Seeking Detailed Multi-Para F/F RP

Started by Pastel Kitkat, October 08, 2011, 10:36:40 PM

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Pastel Kitkat

Talented multiple paragraph RPers come on down!

Interested in some seriously erotic RP? Please take a look at my O/O's and if you fit the requirements in "The Innocent" and find my kinks delicious let me know so we RP! If you're not interested in this idea, then take a look at my "RP Ideas" in my signature. Any and all of those ideas can be tweaked to accommodate a female partner.

LesbianUne Mémoire de L'Amour
Name: Odette Devereux
Age: 17
Height: 5'5”
Bust: 32C
Waist: 24
Hips: 36
Persona: Reserved, sweet, sarcastic, patient, tactless, lecherous.
The Devereux family was a family of regal and status; old money they were called, the oldest of the old, descendents of royalty. Or so it was said. Though the value of their bloodline might have been a fable, the mansion they resided in on the French countryside, the horses they raised and, the automobiles they owned were very much real. They were a luxurious family, prim and proper from their mimicking blonde hair to their finely kept toes and, were admired, envied and adored by all. None more-so then the youngest child Odette.

Odette was the epitome of a fine young lady; she was quiet, polite and aristocratic, always cheerful to friend and stranger alike and, welcomed all as they flocked to her. Most of all she was breathtakingly beautiful, with eyes that bore into the soul and a smile that could steal away any heart. She was the top student at her private boarding school, Académie Crépusculaire Tranquille, adored by staff and student alike for her clever mind and good nature. So on that mid-autumn morning when she was discovered missing, the school was in a frenzy. Every inch of the grounds were searched, every last class and dorm room, every garden and recreation spot, but there was no trace of Odette.

Though every effort was made, every cent of her parents fortune spent, no one ever found Odette Devereux and, to this day the circumstances of her disappearance are shrouded in mystery.   
Fifty years later the girls of  Académie Crépusculaire Tranquille still talk about the disappearance of Odette Devereux. It's said that her ghost haunts the hallways of the school. That it's her mischievous spirit that throws open the windows and creates the winds that lift their skirts. Of course they're just rumors, just speculation. None of which the new student, a transfer from America with boyishly short hair and a bad attitude, buys.
Expecting: This story is for ladies only, sorry boys. For this roleplay I'm looking for a female partner who likes stranger, more psychological Rps, or is at least open minded about them. Essentially Odette is a ghost, or rather a memory as I like to call it, whose existence is very much real to the girl she “haunts”. There will be sexual encounters, because yes she is solid and can touch (at least to your character), but this RP centers more around romance, mystery and tragedy.