Apocalypse - The Last Post

Started by Jester, January 12, 2008, 11:06:03 AM

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Valerian and I are starting a new Group Game. It is post apocolyptic and will be set in America in the 2150's.

In the early 21st Century, cryostasis was pushed as an alternative to the death of a loved one.  A person could be put on 'ice' to await a cure for whatever condition was killing them.  Many people took out heavy loans to afford placement in several state of the art facilities around the World.  The Best known of these was Genera Systems Inc.  The people were given the best of care and unbeknownst to their loved ones, they were experimented on.  Since they were never fully brought back, no one would know the extent of human experimentation that was done here.    The government paid Genera to come up with lethal biological weapons and other things to replace conventional and nuclear warfare and in return, the facility was given the highest ratings and clearance.

In 2150, the 3rd World War between East and West started.   Within six months it had finished and the population dwindled to barely 10,000 remaining in the US, perhaps another 4.000 in the Canadian provinces and less than 2000 in the southern country of Mexico.  As for other countries, we can only speculate because the death rate was so unbelievably high.  Of those who remained, many would succumb to various mutations of the next several generations and the world was plunged into the dark ages again, ruled by strength of arms and force rather than intellect, but then again, where had intellect gotten anyone, just managed to kill off most of the people in the world and turn parts of the world into desert wastelands.

The world is now populated by small pockets of stragglers, tyrannical gang lords and wandering zombies.

The stragglers try and survive but few have risen to greatness amongst them and without a strong leader each settlement soon gets eaten up by the Gang Lords or picked off by the Zombies.

The Gang lords have each set up their own camps and fight each other for resources in each others areas. Led by the meannest and strongest amongst them they treat others with contempt and see them as either soldiers for their army or slaves to work the mines and the few farms..

Little is known of the Zombies. They were mutated in the War but each generation gets stronger and nastier than the one before it. The  older ones still find the light painful but as they grow stronger and more powerful who knows what havoc they will create.


Captain Nathan Reynolds peered over the walls of the "The Last Post". The Valley had been his home for years and as he looked out over it he felt an immense sadness. The "Last Post" was intended to be the settlement that saved humanity from tearing itself apart. In those last few days of the War the Officers and Politicians had made their way here hoping to rebuild the infrastructure of the State.

The Valley on which it was found stretched for miles north and south, east and west with huge cliff faces dominating the west and south sides. The settlement itself was not huge and did not compare to some of the gang lords however it was defensible and was well stocked.

The Captain fired off a few shots from the one of the Machine Guns and after the echoes there was silence once again. It would not be long before the Gang Lords found the "The Post", found it empty and claimed it for their own. The dream of Generals and Politicians was nearly at an end. Only Captain Nathan Reynolds could stop that happening.

He made his way down the steps and passed the gatehouse which was definitely inadequate and entered one of the squat buildings. The last of the bodies had been burnt yesterday and he could still smell it. The disease had gripped the camp quickly. All had died save the Captain but it would not be long.

Sitting at a computer he clicked the monitor on and saw the screen flicker for a second. As senior officer it was now his duty to start the programme...."Last Chance."


At opposite ends of the Valley four Cryogenic Chambers flickered as the power fluctuated. Inside each chamber was a man or a woman. They were "Last Chance." Each was a specialist in a certain field.

A Soldier.
A Doctor.
An Engineer.
And an Ecologist/Survivor.

They were the last chance. They had to meet at the "Last Post" and unite the World once more.

This is the world that the sleepers awaken to. This is the world that you must now survive.

We are looking for people to play the four survivors who remember nothing but only see their orders on a screen and attempt the long journey to the Camp so you can join together and unite the stragglers against the Gang Lords and Zombies. Meet Gang Lords. Fight Zombies. Survive using your own unique skills.

Please send me a pm or reply here if you are interested in joining me and Valerian in this game.