The tides of war (M/F)

Started by Kenshin, October 09, 2011, 07:26:40 PM

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This will be done in the threads, we will discuss which category will fit into. Considering his mind is complex and fucked up, it should be fun. Perhaps an assassin would fit the role for a partner :) Of course we can change things to your liking as well as my own, if the character seems to fit into something better that you have come up with, let me know, I am dying to use this character.

Character Introduction: (He is not fully materialized yet, this is just his story. I will make him after we chat.)
It is the year 2070, 28 years after I was born, or so my old identification card said. That’s right; I was born in 2042, 11 years after the start of the third world war.  The war “ended” in 2065, but I believe the war has simply evolved.  In 2068 I was drafted into the Global Protection Front, my file says that I was part of a special operations unit, Crimson Phantom was its codename. The information I have gathered on the group is it was an elite group of assassins, sent out for government and high paying assassinations. Rumor has it that the group no longer exists, but I do not believe that. I do not remember anything from my time working for them, nor anything before my operation. I was assassinated, or at least I was supposed to be dead. I was sold to a different group after that, and that group I do remember a little. My first memory is waking up in a tank of liquid, strapped to a breathing machine. They rebuilt me. My left arm, left leg and half of my face was reconstructed to perfection as the damage was from an explosion. The secrets behind the governments of the world are truly amazing, I know because I was one of them. I was rebuilt to do my previous job better. I can see with my left eye better than any human can, and my left hand is perfectly steady with a gun as well as stronger. My left leg is the same, stronger. I am part machine, and part human.
On my first mission for the group that “saved” me, I made my escape. I had no idea what was going on, and I didn’t know until I infiltrated the place that I was originally from and got into their computers data base and found the file on me. I think some of it was fabricated, as that is true of all Crimson Phantoms. I stole all data on what I am, how to fix and create duplicates of the machine parts of me, and I escaped once again. I was not unnoticed however, and being an excellent shot with any type of firearm, I was able to escape with my life.

The world: It is 2070, five years after the war ended. The continent of America merged into one country, one state. The same was true of Asia, as well as Europe. Africa is undergoing a war still, and all countries are secretly involved in the war with the different governments there. All the governments of the world want one thing, and that is everything under one Government.

More info: The world will be huge and very thought out, it is in political turmoil and people are dying everywhere all the time. This will be a sci-fi themed Roleplay. No one liners, I will put as much time and effort into my posts and I expect all to do this as well.

Name:  Seth Raines     
Age: 28
Appearance: Seth stands 5’8, he is white/tan. His hair is about five inches long and black, some if it had to be implanted to make him look normal from the surgery. His leg, arm and face are covered with synthetic skin, which tans normally with the body, underneath of course is the machine. He naturally had green eyes, but now his left eye is red due to it being an implant. Being an ex-soldier he is built as such, and he must remain active otherwise his muscles won’t look right due to the machine arm and leg. His face was rebuilt, and looks perfectly normal, other than the fact that his skull was rebuilt on the left side to insure his safety and this only applies to the facial part of the skull.

Personality:  Seth Raines is a runaway special operation personal, because of this he has a brutal personality. He has some mental disabilities such as PTSD and Paranoia, however he is hard enough to keep them below the surface. He is very intelligent and has knowledge of guns, explosives, computers and infiltration and is well in tune with reading someone else’s psychology. Though he lost his memories he did not lose himself, and because of this he is still very much a soldier.

Great strength, natural and unnatural due to the arm and leg
The ability to see through materials less than a foot thick
The ability to zoom sight in and see far away
Gun training makes him an excellent shot
Close quarter combat was stressed during training as well
The ability to lie and persuade someone of something
His arm has a built in gun that shoots 9mm rounds, 6 shots can be held.