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Started by Ashacisback, November 18, 2011, 07:17:43 PM

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Good evening/morning/noon everyone. I'm brand new here on elliquiy and I have a couple of role play ideas I have been dying to do. Now I usually play a dom when I am doing these role plays, but I have been curious about being the sub. If you are a 100% dom then I will consider being the sub, I just feel I am pretty strong in my dom playing abilities. I also do female on female plots, I am fine with males playing as females as long as they are convincing. Now here are le plots.

After a few steamy visits to her school nurse, a high school girl finds herself extremely attracted to the young woman who has come to work at their school. When she finds a note in her bad with a name an address of the nurse she decides that the next Saturday morning she will show up for said appointment. When she shows  up the nurse introduces her to medical role play and bdsm fantasy. The student leaves only wanting one thing, more. She returns for another session with the woman and here the woman offers her a choice. To become her property and continue with her in various sessions, or leave and drift back into their student teacher, strictly professional, relationship. The rest of the role play beyond what I have described could entail their relationship growing and the student experimenting in her sexual nature. Medical bdsm is a big passion of mine and exploring it and different treatments in a role play could be interesting. I would allow this role play to grow naturally, so to speak, after we get past the basic first two sessions.

It should be noted that I do role play BDSM, medical fetish, and occasionally adult baby. But never scat play, blood play, golden or brown showers, I do not do needle play either. I will occasionally do spanking but only if the person I am partners with desperately wants me to.

Another idea I had was very similar to the first one. About a woman who was fresh out of a bad divorce and questioning her sexuality. She has a female therapist who has been helping her through her rough time and the doctor herself is much of the reason that she is challenging her sexuality. Finally she confesses most of these feelings to her therapist at her weekly appointment and the therapist tells her to start exploring lesbian bdsm after she gets home. The woman is quizzical but does this and soon uncovers a world that she never thought existed and is suddenly very interested in. When she shows up to her next session she expresses her deep curiosity in this scene. The therapist asks her if she would be interesting in exploring the scene herself. Of course the woman is and during this session the therapist takes out her assortment of equipment and introduces in a short session, bdsm to her patient. The rest of the role play is up to interpretation and what the partner and I come up with. It could be hard bdsm and romance, a balance, or focus mostly on a budding romance between two woman.

I would be playing the dominant in both of these, unless someone is interested who only plays dominant. Then I could play submissive. Please pm me if you are interested, or are interested and have any minor changes that you would like to be made. Thank you and I look forward to role playing with you.