Zara's ideas [M looking for F or M]

Started by Bloody Rose, October 23, 2011, 03:29:28 PM

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Bloody Rose

Good Afternoon:

I am back in the saddle sort to say after a couple of months of being out due to some real life things that kept me out. During that time I could find out more about myself and I could honor my writing styles as well (Doing a book at the moment and already have the money for its publish). Now that I have more time on my hands and that my legs actually work again (was out in a car accident which left my leg screwed up) hopefully I can get my life back on track and my life back on Elly as well. I am looking to start fresh again, hopefully those who were roleplaying with me can forgive me and I can tell them the reason why I left over a pm if they wish.

Okay now that is out of the way let’s get back to the thing you been looking for, roleplays. Here are a few things you need to know about me.

1-   I am a bisexual male, with that being said I can roleplay anything from M/M, M/F,F/F.
2-   I am looking for someone with some literacy, I mean please by the love of all that is saint, don’t give me one sentence or else I will surely abandon the rp.
3-   I prefer to play modern roleplays, I can play either role Dominant or Submissive so don’t be afraid to come to me.
4-   I really don’t care what you play, male or female as long as you play it well. The gender of the person driving does not really matter to me.
5-   Here is a very IMPORTANT rule, please by the love of all that is holy give me a good plot if you contact me. I don’t really want pure sex roleplays that gets old very very fast.
6-   I understand you have a life outside the Pc, I do too so I will not hurry you with your replies unless a week pass and you don’t give me notice you will be out.
7-   I would never god mod or power play, controlling others char its not my thing. I ask you to respect that very same thing with me, don’t control my characters.
8-   I can be a mean dom or a caring dom, I can do NC as well as C and even romance. I am very open in terms of roleplays I only expect you to be the same.
9-   A roleplay often times involves more than two persons, so I ask of you that if we need a npc for a couple of stuff  please just make it out, or act like them in your roleplay.
10-   I most times match my partner, however it is not required that you match my writing length, as long as you post at least a paragraph and give me something to reply to I will be happy.
11-   Finally, have fun. If you loose interest please tell me we can work something out or just play another thing I don’t mind.

Bloody Rose

A Couple: [Romance, Bondage]

It was meant to be, a girl that had no friends and a new boy at school. The girl that often times got bullied having her to expect the bullying and prepare for it every day going through hell. The new guy who nobody knows anything,  what happens when the girl gets bullied to a point where she things she is going to go crazy and the new guy steps in and saves her. He shows her kindness and respect to the girl, however he wasn't the best looking boy in school while she was a knockout. What would happen when she realize that his heart its a truly beautiful thing.

Bloody Rose

Blackmail [BDSM, Spanking, Bondage, NC]

There was this famous girl at school, the girl everybody knew. All boys wanted to be with her and every girl wanted to be her, she was the most famous girl in the entire school. Good at sports and having perfect grades, however what would happen when a teacher discovers something about her?. She was taped stealing from a store and with his contacts he was able to get the footage and silence the store owner with money. With material on his hands he now aims to turn the school diva into the school slut and his friends and him will have all the fun in the world. What would she do? how would she end up looking at her fame going down the drain?

Bloody Rose

Online Meeting [Bondage, BDSM, Dominance, Concent

Jessy (or whatever name you wanna put her) its a girl that always had a dark fantasy on her soul, she always craved being dominated. However living with her parents made her unable to fulfill her fantasies. One days he goes to a online bondage dating site and quickly finds a man that offers to dominate her online. He is very handsome and treats her like a queen, he slowly trains her from putting her through simple stuff like not wearing any underwear to school to more complicated stuff like wearing a dildo inside all day at school. Now graduating she wants to make a drastic thing, she wants to go live with him. She tells her parents that she is going to a out of state university and quickly takes a plane. However would it really be like she dreamed?

Bloody Rose

A Meeting [Bondage, NC, Blackmail]

He was on a bondage club, she was there too. Being his boss she always looked around to see how he acted while he wasn't at work, she craved him and she would have him. At the bondage club he was selected to be played by everybody, he was tied to a X and taken advantage of. However what he did not knew was that she planned the entire thing and was just gathering the material needed to blackmail him. Now with her ammunition she calls him to her office bent on having him, once and for all.

Bloody Rose

The Dark Lady [NC,EX,Bondage,Humiliation, Blackmail, Chastity belt]

Your character it's my character sister, she always dressed in black clothing and always were a bit on the goth side. My character however it's a complete nerd, he loves to read and play videogames. What happens when your character finds some photos of him pushing a dildo up his ass and having fun while masturbating, she could blackmail him to be his faithful little pet and even help her with homework. Your character being very open minded in term of fetishism means that my character would be in a hurt of trouble, and with a new chastity belt she bought in case she found somebody his fate would be on her hands.

Bloody Rose

The Walking Dead [Zombie survival, Horror, Post-Apocaliptic]

It was meant to happen, doomsday. The day where the dead came back to life, the infection quickly spread around the world and only a handful of people survived. A young man it's one of the survivors of the apocalipse, he thought he was alone. What happens when he discovers another person alive (M/M or M/F). They both have to survive now in a world where everybody it's against them, and I do mean everybody even the dead...

Bloody Rose

The Accident [Drama, Romance, Plot Heavy, Maybe bondage, NC, humiliation]

It was a normal day for Aiku (my character) she was on her way to a music concert she was offering since she was a piano player. However it was not meant to be, another driver (your character) lost control of his or her vehicle (or was drunk or whatever) and impacted Aiku's car pinning her on the car and driving her unconscious. When she wakes up in the hospital she has no idea who she is and where she is, her memory was empty. Now your character has the option of helping my char get back on her feet or manipulate her into being his or her pet or whatever we can come up with.