Some rp ideas that are craved

Started by playfullchick76, October 14, 2011, 09:56:32 AM

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One out of the book series the Amtrak wars, from the side of the Mutes or the Federation.

One where Im a lost tourist thats taken from my stalled car on a quiet highway and kept by the leader of a bikie gang as his companion.

One based on a book that I read when I was really young, but cant remember the title, where the main character travelled to a parallel world that was almost fantasy/medieval via  a mirror, and was how they returned to their world. Even one from the book Retribution falls or the Black Lung Captain would be good.

One from the miniseries Band of Brothers, where Im a time traveller that goes back with a team to alter history for the better, and make contact with Easy company to do so.

One from the Terminator Salvation verse, as Ive read every single one of the novels.

One where Im married, and my husband has a regular prostitute that he sees on the side. Tired of just being his hidden girl, she swaps bodies with me, and strands me in hers.

If any of those ideas appeal to you, please let me know.