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Author Topic: A box of goodies (Seeking: F/M/Beast/TG for various kinks.)  (Read 1103 times)

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A box of goodies (Seeking: F/M/Beast/TG for various kinks.)
« on: November 18, 2011, 07:01:59 am »
General Ideas of the Moment!
For general ideas, I assume it will be two original characters, following a loose or edited version of what I've written up. It can be freeform or a system - but if we're using a system, you'll need to teach me. Descriptions are written by me as a female, though m/m, f/f, tg/tg, etc are all acceptable. All of my 'wants' are more then negotiable - things can be added or removed, they are just there to jog the creative juices!

Blue is being craved - post by post, or PM's.
Green is available - post by post, or PM's.
Red is unavailable.
Title: An Unhealthy Relationship
Genre/Setting: Earth/Sci-fi
Wants: Non-Con, Blackmail, Bondage, S/M, Risk of preg, fictional drug use, prostitution, humiliation, rough / abuse, mind control or brainwashing,watersports, etc.
Gender(s) sought: M/F/TG - Dominant only.
My gender played: M/F/TG - Willfully Submissive or needing to be broken.

-Short summary of story-
After an extremely long, prosperous run as a drug dealer, human trafficker, and gang leader, you were caught. By my character, no doubt! An upstart DEA agent. Due to some particularly bad handling of evidence, and your paying off a lot of the investigators, you end up with hardly a slap on the wrist, and end up in the luxury hotel of jails... and only for two years. After the sentencing, my character has a bit of a breakdown over it all. Sabotaged by her coworkers, social relationships falling apart, including her marriage. After her spouse leaves with the kids, she reasons that the only one who knows the truth - is you. Where did all of those girls go? All the proof? The money? The bodies? You were ruthless - and now you have a distraught, desperate woman visiting you and playing right into your trap. Not to mention your release is right around the corner, and you still have the world waiting for you.

Title: Caught in Panties
Genre/Setting: Sci-Fi (Society and Technology)
Wants: Forced feminization, gender transformation, body alteration, humiliation, verbal/physical abuse, anal, rough, non-con, blackmail, mind control, scifi sex toys, forced incest, watersports.
Genders sought: F/M/Robot?/Other - Sub(Pre-Transform of my character) ---> Dominant/Switch (Post)
My genders played: F(Tomboy)/M/Other - Dominant (Pre-Transform) --> Sub/Switch (Post)

-Short summary of story*-
My character is a big of a tom boy - flat chested, short hair, baggy pants, sports enthusiast and a bit of a douche. You? You're her older sibling, who is doing well to take care of you and her after your parents have passed. In this day and age, there's very little work out there for someone as young as your bratty, spoiled sister. Thankfully, you manage to land a great job at a new science facility. One where a new experimental machine is being produced that can help transgender people be - exactly what they want to be. It even does a decent job of helping them mentally become what they want as well, all thanks to that amazing new neural implant. Seeing as how your younger sister doesn't have a job anyways, perhaps you could trick her, and employ her in a new way - or perhaps just have a new maid? Or the perfect boyfriend? Or give her the equipment she has always wanted, along with all sorts of feminine traits(your choice, of course)? Well, whatever you want, really. When you get tired of her, you're thinking? Well.. turn her into a new pet. Perhaps a lizard. Besides, it's the least you owe her for all of the times she's used you... literally. All the blackmailing, the spanking, the humiliation. Now it's your turn.
*Can be changed from siblings to parent/offspring as well, or even just room mates.

Title: Oh Goddess my Goddess.
Genre/Setting: Scifi/Earth/Other/Future/Post-Apoc
Wants: Dirty, prostitution, anal, excessive semen, smothering, choking, gagging, light and heavy bondage, s/m, chastity, fisting, squirting, beast, humiliation, face sitting, facials, creampies, height/size difference, age difference, genital size difference, piercings(or branding), leash and collar, public places,risk of/pregnancy,watersports etc.
Gender Sought: Herm/Intersex/Mix of both. If possible: seeking someone comfortable to play as an extra npc. Dominant only.
Gender played: Trans. Normal at first, after bondage/torture/abuse/etc, submissive.

Short summary of story-
The economy has collapsed, and Emily (my character), has had to drop out of college. A bit of a bookwarm, and a rather convincing female, she's always been quiet and a bit shy,  but strong willed. As she watches the community around the school collapse, she is saved in the nick of time by her favorite teacher - an attractive female who has always seemed a bit peculiar. But, Emily had no real time to worry about the specifics. She was just so thankful that she had been swept off of the streets - where rape, prostituting, looting, and murder ran rampant - and to her teachers house. A lavish mansion well outside of town. Of course, nothing comes without a price, and things are a bit weird around here. Way too many dogs, tons of locks, maids with horse tails protruding from beneath their skirts and bits in their mouths. Oh my. Not to mention the seedy bar down the road that shares a name with your teacher.
Title: A delicious Pet.
Genre/Setting: Exotic Fantasy, high or low.
Wants: S/M, Abuse, Furrys, Anal sex toys, verbal abuse, bondage, humiliation, sexual servitude and not, ownership piercings, anal training, fisting, watersports, orgasm control, bathroom control, beast, excessive... Ah dang it, you get the point by now!
Gender Sought: Male, Female, or Herm. Species: Some type of furry, preferably a predator type, male preferred.
Gender Played: Crossdressing male, or female. Species: Bunny. Crossdresser preferred.

Short summary of story
Your character is the wealthy type, and mine.. is a thief. After catching him in mid-pickpocket and having him sent to the cages, you decide to stroll home. Well, until you realize other precious items are missing, that is! It turns out the little bunny you had caught earlier had pick pocketed you before, without getting caught. Of course, this just doesn't bode well for you, so you pay a visit to the cages... and purchase your new little pet. What a cute bunny, and how hard he cries when you tell him you're going to eat him!
* This one is mostly open to wherever we take it, including in a bit of a group play. I'd like it to go from slaver/owner to romance, and.. Well. Twists in storyline, and such! I also has a picture for this bunny character... Just can't post it here! =]

Title: Rivals
Genre/Setting: Steampunk
Wants: Romance, kidnap, light bondage, stockholm syndrome, perhaps non-con, coercin... whatever the story brings.
Gender Sought: Female playing a female.
Gender Played: Female

Short summary of story
The mayor of the largest city in the town has died mysteriously, and rumor has it the Gi'Valle family did it. But, even worse then that, it was their upstart, quick witted, dead shot daughter. Everyone knows she is perhaps the most cunning assassin to be born and raised in these parts. That is, until one of the Ruthford girls returns home from serving out in the wastelands. When the two finally do meet at one of the local bars; it's apples and oranges, two very different females with completely different motives for being in the city. But soon, their families become mortal enemies as their fathers both claim the right to be the mayor. So the vast majority of the city picks sides, knowing both have the means to claim such a thing. The Ruthford's have been in the city since the beginning - they moved here early, bred quick, and worked hard to make the city more then it had ever been. The Gi'Valle, however - are a different story. The group showed up out of nowhere, seemingly a good band of people with a strong will to work and obey. But their past has always been a bit secretive - as has been the family itself - and no one knows why. So between the bitter fighting, the two daughters of the groups seemingly have no choice other then to kill one another... or do they?

Seeking: Very descriptive female, who is plot/story driven, and willing to control other npc's as need be. Looking to play this one on the forum. <3

Other stuff I'm willing to do, though I haven't quite pinned down a story yet:
Military / Terrorist stories.
Horror - Survival stories involving romance gone bad, etc.
An adultery story where I play a dominant character ( Preferably a group RP - With a m/f or f/f couple. Ask for details in pm!)

Video Games like...
Resident Evil (F/M, F/F, TG/F, TG/M)
Final Fantasy: Aeris/Red XIII/Cloud(or Sephiroth. *Drool*) - (Group RP. If interested, contact me. Ask for details in pm!)

I will be attempting to change the ideas at the top every time I finish an RP of one, or, bi-weekly.
Don't hesitate to contact me with any other ideas! All of the short summarys and such are very rough outlines. I like to leave room for the story to kind of... go its own way. Also, I like to leave enough room to work in elements from my roleplaying partners, too!
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Re: A box of goodies (Seeking: F/M/Beast/TG for various kinks.)
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2011, 05:23:34 am »
Updated - Added Rivals, something I really, really want to do.