Step Son/Step Mother

Started by Dray, October 11, 2011, 12:46:15 AM

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So I have been craving this pairing for a while but have not really been actively searching for a partner until now.  The ideas I have for this are sort of raw and do need to be fleshed out, by all means if you have some ideas, suggestions or questions then let me know.  I am really willing to do anything involving the pairing of a step son and step mother.

As for my initial idea:

The step mother has been getting up in her years and her husband has long lost interest in her.  He is always off on business trips, more involved in his work and money rather than his life at home.  All of his time and attention goes toward his business rather than his wife and son.  When he actually does come home all he wants to do is eat, relax, drink and sleep.  This leaves the step mom restless and unsatisfied, he has not touched her sexually for a couple of years now.  She sleeps in the same bed as her husband, though like the rest of their house it is huge and spacious and they ever touch or come into contact.  This leaves her feeling unwanted and unattractive as she ages.

However, her step son's hungry and lustful eyes have been staring at her delicious womanly curves for the last couple of years.  He sees her as a beautiful and sexy woman despite her age and the little weight she has gained over the years to fill out her hour glass figure, to him she is plump and perfectly ripe.  Never had he seen or accepted her as his actually mother or replacement, always he called her by her first name or if he did call her mom or mother it was often sarcastically.  She was just always the woman that moved in with them, a few years younger than his actual mother.  It had been clear that her young and stunning beauty is what caused his father to marry her in the first place years ago and he was sure that his step mom was just always after the money.

That's the general idea.  Basically it would involve the step son stepping up to become the "man" of the house by bedding the "woman" of the house.  He would become the dominate lover, making her feel young and sexy again as he takes out all his pent up lust and sexual tension on her.  They would shower together, bathe together, sleep together while his father would be out of town or sneak around him if he was there.  Feeling her up while his father's back is turned, lifting up her skirt and bending her over the counter for a quickie in the kitchen while his father waits impatiently in the other room for dinner.  I also think it would be sexy if the step son would sneak into their room at night and started to feel up his step mom and tease her, fucking her right there on the bed as his father lay a couple feet away and slept and she had to do all she could not to moan and scream to avoid waking him up.  Or she could sneak into his room, give him a nice little wake up call.

The sexual elements/kinks/fetishes can be discussed as well as the story and pairing, but I think I pretty much gave the general idea of what I am looking for.  If you are interested then please send me a PM.