Criminal Ideas [Female looking for Males]

Started by CriminalMinds, October 04, 2011, 04:13:21 PM

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Don't Post Here. PM me with the title of the idea you are interested in. I'll use this thread to update my ideas.

1. The Millionaire's Virgin Mistress

Calleigh's new boyfriend has seduced her quickly to make her believe that he loves her. She's just a naive girl that's been taken for a ride though. Callum just wants to get inside knowledge of his company's rivals. So, through words like 'don't you trust me/love me' and 'you'd do this if you really loved me' he talks her into taking a job as a housesitter to his rival's apartment.

Unfortunately things aren't as they seem. The half-brother to the rival's enemy decided to get a house sitter in the apartment under the brother's name before disappearing off to Ibiza for partying and girls. He's also misleading Calleigh.

That's where your character comes in. After a few business deals going wrong and things put on hold within the company, your character decides to make a stop at his New York apartment for a while. He get's home to hear the shower going and thinks that his half-brother is still around before heading to bed for a short nap. So, it's more than a bit of a suprise when he wakes up later and finds a girl routing through his office.

He assumes that she is just another one of his half-brother's play things until he realises that she's seeing Callum Demonte who is well known for shutting down businesses once he's bought them and destroying people's dreams that they've spent years building up. Now he just has to decide what to do with her.

And though he's never been one for commitment, and having spent most of his time labeling her as a whore, he can't fight the lustful feelings that he has and it isn't until they end up in bed together that he finds out how innocent she actually is.

And with that what happens? Does he finally fall for her and commit after continuing the affair, or do he accuse her of tricking him and desert her.

2. The Firefighter's Lover

His job is to save lives and today is like any normal day. His unit is called to a house fire where a woman is trapped inside. He finds her inside and rescues her. He even goes to such lengths to visit her in hospital to see how she is where he learns her name. Tammy. He also has to break the news that her house was completely destoryed. Normally, she would have been able to stay with family. But she has no living relatives.

So he comes up with an alternative. Stay with him until she gets back on her feet. But what happens when they get such a deep attraction to each other and they move up a level? Does he want to commit or do things get too serious for him to handle - especially when she falls head over heels in love for him and admits it after one of their love sessions. 


3. Mutations

For decades children have disappeared without a trace. Some bodies have been found, others haven't. The government and FBI believe that they're random kidnappings/abductions/murders but the reality is that they are related. A group of scientists that have ignored ethics for decades are the people responisble. What are they doing exactly?

Human testing.

Dr. Raymond Sarcostki has isolated a gene that is believed to be the gene that gives humans powers. Yes, like in movies like X-men and other such stories. Him and his team have done thousands of dollars of work but it's only in the last five years that he's become successful in bringing the gene forward and accessing these hidden powers.

The tests have proved that subjects aged 18-25 are most suited to this but the scientists have young children and older adults in hopes of having more success. But one night everything changes and subjects escape.


So, for this idea I was thinking of our characters each having a defining power. I was going to have mine as telepathy and I was thinking of starting this roleplay with both characters within the confinements of the prison like area. The scientists are brutal and anything goes. I'm looking for someone to play a male subject. Oh, and both of us can play the scientists as NPC's but I was thinking of working together to create the main guy and a few of his main people together that we can either split and play certain ones or just play them whenever we want to bring them in. If any of that makes sense.

Oh, and as well as the plot been the two subjects escaping and eventually falling in love, I was thinking of throwing other things into the mix - the scientists that are after them, other loves, etc, whatever we both come up with.

As for what I want in a partner - someone who has decent spelling and grammar and can write more than a paragraph, plot and develop the story with me without disappearing half way through. Someone who will enjoy the RP with me. That's about it.

Anyway, send me a PM if interested. Hopefully someone will take me up on this offer :)   


4. Amnesia

It's the worst weather in the history of the state. Blizzards are coming in thick and fast making the snow pile up. She's out there alone and injured. She has no idea who she is or where she is from. She's covered in blood and looks like she's being through hell. Much longer outside and she'll be dead.
He attempts to clear his driveway to his ranch. He's almost snowed in from the main road and his old pick up truck is barely managing in the weather. Having stocked up on supplies he starts to unload the truck into the ranch house. Between trips he comes out and finds a woman passed out in the snow.

Who is she?

What happened?

How did she get there?


For this I was thinking light setting with them eventually falling in love. Maybe action and adventure with bad guys after them. They could be complete strangers or maybe even best friends or bf and gf and something happens so she ends up back there with amnesia. PM me with your ideas though :)