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Author Topic: Arena Rp?  (Read 1170 times)

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Offline BiRen92Topic starter

Arena Rp?
« on: October 13, 2011, 12:17:19 PM »
Any one interested in a 1 vs 1 battle between made up Characters flowing a set of T1 Eden Era Rules ( This is mainly what i did at my other RP site so I was just wondering if any one was interested in this or not.

Offline gnoah

Re: Arena Rp?
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2011, 08:24:59 PM »
I would be intrested but I know nothing about the arena system, im reading it all right now. are we talking just pure combat and fighting?

Offline BiRen92Topic starter

Re: Arena Rp?
« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2011, 02:56:53 PM »
I can be or It can be a story behind it. I come from a Rp site that had a lot of "Just battles".  I can post one of my Fights for an example if you want to see more.

Offline gnoah

Re: Arena Rp?
« Reply #3 on: October 18, 2011, 10:51:38 PM »
please, i read the site but i feel like there must be more to it.  From the description its like chess with words and the words are a fight. 

Offline BiRen92Topic starter

Re: Arena Rp?
« Reply #4 on: October 19, 2011, 03:29:38 PM »
Yes you are basicaly correct on the chess part. I will post one of my CS (Character sheets) and post a few battle scenes.

Offline BiRen92Topic starter

Re: Arena Rp?
« Reply #5 on: October 19, 2011, 03:35:47 PM »
Chishio Ketsueki. I made her myself after long long hours of finding the right balance for her powers.

Name: Chishio Ketsueki

Gender: Female

Race: Half Human half Vampire

Height: 5'"10

Weight: 120

Age: Looks 19...but is she really???

Title: The Unquenchable Queen

Weapon Type: Long Chain with Dagger Melded to the End

Weapon Name: Eviscerating Whiplash

Weapon Bio: Eviscerating Whiplash is made of a ore known only to the Vampire race as they hold its precious and dear above all else. The metal used to make this weapon had a property that if it cuts and causes blood to be spilt the the blood that would spill will be absorbed in to the metal turning it from the natural gray to a dark blood red when the weapon has had its fill. It then will distribute the blood to the owner of the weapon as the owner sees fit. Also the weapon can move to the owners accord as long as the owner has part of it in hand. weighs 10 lbs-15lbs when full.

Weapon Attributes: dagger part is 12" long. chain part is 10' long. weapon draws up to 5 gallons of blood before full. can move to the accord of the owner as long as it is touching the owner. starts battle with 2 gallons in it in preparation for the fight or rp if the battle/rp is in a place where there is little or no life then Chishio will fill the weapon up full. the more blood in the weapon the harder it is to break. at 4/5 gallons its is unbreakable.

Character Attributes: Chishio has the ability to manipulate blood an any way she so chooses (blades, shields, projectiles, etc.) its all up to her imagination. she cannot make a bomb of blood that explodes like a normal bomb but she can make is explode in to tiny needles of blood, etc. Chishio can drink the blood she collects to refill her self(look at weaknesses and ull understand why she has to). Chishio can also use blood she keeps floating around her to "see" though them making sneak attacks hard to accomplish. She is very fast on her feet and as strong as the strongest human due to her being a half breed. and her eye sight is twice and god as any human. She can see in the dark as well as in the light. she can even fly if she uses up enough blood to make wings. Chishio has 2 gallons of blood in her(2x's the normal human) due to here being half vampire. If her own blood level gets below half she gets hypothermia, if it gets below 1/4 than she goes in to a coma

Character Weaknesses: She has to use blood for most of her skills after she uses the blood it dries becoming useless. even her own if she runs out. using enough of her blood will cause her to become comatose.

Character and Weapon Appearance: Credit Goes To Chibisuke Chan.

Character Skills
Blood Mend - (1/4 Gal) Uses blood to heal any moderate sized wounds and to straighten bones. can even reattach decapitated limbs.

Blood Bullet - (1/8 Gal) Uses blood to create any small projectile that flies extremely fast due to the low amount of blood (hypothermia thins blood making it faster)

Blood Wave - (1/4 Gal) Throws a moderate amount of blood on the ground. that blood raises from the puddle of blood in a crescent blade like form. Chishio then controls the blade how ever she wants. (Blade has a Shark Fin like appearance). The "Wave" can move at very fast speeds due to the shape of it and the no wind resistance. It can last about 30 seconds before running dry.

Blessing of the Serrated One - (1/4 Gal) Uses a good amount of blood to serrate Eviscerating Whiplash making it cut though things of extreme density.

Blood Blade Conjure - (3/4) Uses blood to make a large sphere of blood which Chishio puts her fist in and then makes the sphere in to a 2 foot long blade of dried and steeled and enhanced blood able to slice though rocks and lay wast to things in her path.

Blood Wall - (2/4 Gal) Uses blood to create a wall of dried and hardened and enhanced blood able to block attacks from one direction. able to withstand Hollow Armor Piercing Heavy Artillery Rounds.

Blood Seclusion - (1 2/4 Gal) Like Blood Wall but completely surrounding Chishio from all sides, bottom, and sky. Sound, light, and even air can not enter or escape. Has enough air to last about 5 min.

Blood Explosion - (1 Gal) Uses blood to create a large sphere and tosses the sphere towards her enemy it then explodes in to hundreds of Blood Bullets but a 1/10 the size and 10 times the speed.

Vampiric Symphony - (none) Chishio unleashes a Banshee like wail. Any thing that can be bleed, in a cone in front of her, will be effected causing them to suddenly bleed profusely from the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. Also this cause loss of taste, sight, smell, and sound for 1 minute.

Eyes of the Vampire - (1/8 gal permanent) Chishio imbues her energy with a small amount of blood and throws it in the air. The blood will float so long and rotate slowly around Chishio. Chishio is able to see though all of them at the same time and still see though her own eyes. Can be disrupted if something causes to lose all her concentration as this does not require much concentration in the first place.

Instant Blood Armor - (1/8 gal) Can only be done if Chishio is completely aware of a melee cutting or slashing attack or any attack that would penetrate the skin. She, as the instant she gets cut, use the blood that the cut made to create a armor in the cut as strong as the Blood Wall effectively stopping the attack any further.

Blood Syphon - (none) Chishio uses her power over blood to draw blood from any blood on the ground freshly spilt or from any dead or unconscious or immobile bodies as long as they have a cut some where the bigger the cut the faster she can draw.

Kiss of Pale Death - (none) If Chishio is able to hold or grab u then she will sink her teeth in an artery in ones neck to drink your blood draining you until death if not stopped. While she is draining, she releases a enzyme that's shuts of your pain filters and Increases your pleasure filters for the duration of the contact, effectively making you want to let her drink more and more as time goes by (sooner you can get out the better). If completed it is a killing technique being that she drains you completely. Complete draining of a female takes 8 minutes a male takes 12.

Blood Clone - (2 1/2 Gal) Uses and excessive amount of blood to create a identical clone of Chishio able to cast skills the same as the original. Chishio's concentration is halved due to having to control so much blood from such a distance. Making her less likely to react in time but they can cast skills on each other to protect each other. Last 5 minutes.

Blessing of the Duel Wielding One - (3/4 Gal) Uses blood to create a copy of Eviscerating Whiplash made of blood (wither the weapon is serrated then the copy is serrated if not then the same for the copy) this can be given to ether the original or the clone Chishio. The blood can be used, if before it runs out, for another skill. I last 10 min.

Wings of the Sacrifice - (2/4 Gal.) Uses blood to manifest wings like that of a demon. These wings are flexible and as strong as Blood Wall and as sharp as Blood Blade Conjure. She Is able to fly and slice and use the wings as any would be able to as limbs. They span about 4 feet each and  her entire wing span is about 9.5 - 10 feet.

Extras: She can not control blood that is still in the body of any one (including herself). Blood that someone else controls can be stole with great struggle from both sides. To use her own blood she has to cut her self (she usually cuts her wrist when she needs blood *Quick, fast, and assessable* then she can stop the flow whenever she wants. However the wound is still there until she cast Blood Mend).

Offline BiRen92Topic starter

Re: Arena Rp?
« Reply #6 on: October 19, 2011, 03:49:37 PM »
KillClover's Post
Kiazuka arrived at the Hippie Grass fields. Appearing just baraly away from the three foot grass that stood in front of him, his crimson eyes scanned the fields slowly. He was watching ever so slowly, he was waiting for his opponent. As for his appearance. Starting from his head and working downwards. His hair is a midnight black and hangs straight down to the bottom of his neck in the back, past his jawline on the sides and his bangs reach to the bridge of his nose with a natural leftward tilt. The males facial features are rather sharp and give him a youthful look, despite his age. His eyes can change color depending on his mood but naturally they are a brilliant crimson. He has broad shoulders that lead to muscled, but not overly large arms. His torso is highly muscled but not overly large, giving him a highly athletic appearance. Down to his waist leads his muscled legs and firm buttox. His skin is smooth and unscarred . The color of his skin is a slightly tanned white. Standing about 5'11".

He took a step forward wearing formal wear, a white dress shirt with a red tie and black vest on his torso. For pants he wears a pair of black dress pants and for shoes he wears a pair of black leather shoes, similer to cowboy make. They are of the finest leather, as he walked forward, he took up a passive combat stance, gun inside his belt loop, and his gloves clenched abit. Waiting.

BiRen's Post
Chishio closed her eyes and the machine began to do its work. It made some steady noise slowly escalating in sound and length until her supernatural hearing itched with annoyance and uncomfortable warning. The sound continued until a loud Zip of sound shoot off then there was a grateful quiet.

Her eyes was still closed, but she felt the immediate change in atmosphere along with the air that smelled devoid of the contamination of man and their need to poison the very thing that gives them life. Wind caressed her soft face and pulled at her long five-feet ten-inches of hair that was just as tall as the one whose hair called its home. Chishio breathed deeply once more with more intent than just smelling the differences and comparing them from one place to another. She could, if she wanted to, walk unimpeded though the darkest of nights and blackness just on her sense of smell and hearing alone. What she did pick up was the slight salty taste of an open body of water, but that was almost obscured by the strong and earthy smell of what seemed to be an abundance of fertile grass and rich, healthy dirt.

Chishio opened her eyes to find herself standing in front of a large boulder that came up about four feet high so that it barely peaked over the tall grass that was about a foot shorter. She easily loped onto the boulder and sat down, legs crossed, to survey her surroundings. The wind picked up a fraction sending tendrils of purple flaying out in rebellion of all the earthy colors surrounding her. A small smile played on her lips as she easily felt the presence of her opposition. "It seems my new toy arrived before I have." She said out loud, but more-so to herself.

She couldn't quite see every thing from her vantage point but she had the highest ground besides the branches of the trees as the land was mainly flat and monotonous, which added a certain type of beauty to the grassy plains. Chishio shivered in her black and purple corset. She couldn't wait for this male to make his move. For, male she was certain. She could always tell. Their sent drifted towards her unbidden.

Her eyes glowed a faint red as her excitement walled against her will to compose herself as she waited.

KillClover's Post
Suddenly the ground began to tremble slightly, slight shimers of dust fly up, surrounding the male. These tiny particales began hardening. Forming a loose shielding, able to form into a solid wall of protection from alot of flying protectiles. Just in case, his crimson eyes scan again, then he smelt and sensed a life form close by, but it was strange, "Vampire," He said under his breath, a mere mutter, being an upper class demon, and upper class in his own race. He walked toward the last place where he sensed the pressense, slowly building up earth protection from the very ground itself, since it was healthy it should provide an excelent protection against alot of things.

Glancing left and right, he felt something brush against his leg, before the creature could do a thing, a small bit of earth shaped like a needle slamed into it killing it instantly. He smirked slightly, and continued on, looking around for his opponent he knows is nearby,

BiRen's Post
"He comes..." Chishio purred quietly. She felt the spike of magic ripple though the air however slight. She focused her attention to the ripple of magic, extending her physical and magical talents towards the source of the abnormality. Aware and waiting to feedback like currants of the ocean.

Chishio took one razor sharp nail and sliced her own wrist causing her own blood to trickle out like a slow rain. The drops fell for a moment then halted and hovered. The drops where about half the size of a marble and they where numerous in number. with a flick of her wrist she sent the tiny balls off flying towards the "ping" of magic.

The tiny balls of blood would fly towards the opposition, but not engage him. They will observe him from every angle low and high. Chishio would be able to see and hear out of all of them at once and it takes little to no concentration. They will tail him until brought back on Chishio's mental command, reforming if broken and splitting if sliced. Persistence and knowledge. Two of the traits she would never forsake.

KillClover's Post
Kia sensed something coming close to him, tiny balls of. If he guessed right, blood. Strange for a vampire to control blood, but it made sense. He cast some of the dirt mulicules through the airm causeing the metal, and ground to interfere with the blood spects. Even though his enemies blood was steel tempered, the dirt and metal should equal the strength of steel, so mixing in with the blood once pushing inside it, it causes any vision or hearing to disrupt, making her job on that moment harder. Allowing him more options.

Casting up a silent compianion, a trail of dirt from his geomancy. The dirt slowly adds on to itself. Adding a thick line, the line follows his step. What the line would be used for would be shown later, as spikes of steel, formed from the materials in earth over time. Which he was on guard the whole time, the thick, strong line. Had all the minerals from earth inside it, it would be near impossible to see in the three foot grass. Suddenly he saw his opponent, it was abit off. But it was clear to him, it was a female. He sensed that way before, sending his electrial power up, casting a static field in the air to disrupt tracking signals. Keeping up his walking, he lowered himself to a slight crouch. The line coming up one foot, following close to his left side. Extending more and more, then suddenly. It raised up, like a snake about to strike. And lunged straight for his opponent, covered in steel like substances, abit stronger then steel by now. It was like a bendable spear. Heading straight for the females heart at blindings speeds, like a arrow from a massive longbow. Enough pressure and force to, possibly. Slam through her whole chest, so blocking won't work to well, if she dodged left or right. The back of the huge mixed mineral lines end, would curl and twist sending the back end of it around to slam into her body, possibly. With more spikes there, it was a huge death trap in all. She wouldn't of have had time to stop him from forming it, for he had a shield, and was always ready for an attack. Plus disrupting her little ability.

BiRen's Post
Chishio frowned. She was quite enjoying the look of the man when he did something to her "Eyes". She could still control them of course but seeing through them caused her a blurry head ache that she could not afford to have. She detached her senses from the small globes of blood. Instead she forced them together as one and to shoot back too her where it hovered around her anxious to be used.

Her frowned turned in to a scowl as she feel a barrier of sorts come up and, once again, interfering with her own bit of magic in that air. It was subtle but enough to send her sixth senses haywire with warning and confusion. Chishio stood on the boulder she had been sitting on for the past little while and put her efforts in to her physical senses and sight.

She scanned the area for her opponent and steeled her self against that feeling of being watched. Edgy an on high alert she reached behind her and unsnapped her whip holder. She held her whip by the hilt and let the deep red-metallic whip fall laying in a bundle partly on the boulder and partly on the dirt ground below.

Still tense she waited without moving. Even that globe of blood halted its rotation without a sound. Chishio listened closely intent on filtering the wildlife movements from her would-be opponent. She guessed he had to be crouching or doing something to shorten his height. She knew from the glimpse of him before he disrupted her "Eyes", that he was a bit taller than her.

She felt a vibration through the tip of her whip that was a dagger. It was imbedded in the soft dirt and twitched and the abnormality. Then Chishio saw a flash of two red orbs under a mob of long dark hair. In that same instant, something flashed from the ground at his feet speeding towards her with killing intent. Reflexes and instinct commanded her weapon to flash up, just as fast, and intercept the missile. The long chain flicked from is lazed position on the ground and snapped up engaging the sharp tipped thing of rock then coiled around it with its unnatural slithering and life like metal halting the things progress and restraining it from future use.

Chishio's own eyes flashed red as she palmed the flouting orb of blood and tossed it towards the man controlling the spear like weapon. The sphere would fly and thin out to the length of a small spear then break apart into eight thin but extremely sharp and deadly tendrils coming at him from a total of four sides. Two to the left of him, two to the right, three directly at him, and one more stealthy tendril from behind.

KillClover's Post
The rock being larger then what the chain could have been expecting, meaning the chain only got around the very tip of it. And ended close to the middle, leaving the powered object to move its lower half toward the woman, the smashing weight going for the womans chest, as the chain kept the thing unable to move further. So the back end would sweep along the remaining space, to slam directly into her chest, but she maneged to do an attack soon after. The back end of the large rock, slamed into the blood tendrils. Completely stopping the movement from all the ones coming at his front, and left sides. But the large, harder then steel rock death trap was still moving, slowly desolving from the blood attack.

To protect himself from the rest of the tendrils. Kiazuka simply conured up a helpful wall to his remaining open sides. Even his back, for he is always on guard. He sensed the blood, because he can smell it quite well, coming straight to his back, and right side. He then heard a slight sound, blood splatting against the rocks he formed up. Sense they were weak, he quickly moved. Dashing to the left, were his first, big creation was protecting him. Moving along side it, he pulled out his handgun from his beltloop. Bringing it up and around, aiming under the large rock, seeming she would probably have to focus on the rock fully to destroy it. He aimed the gun under the rock, its current ammunition was silver bullets, to hurt werewolves. But they would cause some big damage against vampires non the less, if they hit body parts they would make movement in that body part hard to form up, he shot four rounds at different places. To both arms and legs. One to each arm, and one to each leg, if they hit they would make movement in those limbs painful to try and do for awhile (One to two posts depending on where they hit in the arm, or how much they hit, so a glance off the arm, like a cut would be one full post by you and me, then your turn, but a direct hit would mean two posts.)

Kia kept his guard up, the high octane string from his gloves finally loosening, ready to come out.

BiRen's Post
Chishio's weapon halted the progression of the front of the steel spiked log like appendage. The other end of the attack suddenly sprang up from the dirt and flailed its self towards her chest intending to impale with numerous spikes of steel powered by weight enough to crush a normal human. She didn't have enough time to summon her shield so she braced herself retracting her weapon and having it coil around her arms as she held up in front of her chest.

The mass came hard and fast challenging the chains for purchase. It found it soon enough as the spikes slipped though the metal links and started to enter her stomach, chest, and breast in numerous locations at once. As the torn though the top layer of flesh Chishio hardened her blood strong enough to equal the resistance that countered the penetration from the spikes.

It wasn't enough to stop the mass as she had first intended. Instead it only stopped the spikes from causing instant death. The momentum of the mass carried her with it, stuck, fast and dangerously in the air. Air mass and great centrifugal force pushed her slowly closer as the spikes crawled deeper in her, fighting the armor of blood that challenged it. Fighting the pain, Chishio used her substantial strength and found a small usable footing and pushed herself off of the mass of rock and steel. And she fell.

Blinded by pain and dazed for a second she lost sight of the man, but that lasted only a few seconds until recovered her senses.She commanded her blood not to spill past the wounds unless bidden. She glanced down at her self. Each puncture looked about half an inch deep when the blood armor fell away. She knew that that her tendrils didn't cause any new wounds on him. She never got to her back as her balance reapplied itself and she landed in a crouch. She listened for the man and felt for his magic, which had a faint smell like any of the blood she used but she could tell generally where he was by the smell of her own blood on him or something that was moving with him.

Chishio commanded her weapon to break ties with the spear of rock. It did so immediately and slithered its way back into her holster. She bleed another small globe of blood from the weapon's own store, which caused the weapon to turn from its bright red color to one more dull and rust-like. Finally she snapped the holster shut with a indefinable "click" just before she heard four shots of some type of pistol then the tall tell sounds of the bullets impacting the boulder. She split the floating orb in to two and commanded one to fly high in the air then explode into a mist of magical and slow falling blood.

Chishio continued on all fours speeding thought the grass and through the dirt, orb tailing her closely as not to bee seen as she homed in on the man.

KillClover's Post
Kia watched, and was quite surprised when his opponent maneged to escape. He respected the female warrior now, she shown shes better then most. The huge rocks tip was broke off from the females chain being released, also from the rock being weakened by the blood. His eyes never left her though, following her movements, studing closly. Then was gone, sprinting abnormaly fast through the three foot grass, stepping on and killing several snakes. Electrical currents picked up, static pulses from running, building energy from this fast steady movement. Suddenly the field near him was picked up in high electrical currents, able to fry a humans skin. To cause an instant heart attack then death, perhaps with a vampire it would cause fire apon the blood soaked skin. And conbust the woman in flames, a known vampire weakness. He was obviously still thinking of a certain type. Common to alot of beings, to be weak to flame.

But, electrical currents always catchs water to fry, blood would also catch this fire because of blood being high on water substances. So if she tried to get close, she would be caught in this, high up electrical pulse. Going a length of 16 ft in the air, and surrounding him in a 20 by 20 ft space. His body pulseing with electrical currents, preventing him from receiving any type of electical damage. His weapons are kept away for now, his primary a secret until later. Glancing he checked all around him, keeping his running up, never tiring. Growing more and more electrical pulses. Steadily catching the whole plains onto an electrical field. The main way to keep this going constantly would be to flood the place with water. So he has to keep moving. Finally he found her again, he started to shoot electrical bolts, around twenty inch arrow length of electrical bolts. Like zeus shooting lightning bolts at someone, he did something similer. Aiming at her injured chest, and her head.

BiRen's Post
Chishio, still on all fours, came to a halt as she felt a change in the atmosphere ahead of her. She watched from her low position under the brush and canopy of the tall grass and watched the grass around the man vibrate then burst into flames as the waves of electrical currents radiated from his own power. Her bloody mist, fell like a soft snowfall of life's essence in slow motion, but it did, in fact, continue to fall.

She saw the tiny fragments of her mist ripple from the waves of heat and electricity from the attempts the man made to sizzle and fry her source of power that was falling around him like a sandstorm. In the flash of an instant she commanded the blood to turn from a steel-like substance into a chafe-like metal to counter this development. This absorbed the waves of electricity and spewed it out in invisible rays of energy. These rays bounced off of the other thousands of tiny fragmented pieces of chafe completely interrupting and confusing all non visual or physical radar abilities while also reducing any long range magical abilities. He most likely would feel the flash back of his own ability, even if slightly. It would attempt to do what he intended to use on her even in its weakened state.

By this time the pieces finally caught up to the man surrounding him in this disruption, causing his field of electrical waves to reduce in size by almost half. Another command had caused the pieces of blood, which he would most likely now feel as they where on his skin, hair, and clothes and they would be surprisingly and extremely hard but clung to the skin and fabric like molasses. The blood would take its relentless hunger and attempt to eat there way though the fabric of his clothes, burn his fair hair with ease, and to eat though the skin to the bone with the acid properties of something that would scour and melt flesh in seconds.

The man finally spotted her. Crouched and moving like the beast that where her ancestors. She hissed in annoyance and he raised his hand, getting the falling blood on his skin, and shot his long bolts of thunder at her with powerful burst of power. The field that he was surrounded in weakened the bolts substantially. She took that chance to dodge away again in the shadows of the high grass.

She toke her ball of blood that she had save and commanded it to turn into a long but equally strong rope-like substance. She had one end intercept the tips of the bolts with deft precision, from one blood formed tip to electrical tip. The bolts would have no choice but to follow the flow of blood, like any flow of electricity and liquid, to the other end of the strong but flexible blood rope, which at this distance the falling blood would also disrupt any long range controlling. The other end of the rope was already steeled to a deadly edge and speeding at supernatural speeds towards the mans stomach, powered by with an explosive touch from his own bolts as they speed it along even faster.

*If the man was hit with with strong and fast blood blade then it would slice though his stomach with the ease of a knife cutting though butter. The bolts would give the blood a super-charged burning and electrifying effect while also making the force and the explosive nature of the impact greater than if they was separated. The Chafe blood would eat though him anywhere they touch, while disrupting a number of possible abilities with it's special type of chafe-like material mimicry. The chafe would also give a weaker flash back of the aura shield he had used but one none the less.*

She Surrendered to the Tournement Master so he came in and said this.

Rilla/GM's Post

    Liaison pops unto the field, cane slung across his shoulder.

    “A forfeit? I was just starting to like this match! Oh well.”

    His body looked around the blood drenched field; what blood was coming down simply stopping an inch above him.


    With that, all three competitors vanished, Chi back to the lobby, Kia, wherever she wanted to go, and Liaison back home.

This was round one of a tournament I am in to pass to a bigger GrassRoots Tournament. Of course there would be more Dialog, but KillClover was not really good at for thought unfortunately...

Offline gnoah

Re: Arena Rp?
« Reply #7 on: October 21, 2011, 03:46:19 PM »
I do think this shit looks cool as hell, but how do you make a character and powers and all that jazz.

Offline BiRen92Topic starter

Re: Arena Rp?
« Reply #8 on: October 21, 2011, 09:08:41 PM »
You can make a character any way you want as long as there is no teleporting or controlling another's Character. I will post the CS rules.

Offline BiRen92Topic starter

Re: Arena Rp?
« Reply #9 on: October 21, 2011, 09:14:34 PM »
The Arena

Fight fair!

What is the arena? Simply put, it’s the place you go when you want to cream somebody. You can use any character you can think up, and make them as powerful as you want. But there are rules to be followed in order to keep things fair. If you've already read the Persistent World rules, this should all look pretty familiar, but there are a few minor differences.

My personal favorite. A player can use any gun they so wish, within reason. Desert Eagle? Sure. M249 SAW? Go for it. The front-mounted chain gun ripped off a war chopper? Possible, but you‘d have a lot of explaining to do..

The point I’m trying to make is that if you can logically justify the use of a weapon, have knowledge of how the weapon works, and be able to efficiently explain these things to other players, anything goes. Exceptions would include any weapon too large to realistically be carried by your character, or carrying more weapons than your character could realistically be able to carry. The key words here are “realistic” and “logic.”

You must be realistic in terms of weaponry choice, and you must be able to logically explain that choice.

Magic and powers allow for a lot of opportunity to play unfairly. But, if used properly, can make for some extremely intense and perfectly fair fighting. Magic and powers are far too diverse to specify what is alright to use, so instead, I’ll specify what is not all right to use.

Anything that controls another character’s actions is prohibited. By controlling another character’s actions, you are essentially forcing a hit.

Anything that is unavoidable is also disallowed. This too falls under forced hits.

Time control is not allowed, either. With time control, a player can undo their mistakes in combat, undo attacks landed on them, and generally be a wanker.

Teleportation is strictly limited to use by and on the player’s own character. There must also be some sort of warm up and cool down time (or some other measure to limit use) as well, so that a player cannot always escape attacks by simply teleporting away. Dodging one or two hits in this manner is fine, but using it in excess may get you in trouble.

Writing melee combat is a fine art form. No matter what kind of character you play, no matter if you’re fighting hand-to-hand or with weapons, you must be able to describe every move your character makes. You must be able to describe the angle their fist as it flies through the air, how their body shifts weight as they move, foot placement; anything that you would need to take into consideration in a real fight.

Think in terms of Fight Club rather than Dragonball Z. Once again, the key words are “realistic” and “logic.”

Could your character throw one million punches at the speed of light? No. Could they throw one million punches? Yes. But that would be stupid. Once you have written what action your character has taken, you are locked into that decision. That means that while Person A is throwing one million punches, Person B could be doing anything during that time period, and Person A could not stop throwing punches, since they had written that that is what they had done. Obviously, that would make it very difficult for Person A to defend from an attack that Person B might launch.

There are certain cases, however, where an attack may be written out, but not necessarily launched, fairly allowing the attacker to back out before they are locked into an attack. This is done in the form of an if/then statement.

Using If/Then Statements
Let’s say Person A wants to launch a two-prong attack, but wants to maintain the opportunity to back out of the second part of the attack in the event of a successful counterattack to the first part. This would be done in the form of an if/then statement. I’ll create a very simple example, minus the flair so that you can see exactly what I mean..

Quote from: Originally Posted by Person A

Person A threw a punch at the face of Person B. If Person B were to be hit with the attack, then Person A would attempt to kick Person B straight in the junk.
So now, if the punch doesn’t land, the kick never happens. This allows Person A more versatility, instead of locking them into a long attack which would leave them in a position from which they could easily be counterattacked by Person B.

NPC’s, or non-player characters, are characters which do not represent the player, but are nonetheless controlled by the player. If a player so chooses, they may bring NPC’s into the fight, but certain rules and restrictions apply.

A player may not spawn limitless hordes of NPC’s. Nor may the NPC’s actions be explicitly controlled by the player. A player may direct an NPC to attack, but must intentionally leave the attack ambiguous, describing only what kind of attack the NPC launches. For example, Player A could make NPC A throw a punch at Player B, but could not specify what kind of punch NPC A throws. Likewise, NPC A could be directed to shoot at Player B, but what body part NPC A tries to shoot at could not be specified.

This is done to allow players to easily dodge or counterattack NPC attacks. Without this measure in place, use of NPC’s could result in a severe unbalancing, making situations where a one on one could turn into a five on one with relative ease.

Additionally, while hits may not be forced on players, hits may be forced on NPC’s, but an NPC may not be killed without receiving permission from the player who controls it.

Forcing Hits
Forcing a hit is the act of writing out an attack and the impact. This is the cornerstone of the forums fighting system. A player may not force hits on anther player’s character under ANY circumstance. If Player A launches an attack, it is completely up to Player B if they take the hit. Essentially, the entire goal of forums fighting is to corner an opponent via writing into taking a hit that they can’t logically or realistically avoid. Yet again, the words “realistic” and “logic” come into play.

Do not take excessive measures to escape a hit or bail on the thread. Even if your character dies in the Arena, you can simply bring him back, so losing is not a big deal. There is a winner and a loser in every fight, and it is not necessary to pitch a fit if you lost fairly. It is better to lose gracefully than to cheat your way to victory, and there will be repercussions for people who can‘t handle losing every once in a while.

Fighting Dirty
There are ways to be underhanded without breaking the rules. Things such as traps and poison are perfectly fine to use, but a player must notify his opponent before the use of these items come into play, describing exactly what they are and exactly what they do. This can be done either IC or OOC.

Killing Characters and Character Death
You may not kill another player’s character without obtaining their permission first; no exceptions.

Even if your character is killed, however, you are free to use them again in another thread. This is because there is no continuity between threads in the arena, unlike in Persistent World. Therefore, if your character dies, he dies only in that thread. Furthermore, and for the same reason, a character can be in as many threads as the Player so chooses in the Arena.

Rules Created by Thread Leader
Rules set forth by any given thread’s creator can be stricter or looser than the rules listed here. So long as it’s mentioned in the first post of the thread plainly and clearly, any of the rules here may be added to, bent, or even broken. Just don’t expect anyone to join if you decide to make things too unfair.

Now you’re ready to crush all who oppose you. Go, and rise to glory!

These are teh basic rules for Arena and Arena CS (Character Sheets)

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Re: Arena Rp?
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So its freeform.  I would love to give it a try.

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Re: Arena Rp?
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Perfect. ;D now first you need to make a character. If you need any help with Ideas and such I can post more of my CS's so you can use as a reference. But the typical CS is this...

Character Sheet








Birthplace :

Current Residence:



Combat Style:

Weapon Preference:



Dislikes :



Character Attributes:

Character Weakness:

Basically. Of course you can Add things... The more complex the more possibilities.

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Re: Arena Rp?
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Character Sheet

Name: Ziggy Kingston
Gender: Male
Alignment:Chaotic Good
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 193
Birthplace : Unknown
Current Residence: Wandering
Class: Officer
Combat Style: Regal, Close or Short Range
Weapon Preference: Pistol, Hand-to-Hand, Moderate Tech (shields/Jet Boots/etc.)
Abilities/Skills/Magic/etc.:Crack Shot with Pistol, Rapid Shot with Pistol, Kinetic Pistol Whip
Personality:Ziggy is a determined man who will achieve whatever his goal or mission is at all costs.  He views all missions as suicide missions because he would rather die than fail.
Dislikes : Weak spined beggars. 
Likes: Scotch, Cigars, Shore Leave
Biography: Ziggy enlisted into the military at 18 and went right into ROTC to get his own unit, he was the quickest to ever graduate and with one of the highest scores on his final ever.  His unit was hand picked by him and he expects them to never mess up and make mo mistakes, in his mind mistakes are for the weak.
Character Attributes: Moderately Strong and Very quick Ziggy prefers to get to a place in combat were he can be effective with his pistol but close on them if needed.
Character Weakness: Rumor has it that Ziggy was grown in a lab, he laughs it off because no one knows were he was born, a general who didn't like ziggy once told another general that if they wanted ziggy to ever fail to just EMP him, and watch his immune system shut down.

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Re: Arena Rp?
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Ah that is good but you have to explain what the abilities do. As it is right now he is just a normal human that uses guns. You need to account ammunition also.  Like for an example if I played an elemental archer of sorts I would say I have a IronWood Bark Bow with a large felt quiver of 40 arrows.


Fire Arrow- Imbues arrow with magic that ignites the arrow upon launching from bow. The arrow changes its physical properties into a physical fire. (Sort of like a arrow made out of lava but it is fire) On impact the Arrow with try to burn its way through its enemy for a few seconds then with a command from the archer the arrow will explode with fiery vengeance incinerating all with in 2 feet in a sphere. Water will evaporate, air withh be blown back, and anything burnable (clothes, grass, etc.) Will be charred.

Ice Arrow- Imbues arrow with magic that transmutes the properties of the arrow into a slick and deadly sharp arrow of Ice. Upon firing, because it is made of ice it cuts though the air speeding towards the target. It can, upon command from archer shatter and break into a hundred tiny shards that will rain like razor blades upon the target. If wounded with the Ice arrow in any form will cause the wound to freeze magically making the wound hard to move other limbs and can only be dispelled by the archer or some strong dispelling magic.

Aether draw- Can draw an element near by for the arrows instead of decreasing her supply. Example: If there is a fire near by instead of using her arrow and turning it to fire thus killing one of her arrows, she can use the fire near by and draw fire and make arrows from that fire.

That how each skill should look like. Give or take.