Playing with Minx (roleplay ideas seeking F and M)

Started by GingerMinx, November 04, 2011, 11:24:57 PM

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"Trouble comes in many forms; One of them is a Redhead"

First and foremost please take a few seconds to look over my Teasers and Pleasers and then read on towards my literal foreplay. :}

Status:: Selectively open to roleplays

I enjoy playing a cornucopia of characters, scenarios, and genres; however every person has their little niches. My niche is generally found in my characters sexuality, and that being that most of my females will sport a ginger mane :} . I will always do FxF, FxM, MxF. I am not keen playing a bisexual or gay male. I just don't know how to play one, so please do not ask; alas, my characters will lovingly adore a gay characters male and female alike, just not sexually. That being said I have no further issues with my style of characters!

Now on to ze buziness :}

Plots & Cravings
All of my desired characters will be in bold, and red

Snowed In Taken
F x F / F x M
I'm seeking fluffy, resentful romance. Two characters possibly snowed in, or one being snowed in and the other a rescue member. I'm hoping to get a little bit of resentment from the characters to create some tension. Stranded in a family members cabin with a limited supply of food and firewood. Will the tension turn into yelling and fighting driving each other into the warm arms of their foe? Or will the two find the hard liquor cabinet and become to drunk and fall victim to their passionate lust? This is very open topic, I'm just craving some cold weather and snuggling. This could also fit into a renaissance timeline if seeking a different time. So I am open to suggestions that may fit your cravings. :}

Come Hither Taken
F x M / F x M
I'd love to do a supernatural type play with whatever type character you might like. Vampire, Werewolf, Shifter, Demon, Ghost etc. I'd enjoy doing it in a gothic urban setting like downtown New York, or Seattle. The supernatural being having lost something centeries before and having the item fall into my characters hands. When asked for it back a sparky fire is ignited between the two. This might fall into a Non Con type category with light bdsm if the characters created fit the play :}

Memories of Shantra Hill Taken
F x M / F x F  may consider up to 3 or 4 players

Shantra Hill will be loosely based on a post apocalyptic world after a nuclear war. All technology will be rendered useless unless "MacGyvered" into a working fashion. I want this to be a steam-punk play set in the destructed town of Shantra, sort've like a protected ground for survivors. A survival type play, I'm want to play a dominant femme in this one. :> The towns people that have found their way to Shantra Hill will have to apply basic survival skills in order to stay alive. Also the pressing element of raiders coming by and stealing from the small group...etc. etc. If 2 players I may want this to possibly turn into a non con, hostage type style between a raider and my own character.

I'll update casually as new cravings surface, and things are taken up. Please shoot me a PM, as to keep this thread as clean and organized as I can. Happy Pleasing! ;}


Updated status, and taken plays. Selectively seeking roleplays that may strike my fancy. :}