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Started by Maverick Hunter Cake, October 12, 2011, 11:55:17 AM

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Maverick Hunter Cake

Hello! These RP ideas are just a basic outline of what the plots of each one of these are about. The stories can be played either M/M or M/F, and give the general goal for the characters. I have left it this way so that the ideas can be discussed and ideas added on, so it will be enjoyable rping the story, instead of one feeling slightly bored or some other thing like that. I will also list what type or genre these rp ideas are.


These stories are for using characters from any anime, videogame, comics, etc. and having them interact when they normally wouldn't.

Repairing What Has Been Broken

The walls, magic, and distance that shielded the worlds away from each other has now been shattered by one villain of high infamy's meddling where they should not been. Without this magical protection, the worlds can now directly interfere with each other, opening up a hole where villainy can slip through and conquer the worlds one by one, either working together or against each. It is up to two heroes to stop them and find out who caused this mess and how they did it, in order to fix the damage...but, will the two heroes be able to do it? Will travelling together lead to...interesting developments? None can say....

Fulfilling a Prophecy Taken. (Iblis121)

The world of Tetron is falling into deep disrepair under the hands of a maniacal tyrant who is using his high magic to put the populace under his thumb. Using the last bit of magic they have, a circle of mages summon up two people who have the capability of saving that world....But now the question is, how will they? Who can they trust? Do they stand a chance against the tyrant? Or do they want to place themselves in charge? And, how do the two deal with feelings popping up between them in their travels?

These are the two for right now, there might be another one added later.

Space Fantasy

Preventing the End  Taken. (Cosmo_ac)

An ancient prophecy foretold on many planets throughout the galaxy is about to be fulfilled. A large asteroid is careening towards the very heart of the universe, threatening to destroy the very fabric that holds existence together. Armed with the knowledge of the ritual to stop this disaster, a bookish archaeologist and a intrepid space pirate with cutlass in hand must venture through the planets, and find the keys to saving the universe from annihilation all while they are pulled ever closer together by this disaster.


The year is 3100, and the use of cybernetics in one's body is considered a mark of high social standing in the city of FullMoon, the largest area of civilization on the moon. You are a young aristocrat enjoying the company of friends at a party held by your family in their large home on the highest Skydeck of the city. But unbeknownst to you, a normal human has infiltrated your domain. Will you let this young ruffian slide by unchallenged, will you confront them, or will you let them serenade you....? This is only the start of your adventure in FullMoon, as obstacles will surely come of this.


Adventurers, save the princess! Taken. (Jmorty33)

The King of Arganon has offered a very hefty reward for a certain deed to be done. What deed, you might ask? Why, the rescue of his daughter, of course! She was taken by the evil wizard who has always tormented the kingdom, and now it's up to you, brave adventurers, to go and rescue her from his evil grasp. But can you stay focused on the task at hand and stay safe and on track, or will....other things slow you down?

I Follow My King... Taken. (Crowe)
In the land of Aquania, the King is one of the wisest and kindest men alive, leading his people by example. You, as one of his bravest knights, and his almost constant companion at his side as you undertake important missions and quests with him. A strange feeling has overcome you lately, something that you do not understand....why do you feel such a way for your Liege...? You two are as close as companions could be, but yet you yearn to be closer....How can you overcome this burden, especially with evil now rearing its ugly head on the borders of the kingdom and the King needing you to be focused with him to combat the evil?


Sound of Winter

The world of Farona on the verge of destruction, and the winter that will consume all is approaching ever quicker. It is up to those with the power to stop this freak winter from coming using the means at their disposal. Airships, guns, science, anything...But when the cause isn't what it seems, can the heroes avoid shivering at the sound of the approaching winter?


These are rp ideas that can fit into more then one genre, and which genre it is needs to be discussed.  ^_^

What Makes One Real?

People and Constructs, when the constructs become more then ever, what makes them so different? The lack of living flesh on a construct, lack of a beating heart? What if they have a soul and feelings? What then? Watch as a construct and a living being work together to find out what it means to be real and discover that when the lines begin to blur, the two are not so different....and find a way to make them real....


Starlights, the race of beings that tend to the glimmering diamonds in the night sky known as stars, are always taking care of these celestial bodies, maintaining their glow. But sometimes, they are knocked down from their place by an unforeseen circumstance, be it an accident or on purpose. This is what all beings see as falling stars. Most of the time, they catch themselves and fly back up to their respective stars to resume their duties....But sometimes, they do not, and fall to a planet with their star following behind them. What kind of adventure would begin for the being who stumbles upon one of these beautiful beings? That is what one being will find out, as they stumble on the result of this very tale, with the Starlight reaching to them for aid...

Original Characters

These are characters that I created and may be used from time to time in an rp. If you want me to use a certain character in an rp, let me know. These are just a brief summary of the characters. I have more that aren't listed, however.

Elaine the shipwright

She is a tall, pale, and dark haired inventor and ship builder(regular ship or airship depending on the setting) when she can get her hands on enough money to make her own. With aviator goggles attached to her army helmet, she toils away in her workshop, making many wonderful creations(magical or non-magical, depends on the setting). She has bright blue eyes, and wears a dark blue jacket. Her tan colored pants are lined with belts containing many potions and ingredients for her inventions, and is always seen with her favored item, a large wrench. She is serious, careful, and her temper can flare at the drop of a hat, but she is also caring, honest, and will never let a friend get hurt.

Flora Dragonsong
A bard that ran away from her gypsy clan, she now makes a name for herself by singing many songs of heroes and showing the ways of the gypsy dances. Flora is always on the lookout for the man who caused her family to turn on her, looking for the chance to snatch her back because of her dragon touched blood. She enjoys meeting new people and will always be there with an encouraging word for her friends and allies. Despite her hardships, she is relatively carefree, happy, and creative. Though being carefree helps her, it also hinders her when it's time to be serious, as well as her crippling fear of being captured. She also tends to tease a bit. She is short, only coming up to 5'0, has long, black hair broken only by a skunk stripe of silver in her hair, and has green eyes. She also tends to wear a red and black ninja gi top and red haramaki pants. She plays the shell horn and sings.

Without a true name or a past to inherit from his memories, Bracer wanders the world alone searching for the truth of his condition. He is a large man with a lightly muscular build, soft blue hair, and hazel eyes. He is always covered up in a cloak to conceal himself from his enemies, but he wears a simple red leather jerkin(or a red t-shirt and jeans depending on the setting). He is quiet, shy, and constantly nervous, never knowing when a demon from his past may show his or herself. But despite these traits, he can win brawls if he is forced into conflict, armed with the single silver bracer that adorns his arm, giving him his nickname.

Alexander Etola
Brash, headstrong, and dense as a brick, this hotblooded wizard(or a modern day equivalent) in training can't seem to keep his mouth shut when the occasion calls for it. Due to his confidence and cockiness, he is always sure to get into a fight, physical or magical, over the slights he causes. He is adorned in robes of ocean blue, deceiving most about his inner fire the first time they meet him. Despite his flaws, he cares for those he is close to, and will never stand for someone picking on someone weaker then they are. He has hair the color of and consistency of straw, eyes of blue, and is a little shorter then most men.

Other characters

These are anime, video game, comic book, movie, etc. characters that I would play in a crossover or in an rp set in their original setting.


Bang Shishigami - Blazblue
Zevran Arainai- Dragon Age
Dell Conagher (BLU Engineer) - Team Fortress 2
Roronoa Zoro - One Piece
Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney series
Cid Highwind - Final Fantasy series
Umino Iruka - Naruto
Anders - Dragon Age 2
Ragna the Bloodedge - Blazblue

Merill - Dragon Age 2
Nico Robin - One Piece
Chun-Li - Street Fighter
Litchi Faye Ling - Blazblue
Millie Thompson - Trigun

( More will probably be added to this list as well, I'll let you know!)

If you like anything here, contact me through PM, please! I may not answer right away if I am not on, though. XD

Maverick Hunter Cake

Updated with the addition of the "Other Characters" section, outlining a few characters I would play in a crossover and in their original settings.

Maverick Hunter Cake

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Maverick Hunter Cake

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