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Author Topic: Seeking male bottom for male vampire, not constant sexin'.  (Read 616 times)

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Offline TheKnifeWonTopic starter

Seeking male bottom for male vampire, not constant sexin'.
« on: October 12, 2011, 08:59:56 AM »
OK so basically I don't throw together huge detailed stories. I don't have an especially particular reason for wanting a dude except that this character seems to be some kind of lady singularity or. . .well I think he must read as straight because dude has not been with a guy in ages. Point is, he's supposed to be into men, with whom I almost never get to play him. I've been floundering with RP lately and am hoping playing something with some difference might help out. The difference ain't just in the gender of his partner.



My character's a vampire, whose setting is based in True Blood where the social/political/whatever environment is concerned, but the mythology or whatever you call it can be succinctly described as "whatever I find fun at the time". For present purposes, that means vampires are magical fucks but humans don't know it. And it's my character, Maxwell's, job, in part, to keep it that way. He kind of sucks at the secrecy bit--he's better at convincing witnesses to not spread the word than he is at making them forget, which is what he's ordered to do.

That in mind. . .

Some idiot vampire opened a portal to some hellish beast world. Meaning, a hellish beast promptly spewed forth and divorced the guy from his head, reducing him to a lovely ash pile set to the winds. Maxwell was called to shut this portal. And kill the beast, which is probably still, you know. Around.

Your character ought to be some poor schmuck heading home from a night job. Or walking a persistant dog. Or. . .whatever it is that puts hapless humans out at ungodly hours of the night.

Point is, he should be someone entirely unprepared for the crazy shit that is moments from going down. Now, this isn't to say he's helpless, or useless. He's just probably never witnessed a portal of the damned before. Nor a snarling hellbeast that lives for slaughter. The fun part will be figuring out if he winds up helping or burdening Maxwell.

The sex comes in after all this. This may not be the only hellbeast, see, and slaying shit gets tiring. Closing a portal, also, very tiring. By tiring, we mean "this be thirsty work". Meaning blood. Meaning, well. . .you did just see me kill this hellbeast instead of letting it flay your flesh from your bones, right, dude? Surely a little blood is the least you could do?

With vampires, in my world at least. . .blood drinking makes for wantin' to do it. Maxwell tends to have a way about him. You get the drift.

How that ends up happening, and what happens afterward, depends on entirely too many variables for me to spell it out here.

I'm posting the thread, here, right here, and any interested parties can PM me and we can see whether we want to be RPing, OK? Maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't. Frankly, I'm tired of doing the PM discussion waltz with someone before I even write an intro.

(NOTICE: This ad has been brought to you by long hours of sleep deprivation. So if I come off as mean or tactless or something, trust that I'll be a decent human being when my brain is functioning more normally. I don't drink. Sleep deprivation is my "well I can't be held responsible!", OK?)