Need partner for RP and to help further develop idea.

Started by King_Furby, December 24, 2007, 03:39:50 PM

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I found a partner for this. offer no longer on the table

I am wanting to make this long term or give it a good go at being long term. Allow me to explain my idea.

Idea involves action, drama, sex, monsters and a goddess of course. It is a fantasy setting.

In this fantasy world there is an organization devoted to making humans safer from demons and monsters. The organization is a group of magic users who are sent out on missions to investigate strange happenings and deal with all sorts of nasty beasts and creatures. Each member is ranked based on their magic energy. Teams are formed of two or four members. Always equal numbers of males and females. This is because they believe a male and female pair can deal with a larger variety of situations.

My character is a lower ranked member. He is an uncommon magic user being that he is a geomencer. He is a competent man but does not get respect within the organization. He is paired with another member who is higher ranked and a more typical well rounded type of magic user. They get along decently well but the women with him does tend to hold his rank over his head and is acting as the leader of the group. My character however does like the women he is with even if she thinks she is better then him. But then traveling together is not the only part of the story.

This is where the RP starts. While on a mission after beating some sort of demon monster they discover a strange white glowing stone. It is giving off small amounts of energy but nothing dangerous. The women of the group decides to grab it. A bright light flashes and fills the chamber. When the light fades down my character sees that the once glowing stone now is just a normal gray stone. In place of the women it seems a goddess of some sort has taken over her body. The goddess can either be evil or good which is up to you but she should appear to act good and kind. RP involves a switch between the goddess and the women. The goddess can only emerge for periods of time and then the normal women gets control. the women does not know a goddess is taking over her body, she just thinks normal time has passed. The goddess should have a different personality then the women. This is all I got right now, but I am hoping whoever is interested can help me develop the idea more. Having a second brain involved will help me complete this idea. I wanted to talk in PM.

Play would be at a pace of a few to several posts a week. With the holiday we may not be able to start play until after but I would at least like to try to open discussion before then. PM me or reply here if interested.