The Wolfman [NC, Seeking F]

Started by TheVillain, November 23, 2011, 01:38:34 PM

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He was ready. That's all he needed to know. The traps were set, his blade ready just in case- the camouflage was some of the best he could get his hands on. Much of it made himself. Even down to face paint as he watched the trail. He was on the hunt, he watches the grounds.

His pulse raises as he hears a noise. Prey? No, a deer. Wrong kind of prey. He wants the other kind of prey, the kind he doesn't eat. The kind he breeds like the good submissive females they should be. And why not? He was strong, fast, and clever- why shouldn't he be able to spread his genes with whoever he wants?

Another noise. A woman. Mid-20's, healthy, out for a job. Yes, she'll do nicely.

[This one is an amusing story, but I've had more then one potential RP buddy tell me that they liked the basic idea of The Incubus but thought I wasn't rough enough, or even more amusing they just didn't like the idea of playing a married women who enjoys getting raped. If playing a single woman, they'd of been just fine with it.

So this one is for you ladies. A crazed survivalist has started setting up 'hunting grounds' in outdoorsy places in which he rapes attractive women who enter his territory. Often beats them too, though not every time. If you're interested, tell me about your victim and how far you want it to go.
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Interested if it isn't taken already, I would want it to go as far as not death and very little vore if any.