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Author Topic: Need a few partners for Will I Die For Her  (Read 866 times)

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Need a few partners for Will I Die For Her
« on: December 26, 2007, 10:59:30 PM »
hello everyone i am looking for a couple people to join this role play with me i'll need a mother a father, three girls and three guys one for a best friend for my character and two that are bad guys here is the summary

It all started three years ago. The summer before my freshmen year. My best friend that I knew since i was two moved out of his house and to where ever his dads job took him. A couple weeks later a new family moved into the house and they had a daughter and she was very good looking. I was always busy with sports and having to take care of my younger brother and sister so I really didn't have much time for friends because I never really had any free time to myself so I never really had many friends outside of school. I mean yea i was going to be the starting Running Back on the varsity football team and I was already told I had a varsity wrestling spot if I could beat the varsity kid at that spot. One day my little brother and sister were staying after school for some club and i had some free time. I had seen the new girl come and go a lot and I even saw her a couple times in the halls at school but I never got the chance to talk to her. The start to my freshmen year was only a week or two away and my free time was running short and while my little brother and sister were at this after school club i was outside in the front yard working on plays and moves and all for football because practice started in three days so I was getting ready for it. I saw the girl which name I had found out was Sarah walking to her door. I stopped what I was doing and walked over to her house.

"Hey my names Shawn and I have been seeing your a lot lately and I thought I would come introduce myself because i'm your neighbor."

She said hi and we had a little conversation until the bus came and dropped off my little brother and sister and I told her I had to go and she said ok and walked inside her house as I did the same. Now it is the summer before my senior in high school and every thing's been great. Me and Sarah have been going out for about three years now. My little brother is now in eighth grade and he watches my little sister who is in sixth grade and i've had a lot of time to spend with Sarah after football practice and games that is. I think I truly love her and I think im going to ask her to marry me at homecoming.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Night Before Home Coming At The Home Coming Football Game.

Announcer: It all comes down to this last play. The Mustangs are up by six points and there is only one minute left in the game, If the Patriots don't get a touchdown here they sadly will lose their Home Coming game. Here's the snap....Hovel drops back fakes the hand off to Miessner...Looks down field for a open receiver...No one is open and the linebackers are coming. *CCCCSSSSHHHH* And Hovel is hit hard. WAIT BALLS LOSE FUMBLE!!! NUMBER 24 MIESSNER PICKS THE BALL UP!! LOOKS TO SEE WHERE THE DEFENSE IS STARTS TO RUN TOWARDS THE ENDZONE! NUMBER 2 TRYS TO DIVE AND TACKLE MIESSNER BUT MIESSNER STIFF ARMS HIM AND KEEPS GOING!!!MIESSNER IS AT THE FIFTH-TEEN YARD LINE NOW THE TEN THE SEVEN....WAIT NUMBER 14 AND NUMBER 20 ARE ALMOST RIGHT NEXT TO MIESSNER!!THE FIVE!!!!!!*CCCCCCCCCCCCCSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH*AND MIESSNER MAKES A LEAPING DIVE FOR THE ENDZONE AND.............IS HE IN.....................OK THE PILE HAS TO BREAK UP AND THE REFS HAVE TO SEE IF ANY PART OF THE FOOTBALL HAS CROSSED THE GOAL LINE......OK NOW WE CAN SEE MIESSNER......AND JUST BY A HAIR THE BALL IS CROSS THE GOAL LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!PATRIOTS WIN!!!!!!PATRIOTS WIN!!!!!! Wait Miessner is still down.....The trainers and coaches go to Miessner to check on him. They remove his helmet and it looks like his eyes are closed. It looks to be that Miessner is knocked out cold fans.

SARAH:"NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" She yelled and pushed past people and kids and made her way quickly onto the field and next to Shawn. "Come on baby....wake up....wake up...don't do this to me...wake up....I know your not dead but just please wake up..."

Announcer:" Hold on fans looks like a girl has made her way on to the field must be his girl friend. Wait a second his eyes are open. Miessner is conscious. Well fans have a good night and a good home coming tomorrow night and I will see you all for next weeks game. Good game to both teams.

Coach:"You alright buddy? Can you walk on your own or do you need help?"

Miessner (Holding his ribs) :"Nah coach i'm ok go ahead i'll see you in the locker room."

Coach:"Alright buddy good game."

Shawn turns around and looks at Sarah.

Shawn:" I'm ok you can touch me"

Sarah:" Good but don't ever do that to me again."

Shawn wraps his arms around Sarah's body and she wraps her arms around his sweaty waist.

Shawn:"I Love you Sarah"

Sarah:"I Love you to Shawn. Now go get your stuff from the locker room and lets leave."

Shawn:" Ok baby meet you at the car."


Leaving The Locker Room And In The Parking Lot

Shawn walks out of the locker room and to the parking lot with his keys around his neck, his football paints still on and his helmet and shoulder pads in his other hand. He walks over to his car and doesn't see Sarah there he sees a note stuck to his window.

"You shouldn't of scored that last touchdown. Now we have taken your girl friend and you will do what we tell you!"

Was all the note said, Then his cell phone rang, It was Sarah.

Sarah:" Shhaa"

Shawn:" SARAH!!!"

Kidnapper:" Good now that we have your attention you will do as you are told. And that is that you sit out and don't play for the rest of the season. Ok bye.

Sarah In The Background:" SSSHHHAAAWWWNNN HELP ME PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!"


Shawn:"I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!"

Shawn said mainly to himself because the kidnapper had already hung up.


Ok this rp is going to be about Shawn secretly trying to find these kidnappers and find a way to get Sarah back. Remember this happened the night before Home Coming and he was going to ask her to marry him at the home coming dance. I would like someone to play Sarah ( if its ok gothic_cat or desirealuvsyou) and then you can play as the little brother or sister a friend or team mate or even his mom or dad. Or maybe just someone thats knows Shawn or Sarah from school. O i almost forgot i will need someone to be the kidnapper to if they want, It can be a guy or a girl i dont care.

Character Sheet:
Age: (depends who you are. If your not a parent dont be older then 19 and if your a parent no younger then 35.)
Looks: (pic plz if you can)
Bio: (if your the kidnappers include why you have a problem with Shawn and if you are a best friend to Shawn or Sarah contain how you meet them and why you are best friends plz.)

Name: Sarah (you can make up a last name)
Age: 17
Looks: (pic plz)
Bio: (If you want)

O and I want to start this close to the beginning of the story like when football practice starts and lead up to the game and the kidnapping so it allows us to keep role playing once we get to the kidnapping ok.

Offline psouth119Topic starter

Re: Need a few partners for Will I Die For Her
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2008, 07:52:23 PM »
is anybody up for continuing this with me???