Dreaming of: A Sex Adventure! [F/F, M/M, M/F~!]

Started by It Dreams, October 15, 2011, 10:31:45 PM

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It Dreams

Alright, let's get down to business; what I'm looking for is sexual content. This doesn't mean there will be no plot involved, but there doesn't need to be. That's the beauty of it! I like writing sex scenes, and after being suppressed by site after site in being able to do so, I don't care how weak the darned premise is!

I'll try and keep things short and simple.

(I'll bold my top craving(s) to make things easier for you~)

First, me:

  • I like and love playing all sexualities and genders. Power roles, too. :3 Special place in my heart for lesbian relations, though~ And sometimes straight relationships with me being the girl all the time get tiresome.

  • I don't like being expected to respond every day. I have many things always on the go with my life. If I reply every day, I reply every day. If not, then I don't. Roleplaying is something for spare time, not something to create spare time for. In my case, at least. I don't need another commitment to constantly worry about

  • I can play out sex scenes in various styles, so let me know if your tastes are more on the erotica side or pornography side~

  • Multiple characters are much loved, even if it's a one-time appearance. :3

If you want to know more on me, just take a look at my Ons & Offs and all that jazz~ In fact, I highly recommend you go and read everything I have there, since that'll probably tell you more than I'll be detailing here.

Now, my ideas. I'm thinking along the lines of a sex adventure / sex epic, which implies that there might ony be one or two characters that are consistent, while the sex partners come and go. Despite this, I'm open to exploring the ideas in a more serious light, where the sexual encounters might serve a higher purpose or may actually or just seem to take a backseat to plot.

Here's a list of possible ideas:

  • Homestuck. 

  • A space adventurer on a quest to bed the most beautiful alien women from each race he comes across. 

  • A space traveler who ends up being dominated by all sorts of strange aliens on their travels  

  • A monster hunter who defeats monsters & renders them harmless by having sex with them.

  • A mythological creature who has such strong pheromones they gets sexed up by all sorts of animals and other mythical beasts no matter where they go.
    (Could be catperson or anthro or whatever)

  • A channeler who gets sexed up by all sorts of demons and other mystical things that are attracted to their spirit.

  • A fantasy being who plans to avert a world war by sleeping with all the leaders of all the fantasy races.

  • A very wealthy person who buys a new sex slave on an almost daily basis.
    (Should be mixed with fantasy, science-fiction, supernatural, what-haveyou)

  • The deadly sin 'Lust' is on a quest to bed all the other Seven Deadly Sins as well as the Seven Heavenly Virtues

  • A doctor who deals with the sexual needs of various patients.
    (Could have fantasy, supernatural, or science-fiction elements mixed in to give more variety to patients.)

  • A pony is on the quest to find all the Elements of Harmony, and is going to sex them out of their respective ponies.
    (Applies to the fandom of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. 'Catperson' or anthro is preferred)
  • A hero on a quest to sex all the gods. (And other Powerful Beings or creatures)
    (Could be varying mythologies. My favourite is Egyptian. ;3)
  • A scientist who has sex with all their experiments.
    (Mutations ahoy! I wouldn't want to go grotesque though. Just like. I don't even know. HELP ME OUT.)

Annnnd some pairings, if you don't like those general premises~ I can and will play either role, so take your pick~

Ram // Rabbit ('catperson' or anthro)
Nazi Soldier // Demon
Pokemon // Pokemon ('catperson' or anthro)
Spider // Moth ('catperson')
Gelperson // Alien
Chimera // Chimera
Slave // Slave
Egyptian God // Egyptian God

And some drawings I've done of some 'monster' girls, if they spark your brain~
Octolady Chimerachick

That's all I got for the moment, though I have a lot more to add to each idea. Contact me  through PMs, but please give me something to work with! Tell me ideas you liked or things you might want to incorporate, or bring your own ideas to the table! (Or give me some key words of things you like and I'll put something together~) Also, if you could be so kind, tell me what sexualities you'd like!

Also, I'm here to roleplay when I can and want to. I don't want another deadline'd commitment. School is busyness enough for me!
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I'm up for the Wealthy person buying a sex slave on a daily basis. I can play the sex slave(s). PM if you wanna do it.


Hey there,

It's amazing. I could honestly see myself playing any of your story suggestions, but find myself very highly interested in your suggestion of a traveler who gets dominated by alien women, as well as any of the monstet storylines, as I've been looking for something in that vein for some time.

I think you may also be interested in some of my story suggestions, as our styles look to mesh well.

In any case, thanks for your time. *grins*


All of your ideas sound very yummy, and I'd love to be a part of one of them. <3


I would like to be in the pony scenario, it is unique and interesting and I would love to be in it.

It Dreams

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Nazi Soldier and Demon seems like some thing up my ally. I don't ordinarily do sex scenes but trying to get into the whole process. I enjoy doing starters and adding some plot into things, if you don't mind that.

It Dreams

And it's about time to bump myself back to the top of the forum. xD
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It Dreams

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I am intrigued by the idea of Lust seducing the other deadly sins.  I wonder if it could be a shared quest.  I prefer playing a girl with girls too, but for this scenario wonder about the possibility of two women with more fluid gender who are together on a quest.  We could be the binary superhero Lust which is of course only a misspelling of the word slut.  There is potential for great and varied sex here.  With each other and with the other entities.  I too especially enjoy the sexy parts. 


It Dreams

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I have an idea for some shenanigans, if you're up for it. Sending a PM.
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Queen Elsa

A hero on a quest to sex all the gods. (And other Powerful Beings or creatures)

If you would be willing to tell me more about this one, I would be willing to try it.