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June 23, 2021, 05:11:17 pm

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Author Topic: Strange Ideas from a Deep, Dark Thought(F seeking M)[More updates coming soon!  (Read 885 times)

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Okay, so this is probably my first thread on here. Except for the Introduction. I've improved greatly since then, and I decided it was high time for me to finally make a thread to quench my thirst for rough roleplays.

I love rough, hot scenes. Breaking things, ripping clothes, etc. You name it, I'm probably into it. And if things get too rough, bruises and cuts. I love domination, when it's usually over one of my characters though. But I can play dominance once in a while as well. It's all worth it right?

And another thing: I might not be able to reply every day. I'll try, believe me, but I have a life as well. Please don't expect me to push everything aside for a steamy roleplay.

I'll try to update once in a while, because I have a few more ideas up my sleeve. ^^

Death- Now this one I've been dreaming about for the past few months. It's been killing me, and I really want to do this one. So it begins with Death(the Grim Reaper, Slayer of Souls, whatever you want to call him) making the rounds. He's everywhere, and yet nowhere. And it's on one particular day when he sees a young woman. She is very much alive, with a pulse and everything, but there's something wrong. Her soul is slowly dying, wilting like a flower that has been without water for weeks. It makes him stop, makes him so much less eager to return back to the hell he decides to call his home, and he her. And as time goes by, he finds himself searching for her, and he could feel his heart going wild with what he believed to be was lust. Yes, Death has a heart. It's just different, more advanced, and able to withstand the drying sands of time. Death is actually in the image of man, by the way But one day, he sees her trying to end her life. Compelled suddenly, he reveals himself to her, even though she is not yet dead. The woman is not frightened, but more, what's the word? Excited, that's it. She was excited, and in so many ways. He is surprised by the way the woman throws herself at him, but he gives into his chaotic desires. Time goes on, and he keeps on coming back for more and more. But soon he finds out, that maybe she planned all of this the entire time?

Succubus- He has been watching her for so long..and now he has his chance. From the moment the girl was born, he claimed her. She was to be his, and his only. And she was alone, separated from everything that could remotely help her. Oh, how he loved college women. They always made his demonic blood burn with his extreme desires. He makes things happen, and the first night he takes her...oh it was probably the best he had ever had! All that waiting had certainly paid off, I'll tell you! But something happens. She wants more, and starts to make dangerous moves. She teases the demon, drives him wild with the way she walks around naked, refuses to wear undergarments, etc. He usually would have killed her right after the first few times, but there is something that keeps him going for more and more. Maybe it's some higher power of some sorts, but it still confused the lustful demon. Should he delve deeper into the mystery, or just settle with this odd arrangement?

Angel Without Wings- Now this is one of my ideas with a dominant female. You see, she's an Angel, but her wings were ripped off as horrible punishment. What is left behind are two intricate scars on her back, traced in black and made to look like large tattoos. The woman is quiet, and keeps to herself. She has the allure of a Venus Fly Trap, with just as much capability of attack. And then he meets her. He falls in love immediately, but she pushes him away so many times most men would have just given up. But he refuses to, and one night, she gives in. And in that one night, he finds out so many things, that suddenly she just can't let him go. He must be with her and in truth, he really doesn't care. But the more he finds out about this woman, the more he starts to get a strange fear. Addicting, raw, lustful fear. Something he can't throw away, not just yet.

The Strange Dreamer- (For this one, I would love a little extremities, but I do have a few limits)She's been craving the oblivion of sleep a little too much lately. Why? Well, she has been having these odd dreams. They are always the same thing; her and a man, making passionate love. But now, after a few weeks of this, he's seeming to get moreand more dominant over her. And one day, it all goes awry. She can't seem to wake up, as if in some sort of coma. And now this man..he now calls himself Master, and he refuses to let her go. Does she stay with him, induced in the coma forever? Or does she find some way out, unable to take anymore of the intoxicating pleasure?
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Re: Strange Ideas from a Deep, Dark Thought(F seeking M)
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2011, 12:33:52 am »
I am very interested in your Angel Without Wings roleplay. It sounds mysterious and interesting.