Military Torture (Seeking M)

Started by Sampais Wrath, November 13, 2011, 11:16:48 AM

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Sampais Wrath

Ok so once again I had an idea for a rp. A spy has been captured behind enemy lines (me) and is being tortured to tell what she knows. No form of torture has worked so far. They've tried water torture, shock torture and anything up to sexual torture which is where you come in. She is now tied up in a tent entirely naked. The ropes are rough and cutting her skin lightly while a knot in the rope teases her pussy every time she tried to move. You can pick to torture her as a solider of the enemy army ( her point of view you're the enemy) or be on her side and rescue her but blackmail her into doing anything you want so no one finds out what had happened.

Pm me if interested.
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