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Author Topic: The Arrow is Drawn - Placeholder  (Read 780 times)

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The Arrow is Drawn - Placeholder
« on: October 15, 2011, 01:19:35 PM »
This will suffice for my character's origin story, and this forum will work as a placeholder until I have a proper place to put it.
--Please note that this was cannon for her on the last website I was on. I may change the story here pretty soon to fit a more Erotic tone--

Maiden/Birth Name – Reinda Ashtella Isotomi
   Taken Name – Reine Isotomi
   Titles – The Amethyst Dragoness, The Earthen Warden,  The Great Hunger, The Beast of Earth, La Muerte Roja – The Red Death (Name of her Bounty Target), Old Grey Eyes, It.
   Race – Human/Dragoness/Hermaphrodite
   Date of Birth – December 21st, 1989
   Place of Birth – Unknown, Somewhere near the Mexican border of the United States.
   Hair Color – Amethyst ( #9D6B84) // Flared Red (Simply Red)
   Hair Length – Usually Long. Short on occasion.
   Eye Color – Onyx (#0F0F0F) // Blood Red (Dark Red)
   Height – Six foot, Two
   Weight – Around 152 // Dragon Weight unknown
   Notes – Fluent in Spanish
   Tattoos & Markings – None // A single unidentified mark, Appears to be blood colored wings, upon herl lower back. Comes and goes as the Dragon sleeps.
   Family – The only known guardians (aside from the Monks) are dead and gone. Think no more of it.
   Relationships – For others sake, Reine has kept herself a Swinger. Until she can retain more control over her dragon, no real relationships are safe. Almost any relationships, friends or otherwise, are processed with grave warning.
   Employment – Reine’s only occupation has been tending to the needs of others. All other work is foreign.  Her life as a drifter makes holding down any job impossible.

Reine Isotomi is a Woman of many Talents, and a Woman of many Demons. As a Person, Reine was raised to accept that all Living things are precious, and that life and Nature are worthwhile virtues to preserve. Softhearted and kind, Reine nevertheless keeps herself enigmatic, for reasons that shall be explained later on.  As far as education goes, Reine is very much self-taught about the world, and handles any situation presented to her with a calm mind, unless provoked. Though she thinks with clarity, she is very simple, as a girl living in poverty will be. Brash actions are met with an open hand, and those who require help need only ask, but don’t expect the dragoness to be there the next time that you need her. She will never be in the same place for more than a week at a time, and for more than one reason. The only time a change is met in the dragoness’ personality comes when she is met with hostility. The Lord have mercy to any who call for her blood.
Special Note – Reine simply adores nature. All things thins green and of nature soil are of the highest quality of the eye that the dragoness knows. If you ever want to gift something to her … A rare flower is best.

The Only Things You Need To Know
Early Life – Life is not always fair, as Reine will tell you. Before she could even talk or move her arms and legs or even speak her name, the little dragoness was without family. She, along with an unregistered birth certificate stating only her maiden name, birth date, and medical history where left on the steps of a impoverish monastery outside . Whoever left her there was never heard from again or seen, but the 11 Monks and single Head Monk took her in with open arms. From the ages of 0 to 15, Reine lived a life of solitude and moral learning. As teachers and adult figures, the 12 brothers brought up the tiny African-natured child, leaving her with the name her prior parents gifted her with, and taught her everything they knew about the world. She was taught about human nature, the gift of life, living with an open hand, and even gave her a proper schooling, and was even blessed with a number of small childhood friends to play with. Because of her most chaste upbringing, the young dragoness grew up sweet, kind, and proper. However … Life is not fair and the end is always near.

By the age of 12, her latest recollection, Reine has noticed a voice that spoke softly to her, mostly in whisper. At first she gave it little thought, but it become harder and harder to ignore as it became more and more frequent, and more and more demanding. Thinking the devil had entered her life and was testing her, the child ran herself to the head Monk and told him what was happening. Thinking it as nothing but a girl playing games, the Monk told her to stay her prayers, and sent her off to rest. This was the first time the dragoness had felt the Dragon influencing her mind … for during the entire conversation, the whisper uttered but a single world: Kill…Kill….Kill…. Pure fear ran through Reine for the rest of her time at her monastery. For the first in in her life, Reine felt fearful, for she felt what she thought was the devil inside of her, edging her closer and closer to what felt like a breakdown. For the next year, Reine silently listened to the voice within her head, taking heed of the evil it spat inside of her ear.
Some things can only be ignored for so long. By age 13, Reine was overjoyed to find that the whisper was had seemingly given up on her and ceased its calls for injustice. She felt that the Head Monk had been correct and it was simply her … But life is not fair. Not a month after the cold whisper had stopped making her spine tingle, the little pink haired child was called into the Head Monks office, given the understanding that exciting news had come up.  The Dragoness stood in silent contemplation as the Head Brother told her about a family that was interested in her, and how he had taken the liberty of giving said family a set of Guardian Papers. Taking all this news in and deciphering all of it, a young Reine found that she was far from happy to hear this news … No. On the contrary … She could feel her fist starting to clutch from under her.  For another first in her life, the not-so tiny dragoness expressed her dismay to the Head Monk, who she saw as a father, and how she was unable to understand why she was being sent away from the men that she called her family. In the increasingly loud argument of the man and the girl continued, Reine hardly came to notice that the whisper in her ear, praising her for every word she said against the Head Monk’s judgment. The dismay turned into rage, and the whisper of the beast turned into a scream. For the final first, the young dragoness let the screams fill her head … the Head Monk did not recognize the creature that struck him down that day, but only felt horror as he stared into those blood-red eyes and sharp claws that so easily tore his flesh from his bones. This was not the Reine he knew. This was someone … Something else.

There is nothing more to tell of her childhood, because Reine’s childhood was over as soon she found herself in her right mind and found the rendered body of The Head Monk sprawled along the floor before her. She did not scream. She did not cry. Reine, now a women, ran. She continues to run to this day, with no ending in sight.

The Dragon
 As long as her memory can travel, Reine Isotomi has not been the only thing within her body, or the on thin in her mind. At first, it seemed to be only her mind playing games with her; a whisper here and there or a violent idea crossing her mind as her mood is volatile. Controlled and self-contained, Reine never thought very much of it as most little girls would not. Sadly, nobody is level headed their entire life.  In her first moment of pure helplessness (addressed already), Reine fell to her knees, and roared in as a powerful pain shot through her neck, tingled down her spine, and ripped down her back. A burning sensation the likes of which a girl her age should never needs to undertake, Reine can only watch herself in horror was the Dragon’s will is imposed twisted her mind, actions, and body. It took all of one minute of hopelessness for the dragon within her to take what little life Reine had created for herself and destroy it.  Because of her instability, a young Reine fled from the social world, a trail of blood and life running behind her, but she knew she could not allow her tears to burn, for any notion of emotional discord could set her off – again. Now Reine lives with the beast within her, listening to it whisper in her ear, sometimes speaking and conversing to it, but keeping herself as sweet and detached as much as she can in order to keep the Dragon at bay. Only a twice has Reine allowed the Dragon to reign over her, the first being prespoken, and the last being when she had a run-in with a group of Regulators.

Yes … Even Monks can seek retribution.   A group of hired guns had been hunting down the dragoness for 7 years, with the promise of absolution being their reward, if they could return the once tiny girl to the Mexican monastery, alive. As these 7 years passed, Reine had become an enigmatic shadow, and with tactics only a girl could think of, crossed the Mexican/American border and disappeared from her old, monastic life. However, she never gave up the teaching of the Monks (all except Chastity), and lived her teen years on the run in America, but living as saintly as she could, palms always open and serving others always being her goal in life. The past will always be on the edge of her heels as her run-in with the Regulators will show, and the dragon shall be too.

On a tread through Death Valley (heat has never been a problem to Reine) on her way towards Las Vegas, her single favorite place to spend a week, Reine tracked silently through the desert, the whisper of the dragon being the only thing keeping her company on this lonely road. As the outline of the massive city began to resolve itself before her, so did a line of armed men, at least 10 in number, blocking the path before her. In vain, Reine did her best to pass the armed men, the leader pushed the dragoness back and imposed the verdict of her capture to her. It was not this news that surprised her; it was that the man was speaking in her native tongue. Responding in the same manor, Reine did her best to reason with the man, who only grew more hostile with every minute she refused to leave with them. As the men drew their guns, Reine cried out to them and pleaded with them to simply leave before everything was taken off of her hands. As most before them, the Regulators did not listen. Their increasing hostility caused the dragoness great strife, and soon she felt the pain of her past woe beginning to shred itself down her back. In a single final vain attempt, Reine groveled for their leave as the voice of the dragon began to mold into her own, but it was far too late for a peaceful resolve. For the second time in her life, the dragoness could only watch as the Mexican Regulators where torn asunder before her, though this time the dragon’s eyes where her own. Before 10 minutes passed, a bloody, studded mess of human mass was spread across the appropriately named Death Valley. As the last man howled his last breath, the dragon announced that it was satisfied, congratulated Reine  on a job well done, and retreated back within her body, shaking and drained, the memory of her drained life lying dead from around her.
Out of this dark sect came one grand understanding about the beast and her hunters.. As she sat among the bodies and replayed the horrific event in her head, the dragoness noticed one underlining feature; earth. The ground around her had been lifted off its axis as if by an invisible force, and the wounds of the Regulators where sliced by the crust of the desert rock. Piecing it all together, Reine came to the conclusion that the beast inside of her took its power from the earth … The world was in itself a weapon. 2ed, the men she encountered where all Spanish in origin … The monks where after her, or someone in relation to the monks. Her former family was calling for her head … the very fabric of her world crumbled. Though she feared her powers, at least she began to understand them a little more. To this end, a shaken Reine dusts herself off, and left Death Valley the way she had come. They knew she would be coming to Vegas … all her old hideouts would need to be abandoned, and her life as a nomad became even more sporadic

The Arrow Falls
The less you know about Reine and her location, the better you’re chances at living will be. Just know that she is on foot, wondering the world around her, tending to a few open hands and even tending to nature when she is able. Kindling friendships and relationships are always burning in her deepest desires … But for the sake of all those around here such desires are kept as just that, desires. Until she can find a way to suppress the beast within her and cull the Regulators that stand steadfastly upon her tail, the Dragoness will be on the run and in the shadows.