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A M-preg craving {With beast?}

Started by Zoophilian, November 18, 2011, 07:24:15 PM

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Hiya all, Many of you know me from my many postings in the Off forum Rp wanted section here on E and about my crazy ideas about Transformation and critters and so on. Anywho! My current wants are geared around a Trap {Feminine looking male, cross dressing for one reason or another} Involved in a M-preg scene, this could involve animals, monsters, Eggs, Even aliens iam none to picky just looking for a decent person to play it out with. My limits are none and my likes are many. I should mention so ther is no confusion that I play submissive IE The Trap in this storyline of mine, Looking for suggestions and ideas, Up for any plot type from a Cannon story in an already existing world or something new, Be it modern or high fantasy. Please drop me a Instant message or PM If interested.