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Author Topic: Fatal Attraction [Extreme] [TG/M] [Seeking Sub M]  (Read 1058 times)

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Offline Le ImmortelleTopic starter

Fatal Attraction [Extreme] [TG/M] [Seeking Sub M]
« on: October 29, 2011, 08:39:34 AM »

Hello reader,

Here's a plot which i've been craving for a long time. It's a pairing which features Female-to-Male trans-gender along with another Male. The story which I have in mind shall consist of me playing a slightly retooled version of the character mentioned below in spoilers tags.

The Character

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Act I. The Profile
Birth Name: Angela Fraser
Name: Angus Fraser
Appearance: See Pictures
Alias: None
Age: 44
Sex: Male
Orientation: Bisexual
Profession: Investigator
Role: Corrupt Investigator
Alignment: Neutral

Act II. The Diagnostics
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 205 lbs
Hair: Reddish brown, short
Eyes: Green
Skin: White
Birth Mark: None
Tattoos: None
Distinguishable Mark/Scar: A scar on his stomach where he was slashed in a brawl

Act III. The Dossier
Likes: Dames..he loves treating them and showing a good time. BDSM, torturing others, drugs, people willing to pay for the information. Working out in the gym, playing cards.
Dislikes: Honest cops or criminals, being told what to do, being reminded of his past as Angela
Attitude: He's a charismatic, rough man. Rude, manipulative and merciless whose primary motivation is looking out for himself. Corrupt in every sense one can imagine, he won't be doing anything for anybody except for himself, and would always put himself in front of others. Although selfish, he's not a coward and likes to fight his own battles instead of running away.
Habit/Twitch: Chainsmoker
Weapons: Standard 9mm, a knife hidden in boots and an illegally obtained AK-47 which he typically keeps hidden in his car for emergency purposes.
History: Ever since she was very young Angela knew she was different. She was never interested in the usual things girls of her age were into. When others were busy dreaming of knight in shining armor coming to rescue them, what Angela wanted was to be the knight itself who saved the beautiful princess and kissed her. Since then she knew she liked girls..when by the time she was a teenager she knew that not only she liked them..but she wanted much more. The psychological profiling of hers done by her parents revealed that she was mentally transgendered. Angela had sensed that already as she had begun to adopt more and more masculine mannerisms. Whilst at the police academy, it led to her opting for hormones and surgeries to finish the process of her transformation, legally changing herself to Angus from Angela.

In her initial days as Burden city cop, Angus tried to live by the book..and all it led him to was nowhere. Especially when he saw his own parents get murdered and murderer walk away because he had money to bribe those had arrested him. He went MIA, that is until Angus hunted him down and killed him. Since then Angus realised there really were no rules in this city. If he wanted to live on his own terms, he had to bend and even break the law if it's necessary. He regularly sells information about the movements of cops to Crime Lord and at the same time is known to sell information about shady dealings of Crime Lord to other parties in the city. He really has no such thing as loyalties and is known to shift his position like a chameleon.

The Story

The basic plot line shall be as follows.

Angus Fraser is a cop, and a nasty one at that. Years ago, when he was Angela Fraser at the academy he also took some classes as a martial artist to make the ends meet. During which time he was introduced to this young kid named X. The boy who was well 18-20 years younger than her, took a liking to his teacher at that time..and even had a boyish crush on her all along. Angela forgot all about him after she finished taking classes and moved on with her life, eventually becoming Angus and whatnot. The kid grew up and aimed to become a cop himself..and even learnt  the 'change' his former teacher had undergone. One fine day Angus spots this punk aged no more than 20-21 buying some weed from a dealer who hasn't paid his protection money to Angus. Angus walks upto to them with sole aim of scaring the shit out of two, and does so pretty damn well.

The kid, is promptly arrested by Angus with sole purpose of coughing out some serious cash from him. The kid's afraid and Angus keeps on questioning him until it suddenly hits both of them who the other person is. The kid is seriously drowning in the life of crime after things went wrong for him despite of his every possible attempt to go clean and lead a good life. What the reasons for that are, shall be up to the player. Perhaps his father was in the life of crime all along, and Angus even worked for him maybe one or the other could be anything really. But the point here is, both of them end up dragged in a net and eventually develop a relationship of a highly volatile and extreme nature. Angus Fraser is someone who is not a nice person and likes to play it rough with no sin escaping him. He's selfish and will abuse your boy like anything. The boy can also perceive Angus as a father figure which he never had.

What i'm looking for here is a good thriller combined with a romance of an almost hopeless kind because the world the two characters are living in is clearly a dog eat dog one. For all his badness Angus will eventually appreciate a devotion of sorts which the boy has developed for him, a culmination of a crush which he had all those years ago. I want a long term story with this one. Aiming it to be a modern day noir, with Angus as the hardboiled cop with his lover as a homme fatale of sorts perhaps.

The Partner

I want a sub Male who shall be able to post once or twice a week. I myself have a slow posting speed and I don't mind waiting for replies as long as it's worth the wait. All I ask for is a reliable partner who shall not disappear in the middle of the story and shall be creative with his own inputs.This is your roleplay as much as it is mine and I would like this to be mutual story building. Oh and no one-liners and internet lingo please, I will chop you into pieces and feed you to sharks if you do that, I promise you.

Anyone interested in this feel free to reply here, PM me or contact me on YIM. Thank you for reading.
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Offline Le ImmortelleTopic starter

Re: Fatal Attraction [Extreme] [TG/M] [Seeking Sub M]
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2012, 04:40:38 AM »
Bumping because the story is open once again for anyone who might be interested in taking it. Feel free to PM or IM me to discuss. :)

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Re: Fatal Attraction [Extreme] [TG/M] [Seeking Sub M]
« Reply #2 on: July 30, 2013, 01:57:02 PM »
Bumping again as the craving for this particular story has come back.