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September 23, 2017, 06:47:42 PM
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Author Topic: Seeking long-term partners  (Read 1772 times)

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Offline MIDAssassinWolfTopic starter

Seeking long-term partners
« on: October 28, 2011, 01:46:23 PM »
Please keep in mind i will reply faster to PMs then i will to threads.

Alright, well I can play both Female and Male characters, but i'm looking to play Female Characters the most, right now. I'm open for any kind of plot ideas. Head's up, while my girls have attitude, they enjoy being submissive, and yet also sometimes getting to be ever so slightly dominate.
My girls seem to always some how get into trouble, or trouble finds them.

I'm looking for a guy who can handle such things, can be gentle, but also firm. The guy must be able to not only get her into trouble at some points, but also be able to get her out of trouble, just the same. He is dominating, but willing to let her explore, though keeps her on a leash.
My girls will fight being dominated yes, but, it doesn't last forever, i promise.

I am also open to less dominating ideas just the same, but my girls don't seem to change as for as there attitude and the trouble finding them. I can play from Past to Future, Human, to Fantasy. After all, i'm not a to picky person, and always willing to often try out new things. I will say i tend to base my girls off myself(Though, not fully) to be honest, just makes them easy to play with that way.

So, starting with my girls, you will see mainly just basic information of my characters. I'll update this as i go. And i'll even get some of my guys i play up as well.

I'm open to doing Role-Play with Males and Females, since i can play both gender of characters. I just ask that you can make a paragraph or more one we have. Over time, i'll get some plot ideas that i have. But i'm also always open to hear any ideas you all might have. While i like to try and work around what it is you are craving and wanting the most, i'm rather flexible and willing to often try out new or different things.

The girls

Name: Tundra Bridgit Pollux
Age: 23
Height: 5"4
Personality: Tundra is a easy going . She well stick up for friends when needed, but also gives them there space. If you don't bother her or try to upset her, then she won't bother you or make your day go bad


Name: Shade Tundra Valla
Age: 20
Height: 5'6"
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel(From a creamy brown to a bright green)
Personality: Shade is a fun loving girl, she is always up to having as much fun as she can, but she still tends to be serious about things though. She hardly ever gits angry, but when she does, her favorite things to use are knifes and daggers. She isn't really one for fighting but she will fight if needed to.


Name: Teri Salva Faro
Age: 28
Personality: Teri is a sweet and kind loving girl, though she does have a temper. She despite having to follow orders of another, but does as told but her leader in Pack Haven when told, even if it means doing it in her own way. She tends to keep to herself a lot if she doesn't know somebody she is around. She will protect her friends at all cost even if she isn't a protector and it might mean her life.
(heads up, this one was made for a Werewolf plot i had taken part in a few good years back)


Name: Onix Sojuro Vista
Age: 23
Height: 5'4
Race: Gifted Human
Personality: Sweet, loving, loves to have fun when she can, will talk about anything and everything


Name: Valla Niss Shea
Age: 19
Height: 5'4
Race: Vampire
Personality: Valla is a very sweet outgoing vampire, she will do anything for her friends, even if it means risking her vampire life for them. Valla may be a vampire but she just doesn't like spiders

The boys

Name: Savhin Nale Valien
Age: looks to be in his 20's
Race: Elf/Fallen Angel
Personality: Savin tends to keep to himself most of the time if he doesn't know the person or people he is around, until you get to know him, then he starts to open up more. He may seem all evil, but deep down he is a good person. Just like his good friend Matthew, he does things for the better, but it just might not seem that way to others. In his eyes, as long as the job gets done it's all good no matter what. He is rather hard to upset on any matter or topic at all, but when he does reach that point it will mean the end for something or someone. He is overly strong when he is calm but even stronger when pissed off. For him what most people would call mean or rude, for him is nice. He would put his life on the line for his friends, but he would give his soul for his loved ones. So, he can either be your best friend, or your worst nightmare


Name: Matt Wodan Pollux
Age: His real age is unknown, but he looks to be in his mid20's
Height: 6"2
Race: Matt is many things. Being the son of Hades, he is mostly dark and evil. He's a vampire who has lived for almost as long as the world has been around, maybe longer, nobody really knows. He is a hellhound, shifter, reaper, and dragon.
Personality: Matt has a personalty that tends to change quickly a lot of the times, he can be nice one second and rude the next.


Name: Garrett Von Hena
Age: 21
Race: Half Blood(Werewolf-human)
Personality: Garrett has one hell of a temper when it comes down to it, yet it is rather hard to upset him, he can pack one hell of a temper to him. He hides his emotions from everyone, given his past as he thinks anyway. Garret will quickly if around, take over a fight with his friends, placing any under his foot without a second thought. He stands for his friends and will give anything for his loved ones
(Heads up, i made him with Teri way back when for a werewolf plot)


Name: Tallen Von Tsavo
Age: 23
Race: Vampire
Height: 5'7
Personality: Tallen is a sweet guy, though behind closed doors, he is more then meets the eye. He knows how to enjoy himself, and will be there for his friends.


Name: Jaden Nevelik Dyne (Jade)
Age: 19
Height: 5'9
Hair: Red/crimson
Personality: Jaden is more of the bully, tends to pick fights a lot. All his buddies call him Jade, but Jaden will only answer to is if it's coming from the lips of his friends, nobody else or he might take to picking a fight. Jaden is more of the ring leader in his group of friends, but deep down he has a soft heart that isn't shown but around his palls and his loved ones.


Name: Novack
Race: Vampire
Age: 30
Height: 5'7
Personality: Novack is more of the Bad-boy, kind of guy. All out, he's just a bad guy. he enjoys making problems, and often getting to watch a problem play out. Though deep down he is a big sweet-heart.

Alright, so please keep in mid there are some of both my older plots. If i ever get any other ideas as far as something to work with that isn't already any of my plots, then i'll add them below the plots and such like that. Not all of my plots are detailed, as some of them are still rough sketches that can be worked around with.

The plots

Night Riders
Welcome to Oklahoma, home of Ponca City. This is where it all began, in a underground lab, just below the main city park. Were the attempt of immortality failed, and started the havoc of the dead walking the streets.

In the middle of winter, last year, the year of 2012, it went from one place, to over the hole world. Small pecks of the world have managed to survive, working together or on there own, killing the dead, or any to be the dead. Animals still can't be turned, but when bitten, not made for a good meal, as it could kill you just he same, so to say.

Stay strong, keep a eye on those who might endanger the group, let alone you. Keep those close, safe, live and rid the world of the damned. Be on your own,or with others, Just, try not to be the dead.

To the east, there is a group called the Night Riders. Found in a warehouse, with tunnels leading all over the city. Run by only those fit to hold a large amount of people together, to fight and look out for more then just those close to them. This is no normal warehouse, it has been tweaked, so to say, armored, hard to get in. It has been worked on, since the start of this war with the dead. The finest of guns-men, archers, and fighter, lurk this building. they shoot from the top floor, and roof tops in the day, when most of the dead is out, scavenge the close by stores, and search for any survivors at night.

Do you have what it take to make it through the streets alone, left to the mercy of the unseen gunners above? Can you take the heat on the inside? Or will you seek shelter else where? Live or die, the choice is up to you.

Forsakenly Tainted: Pack Haven's Uproar
Thousands of years ago, when the world was young and innocent, a corrupt man came to the lands, conceived a plot to corrupt the beloved kingdom. But there were some who resisted, found it wrong in many ways. Magic being part of day to day life, death and sickness is close to being unheard of. With slave markets being set up people are starting to think twice while others are still blinded by what is going on around them. With the unseen forces causing a stir, a female has been trapped in a cave with only a small handful of friends and her young sun and daughter. No one knows how things will turn as they are being hunted down by a pack of Rogues while they wait, hopefully for Protectors to step in and help. The gifted child that has been unknown to even her own mother is know close to loosing her life till a fellow friend steps in and claims their life to keep her safe, not knowing what it is they are protecting. The child, being the spoken one to save the world and bring it into world peace.All is lost in the modern world, seeking a fate that is hard to be found. that are known as Protectors, larger, stronger, faster than any known things alive, have formed what they like to call a Pack Haven. Seeking peace over what most would like to be a world of rules and war. After saving a small group from certain doom, they have found one of the children has gone missing and need to bring it back before it can be used to end the world.

Here in Pack Haven you find what most would call a disgrace to all kind. Here you find not all of one, but of more. More then werewolves, here are gifted, vampires, humans and such like that. Though everyone might think hey are still on their own in a way, nobody here is ever alone. All most none are unhappy here, there are more than enough jobs, schools, healers, and food. The people know only of three places, Pack Haven, D'hara, and Gondola. One day, the lies come out... That all that Rogues have done and that all those high minded words are lies. Some has been trying to take over the worlds, and outside of Pack Haven, those who seek power been setting up slave markets. People are unhappy and unsure of what to do.

The group of men and women who have taken to Pack Haven, now have to secretly battle more then one, within the law while they are able to operate outside of the kingdom's law.

What is your choice, will you help keep Pack Haven safe from the Rogues, be a Protector, and help bring world peace with the so called chosen child, or children? Or are you going to take the path of that a Rogue would take, claiming lives trying to keep from world peace and live as what you call freedom, trying to rule the world?

Mirrored Worlds
Our world is not the only one out there. Accessible only through specially crafted mirrors, Normandy is a sight to behold. Ruled by monarchs, it is a mighty kingdom. All is not well though as war with a neighboring country looms in the distance. People begin falling through these mirrors and over the years they grow scarce until there is only a few left. In the modern times a group of teens on a dare enter a old abandoned Warehouse, and find a ancient mirror. Fooling around, a few teens fall through and find themselves in Nawala. They soon discover though that the only mirror is held by the king of the enemy country, and the he's threatening to break it. Even worse the Normandy monarch refuses to bargain with the enemy king and refuses the teens to go by themselves. The teens must find a way to get away from the Normandy monarch and to the last mirror, before it is smashed and forever lost to them.

Blood Moon Brutes
The year 2012 will be forever known for the end of the world, and the start of humanity. The world had been cast into darkness as Hade's ream seem to over flood with the damned souls that where kept there.
As Room ran out, Hade's sought out a place to help house his realm, and so he sent his son to earth along side some of his friends, and minions. World domination began here. As humans fought back, they could only in the end fall. Many that where left alive, became workers, or slaves. There is even a small group of what is known as 'Wild Humans' that have managed to somehow slip the grasp of the evil and hide, fighting for there lives, but working together.

A war is coming, one between good and evil. Who will prevail?

Over the years, myths and bed time stories have become the real deal. Races other then humans have made there presences, some evil, others here to help fight by the humans to take back the earth.
The year is now 2015, and somebodies pray has gone through finally. Heaven has opened it's sky, and sent out angles to try and help cast away the demons that have taken over the world.

With war on the horizon, one can only hope for the best outcome in this.

1) Any one of my girls, is an under cover cop for a case that nobody else in her station would take. Bringing her partner along for the ride(One of my guys who won't stay in long), they find themselves in some trouble. They've been caught, and her partner has been caught in the cross fire. The guy they where trying to take down(For whatever reason) offers a truce. She can either come along quietly, or go the hard way. His reasons as to why he wants her alive is unknown.

2) In a more futuristic set up, a male assassin(Or bounty hunter) has been lacking jobs to help keep him busy anymore. When he finally get's a hit about a girl who has finally racked up enough charges(Whatever you might have in mind), he sets out to take her down. There is only one problem. As the game of cat and mouse takes place, he starts to grow interested in her for more then just a bounty(Or target). Taking her hostage, and back to his place(Against her will or not), he treats her to his bed. As things get steamy between the two, him falling for her, her for him. Another player steps in, trying to take her in for that nice bounty on her head. Many more will come, leaving problems for the two, and often testing there skills.
((I can play either the male, or the female))

3) Victim of a murder, and left to take the blame. A girl has found herself trapped in her own house with killers. They don't know she is there, and has called the cops. By the time the cops show up, the rest of her family is dead, and she has been found, and left to look as if she did the killing herself. The cop that has been assigned to this call, was ordered to execute anyone left alive. They didn't want any witnesses to the case file of the man they know did the killing. One problem. As he aims the gun at the girl, he can't pull the trigger, but he can't let anyone know she is alive.
((I'l play the girl in here. But it's also left open so it can have many ways it could take off, or end.))

4) It's the middle of the night, and i've stumbled onto a scene. Three men dressed in black, and you can't see there faces. A boy is tied and chained just in front of one of there cars, headlight on so the boy can easily be seen. ((Be it the seen is just for picking on some kid, or if there is more reason to it, we can always work that out)). As i try to back away, i've already been spotted. The reason for one of the guys stopping the others from trying ti kill me is unknown. The look in his eyes though, speak of some hidden plan.((Not going to post much for this. As i think might do better if we work details out together.))

5) It's a rainy night, as i'm driving down the road, i see a cop care, alone. Pulling over i get out to see what's going on. Nobody's there. Just as i'm getting back in my car, i've been stopped, by the man who more then likely owns the car.((We can work out more details together for this.))
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Online Tigara

Re: Seeking long-term (M or F)partners(Updating as i go)
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2011, 02:30:12 PM »
Hey MID I am interested in doing some RPing. I only RP girls. I haven't figured out how to do a male very well yet. They never turn out right. I am up for any Idea's you might have. I am still a little lost as far as Elliquiy goes but I am learning. I love doing descriptive rps. I also have a habit of making several side characters as I RP. Let me know if you are interested and I will be glad to rp with you.

Offline MIDAssassinWolfTopic starter

Re: Seeking long-term (M or F)partners(Updating as i go)
« Reply #2 on: October 28, 2011, 02:32:45 PM »
Hey there Tigara girl :) It's cool. i can play guys rather well to be honest. So i mean, yeah if you ever want to Role Play, then just let me know.
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Online Tigara

Re: Seeking long-term (M or F)partners(Updating as i go)
« Reply #3 on: October 28, 2011, 04:27:00 PM »
Let me check out all your plots and then I will let you know. and just because I play a girl doesn't mean you need to play a boy. *wink*

Offline MIDAssassinWolfTopic starter

Re: Seeking long-term (M or F)partners(Updating as i go)
« Reply #4 on: October 28, 2011, 04:32:07 PM »
Lol, you've got a point there  ;)

Online Tigara

Re: Seeking long-term (M or F)partners(Updating as i go)
« Reply #5 on: October 29, 2011, 12:09:51 PM »
hmmm I will let you pick something and then PM me with your thoughts I am open for just about anything in your likes.

Offline MIDAssassinWolfTopic starter

Re: Seeking long-term partners
« Reply #6 on: December 09, 2011, 05:44:44 PM »
Hmmm.. Going to bump this up.

I'm also trying to come up with some more ideas to add on. I'm going to be looking for a Male Dom though, if there are any. By character is nice, but also a RL male dom would be great as well to work with. Figure i might as well try a few things, and let you guys have some fun as well with it. ;)

Online Tigara

Re: Seeking long-term partners
« Reply #7 on: December 11, 2011, 08:29:40 AM »
Sorry girl I can't help you out with that one. Come on GUYS give her a post or send her a Message. just helping to bump this up as I cheer you on. good luck Mid.

Offline MIDAssassinWolfTopic starter

Re: Seeking long-term partners
« Reply #8 on: December 17, 2011, 08:12:11 PM »
Thanks Tigara :)

Offline MIDAssassinWolfTopic starter

Re: Seeking long-term partners
« Reply #9 on: December 18, 2011, 09:50:43 PM »
Ok, well i've added two other ideas up. Not sure, lol, but i think i've been lately starting to get a rather big thing for cop stuff. *Grins* Not sure, that might pass though.

Offline MIDAssassinWolfTopic starter

Re: Seeking long-term partners
« Reply #10 on: December 26, 2011, 09:55:11 PM »
Alright, going to bump this for the moment. Hope you all had a good Holiday weekend.