscular and to go in proportion of his magnificent body he will have a rather large package - yes, meaning larger than average set of testicles and a big dick.  Actual size can be discussed of course if it is a concern, I don't plan on having it ridiculously huge though.

Excessive Semen - Now not necessarily an amount that would would be overwhelming or anything, but for being a vampire and his size his load would triumph over any average human male which could make for was wet and messy fun - also possible impregnation somewhere done the line if wanted.

Adventurous Sex - Having them have sex all around his mansion and not just in the bedroom, but also in things like the shower, hot tub, garden, on a table or couch, up against a wall, or while they travel they could do it in his private jet, in the back of one of his limousines, in the corner of a train/subway, in the restroom at a restaurant, on the balcony of a hotel, in a office, etc.

Foreplay/Teasing/Non-Penetration - With a curvaceous woman there can be a lot of fun in foreplay, and not just the usual stuff either.  Vaginal/Anal penetration does not always have to happen in a sex scene, there are many other things that can occur.  Of course there is oral which is always fun, but there is more than that as well.  I'm one that likes to draw out foreplay a lot, and sometimes it could consume the entire sex scene without actually leading toward penetration as I will show below.

Oral - Scenes dedicated to just exploring each other orally, sucking and licking each other, deep throating, having her ride and grind on his face as he eats her out, cumming in her mouth or giving her a facial...even having her squirt all over his face.

Mutual Masturbation - Either teasing each other by watching the other masturbate before them, or having her jerk him off at times or him finger fucking her...could be used as a great tease as well such as her rubbing his erection through his pants or him stroking her wet pussy through her panties.

Buttjob - Penis is rubbed and stroked between the plump cheeks of her ass without penetrating her anus, could lead to him cumming all over her back and bottom.

Thigh Sex - when either she sits on his lap or he comes up behind her and slides his penis between her thighs and they move as if they were having sex but inside the penis slides in and out of her thighs and rubs against her pussy.  She could also jerk him off in such a position, her hands playing with and stroking his shaft as it comes through her thighs.  Can also be done clothed, or with her panties on.  He could cum then in her thighs, in her panties, on her pussy or pull back and cum on her ass.

Grinding - When the grind their bodies together, such as he grinding her round bottom and hips against his groin, he even sitting on top of him, riding him as she grinds her pussy along the length of his cock - can be done naked or even clothed.  Could lead to them cumming while still clothed, or having him cum on himself or between the two of their bodies as they move and grind together.

Titty fucking - Either having her move her breasts up and down his shaft or him fucking her tits as she holds them together, could be done naked or even clothed.  While clothed she could just lift of her shirt, or unbutton it a bit to create a hole that leads to her mounds, or even keep her bra on.  Then it could lead to him cumming on her face, breasts, shirt, etc.
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